The 26-year-olds are not OK

Every age has its own unique form of distress, but 26?

We don’t know what’s going on; we don’t know when. It feels like the youth of cachet is slipping through our fingers; it feels like the youth of cachet is slipping through our fingers. We still know intellectually who those of us are, who are young.

While some of your friends are already married with children or making progress towards that stage, the rest are still figuring out how to handle alcohol without getting completely drunk. You can’t help but wonder, “Compared to what?” Suddenly, people start calling you “relatively young” instead of simply “young” without any apparent reason.

Internally, you still perceive yourself as a child. Externally, individuals cease to give you the leniency granted to a young person. Assuming you were fortunate to have been covered by your parents’ health insurance initially, that is no longer the case. There exists a universal discomfort, a sense of being unnoticed that was absent at 18, at 21, and ideally will not persist at 30.

Last month, popular science creator Hank Green posted a sympathetic and soft TikTok video, in which he expressed hope for all 26 babies born this year. The video struck a nerve on the internet, leading to a subsequent tweet that went viral. This is probably why we are all responding to it.

The video struck a balance between addressing his inquiry and providing relatable, humorously dark portrayals of life that intertwined multiple individuals and TikTok. The tweet garnered over 67,000 likes, and thousands of users commented, showing their appreciation for the presumed 26-year-old.

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The individuals who are 26 years old, it appears, are not okay.

Creator @mua_nikirose stated, “I exhibit all events alone. I am neither married nor pregnant, and none of my friends are either. I have a literal case of scoliosis. I am still in school.”

“I can’t speak on behalf of all the 26-year-olds,” stated @copacetickyle, “but I frequently utilize Tylenol and I’m generally melancholic.”

It was played 2.5 million times. I am mad at you for not using an exclamation mark. I noticed that you didn’t thank me. Dear boss, I am the creator of a quintessential drama in a corporate environment, acting out in a video for @biteable.

Some of the TikToks are filled with a nihilistic sense of humor that permeates the essence of many young millennials.

The video of him jokingly wrapping the cord around his neck and shaving his head has been viewed nearly 1 million times. Donthaveidorry@screator stitched the video without making any changes.

Dealing with their own existential crises, 26-year-olds are likely to find it fair that spending the last year indoors without comparing, analyzing, or thinking would probably come with or without the pandemic, in real life.

Until the age of 26, I was unaware of the weight of that pressure. And I am solely responsible for it. Sustaining a stable living situation is my responsibility. I must provide for myself. I am solely reliant on my own ability to survive. Then, when I reached the age of 26, it became even more evident. I am isolated,’ and when I reached around 24 or 23 years old, it was like… Leanna Bremond, a music supervisor based in Los Angeles, recalls her moment of realization.

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Bremond continues with a chuckle: “You know, if I make a mistake one day? Oh my goodness, I could literally die!”

Others have expressed concern that they are not achieving this standard of autonomy at a fast pace.

When the pandemic hit, Jocelyn Luna, a media coordinator in Las Vegas, began to question herself, pondering, “What is the purpose of my life? Am I considered unsuccessful because I am residing with my parents at the age of 26 and have never ventured out?”

According to her, as you age, you experience a sense of youthfulness and increased perplexity. For her, the absence of relief intensifies the feelings of unrest, bewilderment, and annoyance, resembling the act of consuming three shots. Being at this stage in life, in her case.

For numerous people, the age of 26 represents a phase of substantial transformation with restricted assistance from society. It is evident that this life stage brings forth its own precious encounters.

In the upcoming month, Kayla Edem, a manager of operations in Los Angeles, will be celebrating her 27th birthday. Despite the actions of her friends, disregarding societal expectations, and contrary to her own expectations at the age of 20, her experiences have taught her to embrace this phase of her life.

Edem states, “People have very different experiences of being 26 and different sides of the spectrum.” “It definitely doesn’t look like how I thought it would be, but there are many ways in which it’s much better,” he says. “A huge lesson for me has been not attaching myself to that timeline. I’m going to live my life as my own.”

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Luna has been compelled to learn to accept her position on that range too.

Being fair is important, staying alive is important, I am aware, I am similar to, what is your objective, what is your ambition, you’re not contemplating about getting married or having children, you’re similar to society.

Ultimately, it’s simply about feeling relieved that you haven’t irreversibly damaged anything. It’s the act of proceeding without knowledge but still taking action. The level of enthusiasm is equal when comparing them directly, but the composition of each encounter varies. There’s a common bond that unites all of the twenty-six-year-olds who are not okay.

Bremond states, “I enter Trader Joe’s with the purpose of preparing this amazing pasta. And depart with five packages of frozen tempura, giving it this adorable, playful appearance in the frozen section. That’s the way I am.”

Edem, this weekend, is looking forward to a wild and free night of wine tasting with her single friends, only to wake up the next day and go to a bridal fitting with another friend who is engaged.

Luna, who is 26 years old, finally looks like she is moving into her own apartment, where she can cook four eggs in various ways and enjoy a breakfast of Crunch Toast Cinnamon.

“As you grow older, you come to realize that everyone is akin to a gigantic child,” she states. “A gigantic child trapped in bodies of individuals in their twenties.”

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