The Eerie Plane Crash Details Hidden In The Second Season Of Breaking Bad

The television series Breaking Bad, hailed by both critics and fans alike, is widely regarded as the best of the decade. It is hard to find anyone, even casual fans of the series, who would disagree with this praise. The series, created by Vince Gilligan, is worthy of every bit of acclaim it has received. It is not only ambitious in its narrative, but also showcases great stylistic ingenuity.

Walt, a former wayward student and mild-mannered chemistry teacher, initially joins the criminal underworld as a means to an end, an astonishing ascension to unholy criminal tyranny that viewers of television have never seen. After being diagnosed with cancer, Walter White turns to cooking methamphetamine to help pay the bills. His twisted tale is followed in Breaking Bad, set amidst the sun-scorched desert vistas of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In the final season of “Meet Finale 2”, a mid-air collision brings tragedy and terror to the lives of the passengers on board a 737. Walt, whose own home is charred pink and parts of his body are bear teddy, ends up meeting anyone in his orbit, soaking the core in blood as ascension unfolds.

It may dawn upon you that those four introductions actually create a mini episode within the series when viewed together. Furthermore, it is worth noting that this mini episode serves as a foreshadowing of the tragedy yet to come. Devoted fans of Breaking Bad surely remember that Walt bears equal responsibility for that devastating event, just like any other brutal incident in the show’s history. It is also worth recalling that the aforementioned teddy bear played a prominent role in four incredibly chilling black and white introductions to episodes in the second season.

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The plane crash teases are the best of Breaking Bad’s Easter eggs


The event itself actually titled the episode “Herald,” when Gilligan let slip in a 2009 interview with NJ.Com. This further endeavor by Gilligan foreshadowed the cryptic nature of Breaking Bad, adding to the brilliance of the show. It turns out that the teases and Easter eggs unfolding in episodes 1, 4, 10, and 13 of season 2 were only signaling something entirely different, which initially many fans believed were attacks on Walt’s home by cartel toughs.

“Seven Thirty-Seven,” “Down,” “Over,” and “ABQ” are the subsequent titles. “Seven Thirty-Seven Down Over Albuquerque” is a headline created by those titles, as ABQ is a widely used abbreviation for Albuquerque. Gilligan, during an interview with a surprised interviewer, proceeded to analyze the brilliance of the approach, explaining that he and his team went even further by ensuring the titles of those episodes also had dual interpretations.

“I went with you, but it means that I don’t know anything about ‘ABQ.’ Jesse was in a bad situation, and there were days when we worked very hard to give them the proper dual meanings. Jesse was in a bad situation, and in the next episode, you will see the same teaser in black and white. Then, we came up with a number of $737,000.”

In simple terms, we just wanted a bit of a showmanship moment to end the season, and it seems like Gilligan undertook the daring plane crash tease as far as why he did it.

Breaking Bad is a series that remains highly revered and re-watchable, ensuring that it will always be considered one of the most exceptional shows ever produced. This four-episode thread is a prime example of daring and clever storytelling, steeped in cinematic showmanship and crafted specifically for the small screen.

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