The 9 Best Best Slip-on Sneakers for Women of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Our Evaluation Procedure

After wearing twenty pairs of slip-on sneakers from trusted brands like Cariuma and Dr. Scholls, we evaluated the durability, support, fit, and comfort of the shoes based on various conditions. We paid close attention to the break-in period and took thorough notes for two weeks. If there was a period of adjustment needed, we made sure to give it proper attention and carefully documented our observations.

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Despite earning an honorable mention, we did notice that Skechers and Naturalizer, brands known for slip-on shoes, slightly outperformed our top picks. Nevertheless, there were several pairs of slip-on shoes that we liked, which showcased some of these aspects.

Right from the beginning, they felt cozy and didn’t require any breaking-in time. We adore the fact that they were comfortable right from the start, although they did lack a bit in terms of arch support. These lightweight sneakers are effortless to pack in a carry-on and can be easily slipped on and off at the airport.

We prefer the slightly more sophisticated appearance of the Rothy’s for professional attire, while still appreciating the durable and supportive materials and construction of the shoe. These shoes are an excellent choice for office wear, competing with our top selection for the finest slip-on shoes suitable for business casual attire, the Naturalizer Women’s Marianne Loafer.

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These Skechers sneakers, with their durable construction, are perfect for when you need to take points off and get knocked around. The upper material may get scuffed, but they are designed to be breathable and supportive, just like other athletic sneakers we tested. In comparison, the 3.0 Flex Ultra Slip-ins from Skechers are absolutely brilliant.

We considered the price of these sleek athletic sneakers, the TechLoom Women’s APL Breeze, to be a bit high compared to other athletic shoes on our list. However, we felt that the materials used were of very high quality and the sneakers were extremely comfortable, similarly to high-performance shoes.

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Suggestions for Purchasing Slip-on Sneakers

Convenience is crucial

If you want to look for a comfortable slip-on shoe, there are a few things you should consider. The suede, leather, and knit materials on the top of the shoe will be softer to prevent chafing and help with foot comfort. When it comes to the lining and upper materials, they should also be soft and cushioning. The footbed should have a ramp-like shape to provide arch support, and the midsole should have plenty of cushioning for shock absorption.

Ensure that the fit is tight

When you’re in the process of purchasing slip-on footwear, make sure to take into account that if you decide to wear no-show socks, it will result in a slightly tighter fit. It is important to search for a comfortably snug fit around the upper part of your foot while still allowing enough space in the front for your toes to move freely. Conversely, if the fit is too loose, your heel may lift up, potentially leading to the development of blisters. Slip-on shoes are extremely convenient as they can be effortlessly put on without using your hands.

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Take into account the location where you’ll be donning them

If you’re planning on wearing slip-on shoes in the spring or summer, you may want to consider opting for a pair with a cooling knit upper. For the colder months, a pair of sneakers with an upper made of leather or wool will provide much warmer conditions. Additionally, you’ll also want to factor in the weather conditions, whether you prefer materials that are breathable or water-resistant, and the overall look you desire.

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