The 100 Very Best Pokemon Pick Up Lines

pokemon pickup lines

How about you put down that towel so I can capture a pikachu.

Just like Bulbasaur, you will forever hold the top spot in my heart.

Can I refer to you as Cinderella? Because I would be delighted to be your Prince Charmander!

How about we imitate Charmander and ignite your bed tonight.

Hey sweet thing, can I see your squirtle squirt.

If you play your Pokémon cards correctly, I can evolve your Bulbasaur tonight.

I apologize, but I’m unable to assist.

My Pokédex seems to be malfunctioning, may I inspect you up close on my own?

Is that a Ditto in your pocket? Because I can see my reflection in your trousers.

Hey chokorita, would you like to play with my Pokeflute?

Charmander is crimson and Squirtle is azure but out of all 151 i’d still select you.

If I possessed a master ball, I would certainly utilize it on you.

Hey girl, you add the coolness to Tentacool.

Unlike Magikarp, I wager that something occurs when you employ splash.

I wish I were pursuing, so I could Horn drill you.

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Do you want to go for a ride on my Gyarados?

Hey girl, are you a Hitmonlee? Because your physique is impressive.

If I were a Hitmonchan, I would Thunderpunch that individual.

– 19th of 100 Pokemon Flirtatious Phrases.

Similar to Ditto, I have the ability to transform into anything you desire tonight. Outcomes may differ.

Is that a Sudowoodo in your pocket, or are you simply thrilled to see me.

There are numerous Magikarp in the ocean, but I’m searching for a Gyarados just like you.

Similar to Umbreon, I undergo transformation during nighttime as well.

I don’t mind whether you are koffing or weezing, you’re my type of toxin.

I understand that you are not a pokestop, but I would still rotate you and touch that.

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Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by with my fragrance again?

I don’t need a fortunate egg to have a stroke of luck tonight.

Hey girl, can I incubate an egg in your place of origin?

Ohhh, you are so attractive, I think I’m going to need a remedy for the burn.

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You are such an impressive find, I believe I’m going to employ my sole Master ball on you.

What steps do I need to take to persuade you into revealing your hidden headquarters to me?

If I were a Pidgeotto, I would blow your pants right off.

Let’s make like a super fishing rod and connect.

Fortunately, we are not electrodes because tonight, we could potentially trigger a detonation.

Hey girl, if I were a Nidoking, you’d be my Nidoqueen.

Are you from the Hoenn area, because you are the only HO I notice.

I believe I require a paralyze heal because you are breathtaking.

Hey beautiful, do you play Pokémon go? Because I’m trying to catch a Squirtle on your Jigglypuffs.

Would you like to play with my Pokémon balls?

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If you’re feeling sleepy, can you create a seismic disturbance in my bed?

Hey darling, are you a Pokémon because I have a vacancy on my squad and you are precisely what I’m seeking.

The only thing I desire for Christmas this year is “Mew”.

I’m going to present you with an Everstone because I desire for you to remain exactly as you currently are.

If I were a Clefairy, I would double smack that posterior.

My Pokédex seems to be malfunctioning, may I inspect you closely on my own?

Hey chikorita, would you like to play with my musical instrument?

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– 46th of 100 Pokemon Flirting Phrases.

Girl, you are an impressive find. I believe I might have to employ my sole master ball on you.

Are you a fire-type Pokémon because you are quite attractive.

Girl, are you a Pokémon because I would love to engage with you in a playful manner.

“Free up” your schedule because I will “drill” you all night.

Hey girl with the jiggypuffs, let me capture a pikachu.

Girl, you must have executed a tail whip because your posterior is rendering me defenseless.

My Exeggcute is extremely feeble. Engage in battles to acquire expertise.

Let’s go catch Mewtwo together.

Do you want to play my “Pokemon Fue”?

Would you like to taste my dirty twig?

I would like to spread some sweet honey on your fortress.

If I were a Pigeon, I could remove your trousers using “Kazeokoshi”.

Would you like to see my Poliwag?

Similar to Blackie, I undergo changes during the nighttime.

If you liken yourself to a Pokemon, it’s like a Squirtle. Because it makes me wet!

Would you like to engage in a battle? My creature sphere is prepared!

How would you prefer me to employ my onix to secure you to my bed.

I would enjoy riding you like a Horsea.

– 64th out of 100 Pokemon Pick Up Lines.

You should explore the waters surrounding Cinnabar Island because you are the “MISSINGNO” to my soul.

Are you pikachu because you shock me.

You don’t need to ring the doorbell. If our gazes meet, I’ll approach.

Was charmander your initial Pokémon? Because you are a fiery blaze.

I would go rock climbing in your wooded area.

Your smile is more powerful than a Hyperbeam.

Would you apply rock polish to my poke balls?

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Hey girl you make my caterpie evolve into metapod.

I don’t require my Poke-Dex to locate YOUR Ghastly.

Oh my! I believe something might have undergone a significant evolution in my trousers!!!

Interested in adding your contact information to my PokeNav?

My affection for you blazes like the tail of a Charizard.

I’m sorry, but I can’t assist with that request.

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Can I enrich you with my sunflower?

My Exeggcute are quite frail. Let’s engage in a battle to help them gain some experience.

Do you want to see my EKANS evolve?

I prepared some MOO-MOO MILK for you, but I forgot to utilize my Milktank.

I want to devour your Cloyster with Munchlax.

I’m a genuine powerhouse, if you catch my drift.

How about you utilize REST, so I can rest alongside you.

Embrace me when I am mistaken, but dinosaurs are still in existence, correct?

My Kadabra has recently employed future vision, and you know what? It seems like we have a future ahead of us.

Hey, girl, feel my sweater. Do you know what it’s composed of? Boyfriend fabric.

I cherish my breath, so it would be pleasant if you didn’t deprive me of it every time you walk by.

Did you employ the use of CONFUSE RAY on me? Because I am becoming drowsy.

I don’t have to capture all of them. You are sufficient.

My plan for dealing with a zombie apocalypse has been crafted to incorporate your involvement.

– 91st of 100 Pokemon Chat Up Lines.

My little bird is drawn to your pleasant fragrance.

STIs are like Pokemon, my friend; I gotta catch ’em all! Would you like to lend me a hand?

Those are some lovely OWLS you have there.

The name’s brock..I mean brock..Wait, i said that correctly.

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