The Murder of Stoni Blair and Stephen Berry | Killed by Their Own Mother Mitchelle Blair

Hey y’all, today I have a gruesome case to explore. It’s the chilling story of Blair Mitchelle, a monstrous tormentor who transformed into a mother. Keep reading to unveil the terrifying story of murder and abuse, as well as the unimaginable suffering of a family. In March 2015, a horrifying revelation came to light in Detroit. The bodies of Blair’s two children, Berry Gage Stephen and Blair Ann Stoni, were found in her home freezer. The actions she committed were unthinkable, and now she has been unmasked as a 35-year-old mother named Blair Mitchelle.

They began removing items and furniture from the residence. They discovered that she wasn’t home when they arrived from the 36th District Court eviction crew. Mitchelle found herself facing eviction on the morning of March 2015 for failing to pay rent, despite the advice she received.

The crew stumbled upon something truly horrifying when they discovered the frozen body of a teenage girl in a large plastic bag, hidden inside a white deep freezer tucked away in the living room among the belongings.

The investigators were aware of who they had discovered in Mitchelle’s freezer. Eerily, Stephen Gage Berry, a nine-year-old, and Stoni Ann Blair, a thirteen-year-old, were not present. Mitchelle was located at a nearby residence with her remaining two children, aged eight and seventeen. The authorities were promptly informed of Mitchelle’s whereabouts by a neighbor.

Mitchelle Blair

What occurred?

The childhoods of the murders were marked by abuse at the hands of their mother. Stephen Berry’s brother was only nine years old at the time of his murder. Stoni Blair’s life was tragically cut short when she was 13 years old.

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According to Mitchelle’s account in August 2012, she found her youngest son acting out sexual behavior with dolls when she questioned him about his brother’s claim that Stephen had sexually abused him. Blair confronted Stephen, who allegedly admitted to the abuse, and she brutally assaulted him, suffocating him with a garbage bag until he lost consciousness.

Stephen confessed that his mom confronted him with an accusation, according to Mitchelle, because she was terrified of how likely he was to know everything we think.

The body of Stephen was then placed in the deep freezer of the family. Eventually, Stephen died in August 2012 from his injuries after two weeks of torture. Mitchelle’s son continued to torment him by pouring boiling water on his genitals as she forced him to drink Windex and choked him with a belt, causing his skin to peel away.

In May 2013, Mitchelle ultimately decided to turn herself into the police when she considered the fear of losing her youngest son. This prompted her to begin viciously beating and sexually abusing her daughter, Stoni, as well as starving her.

She continued to live at home, acting as if nothing was wrong. After Stephen’s body was discovered, Mitchelle stored it in the deep freezer at the top of the fridge and placed Stoni’s body in a plastic bag.

Stoni Blair and Stephen Berry
Stoni Blair and Stephen Berry

When neighbors inquired about the children, Blair always had an excuse to explain their absence. Previously, Blair had removed them, claiming she would homeschool them.

Having endured this horrifying ordeal, Gabi Blair, a sibling, shared her own terror of passing by the freezer where her brother and sister’s motionless bodies were concealed. Considering that her mother was similar to a time bomb, she felt immensely grateful to have survived such a traumatic event. The penalties inflicted by their mother became progressively severe as time passed, and her behavior became more unstable and unpredictable, ultimately leading to the tragic demise of Stephen and Stoni.

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When our family received an eviction notice in March 2015, Gabi and I assumed that the truth would finally come out, knowing that Mitchelle had confessed to our neighbor about the gruesome secret she had been hiding for several years – the discovery of the children’s bodies in the freezer.

There was no evidence of any sexual assault that occurred again. She argued that if she could, she would kill them again, so she showed no remorse for raping her youngest son. Standing before Judge Blair, she expressed a chilling lack of regret for her brutal actions. In the summer of 2015, Mitchelle Blair admitted guilt to two charges of first-degree murder and faced the consequences of her actions.

Presiding over the case, Judge Dana Hathaway, of Wayne County Circuit Court, handed down a life sentence without the possibility of parole to Mitchelle, guaranteeing that she would remain behind bars for the rest of her life, unable to cause harm to anyone ever again.

Mitchelle Blair
Mitchelle Blair

The surviving children consisted of her teenage daughter and the youngest son of Mitchelle Blair. They were taken into protective custody and removed from the residence. These monstrous actions, committed by their own mother, have forced these children, along with other relatives, to confront the horrifying truth.

Blair Mitchelle, who committed horrifying crimes, will spend the remainder of her days locked away in the gray and cold walls of Correctional Facility Valley Huron. She ensures that she remains isolated, paying the unspeakable price for her actions, and guarantees that no innocent souls or surviving children will ever have a chance to be hurt by her again.

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