The 6 Best Boone NC Breweries & Brewpubs (with Map)

In recent years, thanks to the ongoing development of the area, Boone has also become the residence of several well-liked breweries that are regularly visited by both locals and tourists.

Boone is a bustling college town, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that the area has a proud brewing scene.

However, Appalachian State University should be given credit for the rapid increase in brewpubs in Boone.

The college offers a unique Fermentation Sciences program, and various alumni have gone on to open new breweries in Boone and beyond.

The program has proven to be highly successful for students who aspire to enter the beer-making industry immediately after graduating from college.

Whether you’re planning a visit to Boone for a vacation or just stopping by in the breweries on our list, make sure to have the perfectly paired foods and accompanying beers that the NC High Country has to offer.

Read more for our comprehensive guide on Brewery Rock Blowing, the premier brewing company in the lost province, and Company Brewing Booneshine, the Appalachian Mountain Brewery. We also cover other noteworthy breweries in Boone, NC.

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  • Appalachian Mountain Brewery.
  • Booneshine Brewing Company.
  • Lost Province Brewing Company.
  • Blowing Rock Brewery.
  • Kettell Beerworks.
  • Beech Mountain Brewery.
  • Boone NC Breweries
    Appalachian Mountain Brewery

    1. Brewery in the Appalachian Mountains

    163 Boone Creek Drive • (828) 263-1111.


    Appalachian State’s Fermentation Sciences program is a locally-owned establishment that was co-founded by head brewer Nathan Keilschek in 2013, and it is known for its homegrown Brewery Mountain Native Boone.

    The first brewery in Boone, North Carolina, AMB’s home, has made it a must-visit for beer lovers who are just five minutes away from downtown in the prime location of Country High NC.

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    The AMB team, who are enthusiastic advocates of the local community, have deeply established themselves in the values of community, charity, and environmental responsibility. Moreover, they have distinguished themselves from others.

    You’re assisting numerous local non-profit organizations in the region every time you purchase a beverage at this brewery, as they have formed partnerships with many of them.

    Appalachian Mountain Brewery Plant

    AMB is a rustic facility that offers ample indoor seating and outdoor space equipped with music and games for more than enough room.

    On those cold winter nights, there is a sheltered, warmed veranda and it is an ideal spot to enjoy Autumn in North Carolina. The open-air space also includes a 120-foot-long open-air counter.

    Top Picks for Brewery Beers in the Appalachian Mountains

    AMB has won many awards for their popular and extremely well-received brews, including Lager, IPA, Blonde Creek, and Boone, at the Great American Beer Festival.

    If none of these beverages suit your taste, we strongly suggest giving the seasonal Thunder Cloud Pleaser a try, as it is also a favored option among the local community.

    While Boone Brewery is widely known for their craft beers, they also offer a wide variety of delicious hard apple ciders that are perfect for those who slightly prefer sweeter options.

    Appalachian Mountain Brewery. Food

    While the Appalachian Mountain Brewery does not provide food prepared on-site, they do have a mobile kitchen on the premises.

    The Flame 2 Farm Food Truck offers a wide variety of deliciously thin wood-fired pizzas and other gourmet items, all of which are sourced sustainably from local farms.

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    Booneshine Brewing Co - Boone NC Breweries
    Tasting flight at Booneshine Brewing Company

    2. Booneshine Brewing Business

    465 Industrial Park Drive • (828) 278-8006.


    Remaining faithful to their limited production beers and locally focused origins hasn’t definitely hindered them, but the Booneshine Brewing Company is one of the more sizable breweries on this roster.

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    The founders of the town of Boone were inspired by how the local people truly aim to reflect their shine and community through their beers, and how the town thrives on outdoor adventure.

    Booneshine has undergone substantial development in recent years, moving to a larger location and enticing a continuously expanding clientele for their craft beers.

    No Boone NC brewery tour is complete without stopping in to see what the excitement is all about!

    Booneshine Center

    Booneshine operates a fully functional, beautifully designed restaurant with a spacious outdoor area, offering a wide variety of modern American cuisine and food truck options.

    Arguably one of the best spots in Boone to wind down after a long day of adventure, you may choose to visit it any time of the year.

    Top Booneshine Brews

    When talking about the top-notch Booneshine beers, it’s unavoidable to bring up their notorious Space Pegasus New England-Style IPA.

    Due to its immense popularity, this IPA truly lives up to its name as it always sells out quick. Be sure to give it a try early on, as it is known to be hoppy but light, making it out-of-this-world.

    The Pilsner from East Boone, Grandaddy Gold Kolsch, and Booneshine IPA are also excellent choices to sample.

    Booneshine Cuisine

    Booneshine’s kitchen offers a considerate selection of New American gastropub dishes, all available at an affordable price range, with choices varying from appetizers to main courses.

    Some of the standout items on the menu consist of their Cozy Grains Bowl, and their well-liked, airy and crunchy Sourdough Pizzas.

    If you are looking for a high-quality meal to pair with your craft beer, Booneshine is undoubtedly the place to be.

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    Lost Province Brewing Co - Boone NC brewery
    Lost Province Brewing Company

    3. Misplaced State Brewing Company

    130 North Depot Street • (828) 265-3506.


    The Lost Province Brewing Company has been producing delicious craft beers and serving tasty gastropub food in downtown Boone since 2014.

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    Lynne and Andy, the proprietors, witnessed the progression of their homemade concoctions over time, earning numerous accolades. Similarly, their extensive brewing equipment also underwent development. What initially began as a modest hobby swiftly transformed into a three-decade-long adventure.

    After retiring from their conventional professions, the duo established The Lost Province Brewing Co and devoted their entire basement to this endeavor, pursuing their passion from the comforts of home for several years.

    In 2021, to meet the continuously rising need, Lost Province beer extended its presence to a second venue, situated only a short distance away from the initial one. The fame of Lost Province beer has significantly increased.

    If you’re looking for a true micro-brew experience, your list of top delicious meals should include the Province Lost meal.

    Misplaced State Building

    The Lost Province gastropub can be found on N Depot St, right in the center of downtown Boone.

    Inside, you will discover a lively ambiance with two levels of seating, an upper and lower level, and a back porch that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding North Carolina mountains.

    If you go out on a Friday or Saturday night, you’re likely to be greeted by the air filling with the live sounds of music.

    Top Lost Province Brews

    The flavorful and hazy Hipster Juice IPA always tops our list. However, selecting just a few Lost Province brews to sample can be an overwhelming endeavor due to their vibrant style and amusing names.

    This bright yellow, hazy New England-style IPA is twice dry-hopped with Mosaic and Dorado hops, along with Citra, producing flavors of mango and passion fruit in a rainbow of flavors.

    Other popular Lost Province beers that are certainly worth a taste include Just Bee Nice, Dave’s Not Here, Man!, And Tyrannosaurus Mex.

    Lost Province Cuisine.

    The Province Lost is also one of those great farm-to-table restaurants where fresh ingredients are sourced locally, ensuring support for Boone-area farmers.

    They also serve a variety of delicious dishes-style gastropub, such as Pizza Sandwich Chicken Fried Hot and Burger Portabella. But if pizza isn’t your thing, their Neapolitan-style thin crust is perhaps most well-known for being delicious.

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