Texting Guide: 24 Fake Blocked Text Message Ideas

This article offers you a list of 24 fake blocked text message ideas that you can use to respond to bothersome texts.


Smartphones have become the easiest mode of connecting with our loved ones. If you’re not interested in selling things or trying to con people, they will stop sending non-send text messages by spammers and online fraudsters who have infiltrated.

Sadly, these individuals will persist in sending you messages without any consideration for your welfare.

Sending a fake blocked text message can stop the unwanted texts. But, especially if the texts are chargeable, this can be stressful.

While you are occupied with a significant task, it is plausible that your acquaintance or coworker might be sending you unsuitable messages. Occasionally, these messages are dispatched by coworkers or family members whom you would prefer not to obstruct, although it is feasible to prevent them from sending.

Temporarily, you have the option to send them a counterfeit obstructed text message simply to alleviate their pressure, as you are unwilling to part ways with their contact information or discontinue receiving their messages.

You can also send a fake text message to your loved ones and friends just for fun. It’s a great way to show them that you’re messing with them in a fun way. You’ll show them your humorous side as well.

24 Fake Blocked Text Message Ideas


There are various ways to create a blocked text message. For instance, here are some examples of system-generated text messages that you might receive when someone has blocked you. Additionally, you can copy and paste system-generated text messages.

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Examples of System-Generated Error Messages

10. You have not reached the number, the #Error Message.9. Your SMS has not been blocked or delivered, #404 Error:.8. You are trying to text the phone number, but sorry, it has been blocked by Verizon Wireless Services.7. You will be charged $01 for this notification. You have been blocked-You Message [CENTER MESSAGE ATT].6. All incoming text messages to [Insert prank target phone number] have been blocked by Your [Your Phone Number] subscriber. The #409 Error Service.5. The message you were trying to send to [Enter Number Target] is not delivered. The #Blocked Message: here].4. The recipient has blocked all incoming SMS from [Insert phone number]. The Error Message:.3. You are trying to reach The Customer Wireless Verizon for #055112 trouble.2. You are trying to reach [XXX-XXX-XXXX]. Message Not Sent:.1. Your message has been blocked by the intended recipient: 20002 Error.

Examples of Syntax Error Messages

Here are some examples of message syntax. This type of error message will serve as a warning to the sender. You can also send them a “Syntax error” message to prevent sending irrelevant messages to you.

15. You have blocked this user. 14. T & AT messages are being blocked by text email. 13. T-mobile is currently blocking messages due to an error. 12. “This message cannot be sent” and “your number has been blocked by the recipient: E-1301 Error Code.” 11. Please contact your Mobile Carrier for more information. This recipient is blocking your number due to spam.

Examples of Your Own Error Messages

If you cannot access a system-generated text message, you will not be able to create fake error messages that use real and convincing words. This can be a bit challenging because you need to find the correct words to make the fake error message believable.

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Fortunately, there are several online templates that you can use to draft your own fake error message text. You just need to copy and paste the details into the editor and edit it.

Here are some drafted examples of error messages. These templates, which have a very easy and legitimate appearance, are believed to be beneficial for the recipient.

16. Your account will be billed for additional messages. Delivery of message failed: SERVICE ERROR 305.17. Please attempt again after rectifying the format. The destination number is not in the proper format: Msg 2106.18. The recipient you are sending to has opted not to receive messages: Msg 2108, 2109, or 2111.19. The customer you are trying to text is currently unavailable: Msg 2110.20. Please resend using a 10-digit number or valid short code. Message sent using an incorrect number of digits: Msg 2114.21. You are not authorized to send text messages: Msg 2120.22. Please try again. The message sent to recipient number on at

4 Tips for Your Fake Blocked Text Message Prank


Here are some helpful tips on how to stop fake messages from being sent. Sometimes, you may need to block someone who keeps sending you irrelevant messages in order to stop receiving them constantly.

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1. Drafting a Convincing Error Message

If you assume that they have blocked your number, the sender will stop sending you texts because they will receive an automated response that appears to be an error message, replying with an annoying text.

The trick here is to make the error message appear real. Nobody wants to waste their time and money sending texts through that.

Their account will be billed for additional messages. You can also notify them that if their persistent texting continues, they should replicate and insert the identical error message as a response.

2. Bombard Them with Error Messages

When someone is annoyed by loads of error messages, the best response is to give them a taste of their own medicine, blowing texts with tons of messages.

You can even jam cellphones by sending hundreds of messages to them at once. Although this might be costly if you are charged for the messages, it’s the best way to annoy your tormentor.

3. Ask for Help

If your tormentor does not stop pestering you with stupid messages, you should ask for help from your family members and friends. You can bring together all your texting resources and put them on a board to serve the bully a taste of their own medicine. Additionally, you should ask them to instantly message the same error back to the bully.

4. Send Random One-Letter Texts

They won’t know what happened and it will take them a long time to put the message together. You can create even more confusion by dividing the fake error message into several text messages, each carrying a single letter.

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