The Whole Story About Steve Harvey’s Hair

When it comes to celebrities with extraordinary hair stories, Steve Harvey is one of those big names that can top the list.

If you are not acquainted with him, Steve Harvey is a renowned American television presenter, performer, author, filmmaker, and humorist.

He began his career as a comedian in the early 1980s by hosting “Showtime at the Apollo” and “The Steve Harvey Show.”.

Harvey has been the host of “Family Feud” and “Celebrity Family Feud,” assuming this position since 2010.

In 2017, Harvey established “Steve Harvey Global” alongside a range of other ventures and his production company “East 112,” which accommodates his entertainment company.

Steve is a professional who has achieved various accolades, including being a 14-time winner of the NAACP Image Award, a two-time winner of the Marconi Award, and a six-time winner of the Daytime Emmy Award.


Steve Harvey’s Hairstyle Transition Journey

Steve has been without hair for a long time, but he used to proudly display different hairstyles in the past.

Many wonder how many of his followers he has tried wearing wigs to achieve hairstyles during the peak of his career to keep his career alive.

This hairstyle was much more common in the past compared to the present. During the 1980s, when he was approximately 30 years old, he had a high-top fade haircut with a clearly defined hairline.

It was Steve Harvey’s distinctive hairstyle, resembling a toupee concealing his scalp.

He also sported a legendary horseshoe mustache that served as a focal point for numerous jokes and comparisons among males.


After that, he conducted trials with different hairstyles, like a crew cut, beachy curls, and a curly hairstyle, with the intention of changing his look.

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As he aged, he began to experience significant hair loss issues that resulted in a bald spot on his scalp.

That was when he allegedly initially utilized hair-fortifying fibers to conceal the hairless area and appear as he previously did.

Afterwards, he transitioned to hair extensions for a smoother integration and a more authentic look.


Steve Harvey’s Bald Head

Later in 2007, when he was reaching the age of 50, Steve suggested that he would adopt a fresh appearance.

In January of 2008, Steve made an appearance in JET magazine with his completely shaved head.

Steve Harvey’s Blad New Look on Jet in 2008

That’s when individuals began to inquire if he was experiencing hair loss and if he had previously worn artificial hair.

Despite this, his career was not negatively affected by his new bald appearance as many might have expected. In fact, his popularity significantly increased due to his distinctive look without hair.

Rather than taking off his wig, they believed Steve simply shaved his hair like a famous person who shaves their head. The majority of individuals witnessed him.

Publicity and followers in a surge to lead meant are fame Steve’s of celebrities for such as such actions, honest be to.

Many of those who had not seen his performance became curious about what his shows are similar to.

Steve baldly appeared to have taken off his wig, but he also shaved off his head, which was not covered with much hair, as a matter of fact.

And he has been shaving consistently to maintain his hairless appearance up until the present day.

Steve doesn’t bother himself with gossip associated with his alleged wig usage.

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He had a beard and a mustache for a long time, but he recently trimmed it away.

In the media, Steve is frequently depicted with his distinctive cranial structure and thick mass of dark hair.

However, he was resolute in transforming his renowned appearance into something fresh by shaving off his facial hair.

Steve’s Perspective on Men’s Hair Loss

In a 2019 episode of his talk show “Steve,” Steve fearlessly and composedly discussed the necessity for men to come to terms with hair loss, sharing his perspectives and viewpoints with his characteristic wit when the opportune moment arrived.

Going bald is not something you should try to fight because it’s a fight that you can’t win. So you’ve got to know when to start accepting the fact that it’s going away. I noticed some stuff was happening to my hair, so I said instead of fighting it, I’m going to just come on and get with it. A lot of you don’t know when it’s time to come on and get with it.

It is somewhat irrelevant to them that most of his fans do not seem to mind his bald head.

What they anticipate from him is primarily his distinctive film and television productions that are highly worth watching.

As a remarkably talented television presenter, he possesses a talent for performing in front of the camera.

In recent years, if Steve had not done what he did, it would have been a detriment to the American television sector.

That being said, lacking sufficient hair would not be a reason for him to end any of his jobs anyway.

Conversely, Steve should not be evaluated and condemned regardless of his choices regarding his hairstyle.

Whether he decides to shave his head or wear a wig, his personal decision is a reflection of his freedom, privilege, and fame, regardless of how famous he is.

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    Final Thoughts

    How you feel about others instead, and how you feel about yourself, can vary from person to person, and it is entirely subjective when it comes to the attractiveness of people with or without hair.

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