The 10 Most Ridiculous Lines From R. Kelly’s 19-Minute-Long New Song

Kelly admits to a series of incidents in his life that are reminiscent of being trapped in the convoluted plot of the Closet series, but instead of being funny, there is a comical and absurd tone to it. The R&B singer from Chicago titled his long 19-minute song “I Admit.”

Did he perform the action he titled the song in “I Admit,” which appears to contradict the intention of suggesting that he did not carry it out? He acknowledges these accusations but insinuates that he mentored young women as a component of a sexual cult he operated in Georgia, alongside recent allegations of inappropriate behavior with underage girls, considering the ongoing claims over the years. In essence, “I Admit” represents his endeavor to elicit compassion as the public opinion shifts against him.

I don’t subject myself to it (unless you want to), but I do listen to the most ridiculous 10 lines selected and track them. Kelly has revealed a lot in her public confession, despite everything.

“I desire a radio that is excessively desired by certain girls and I would appreciate it if they would provide me with some intellectual stimulation. Additionally, I wouldn’t mind if they showed their affection by playfully pulling my hair. It seems they have confessed their love for me by engaging in such playful acts.”

“How come you ain’t on Facebook takin’ up for me? / To them niggas that drink my liquor and smoke my stogies”

I have always loved Hugh Hefner, and my love for him will always remain. However, when he left this world, he had millions of girls by his side. Throughout the years, Hugh Hefner supported many people. Now, I must admit that I love Hugh Hefner.

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“I have represented my country and lifted my voice for 31 long years / This clear nonsense makes me want to fucking clear it up / There is one thing I’m sure of.”

I confess that I was unable to read the teleprompter when the Grammys requested me to present / I confess that all I hear are popular songs / I confess that I struggle with spelling.

You have taken my name and successfully established a career for yourself. / Repeating the identical narratives endlessly / You have been attempting to ruin my reputation for a complete quarter of a century / To Jim Derogatis or whatever your actual name may be.

Because African American males endure a sufficient amount of hardships, how can we rise from our current situation when we continually undermine one another? It is imperative that women express affection and support towards African American males.

“That’s insane / Due to that nonsense, they label it as pedophile / But please explain to me how / That encompasses both older and younger women / I confess I engage in intimate relationships with women of all ages.”

I tapped that back of my Benz, yeah / I admit that I fucked my best friend’s girlfriend / I admit that I did that / I fucked my bitch nigga’s and / I shouldn’t have done some shit / but one night at The Ritz / I won’t say names, I’m not a snitch.

“I understand that my advice to you as a parent may seem disrespectful, but I want to tell you that it’s important for you to acknowledge that there is no disrespect to the parents in this situation. It’s okay for you to express your opinions and concerns, but please don’t push your daughter’s agenda in my face. It won’t get you anywhere and it won’t help anyone get paid or go mad. Let’s find a way to work together and find a solution.”

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R. Kelly Confesses To Everything Except His Alleged Sexual Misconduct In New Song “I Admit”.

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