Texas couple say CPS officials took infant in dispute over jaundice

After a disagreement with their doctor about their two-week-old baby’s jaundice, Mila and her partner filed a claim with the Texas Child Protective Services.

Currently, Temecia Jackson, 38, from Desoto, who is the mother of the child, stated that the family is taking legal action to regain custody of her.

When officials arrived at the Jacksons’ home in Dallas on March 28, they claimed that the person listed in the records as the mother of the newborn baby was another woman, and that the paperwork had named her erroneously.

The records also identified Rodney Jackson as the baby’s “purported father.”

Temecia Jackson stated during a press briefing on Thursday, “I immediately felt as if my baby had been stolen, as though this other woman belonged to my child and they were born together, and I had a home.”

We’ve been treating criminals like Rodney as if they were our husbands, and I wish I didn’t have to face the reality that this is a nightmare.

In a message to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jackson informed them that my offspring was taken from me and I submitted a police report. They took away my recently born infant from my embrace and gave me documents.

A photo of Rodney and Temecia Jackson.
Temecia and Rodney Jackson of Desoto, TX spoke at a news conference last week about their fight to get their baby back from Child Protective Services.

Temecia Jackson chose not to provide a statement on Saturday when contacted by The Post.

Mila was born on March 21 at her residence in Desoto, a suburb of Dallas, with a midwife in attendance.

The Jacksons took her to a local hospital for a routine checkup three days later, and she received a clean bill of health.

However, when she developed jaundice, they brought her back to the hospital on March 27, as stated in reports.

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Mila was born on March 21 at home in Desoto, a suburb of Dallas, with a midwife present.
Mila was born on March 21 at her residence in Desoto, a suburb of Dallas, with a midwife in attendance.

“Temecia informed the Star-Telegram,” “During our visit to the pediatrician, we were informed that the levels are elevated and they will conduct a blood test and provide further examination.” “Without delay, they advised us to hospitalize the infant for phototherapy and they proceeded to monitor the situation.”

The Jacksons stated that they would rather carry out the therapy in the comfort of their own residence.

Infant jaundice, a common condition, occurs because the baby’s blood contains an excess of bilirubin, a yellow pigment of red blood cells.

Temecia Jackson, who said she did not see the baby herself, insisted that Mila be hospitalized for treatment because the doctor at the hospital deemed her bilirubin levels dangerous.

On March 28, authorities arrived at the residence of the Jackson family and removed Mila.

According to the letter obtained by Mila’s parents from Dr. Anand Bhatt at WFAA, Mila’s bilirubin level was dangerously high at 21.7.

“The doctor mentioned that if the bilirubin level goes above 20, there is a possibility of the baby experiencing brain damage, since bilirubin can pass through the blood-brain barrier.”

Bhatt mentioned that when he was unable to receive a reply from the family, he made numerous attempts to contact the parents and informed Child Protective Services in the correspondence.

The Jacksons have subsequently visited their infant in the hospital and are anticipated in court on April 20th.

A photo of baby Mila Jackson.
Newborn Mila Jackson was taken away by CPS officials last month when her doctor said she should be treated for jaundice at the hospital.

“CPS has plenty of work to do in this area for children who are genuinely experiencing physical harm and mistreatment,” stated Cheryl Edinbyrd, the licensed professional midwife who was present during Mila’s delivery.

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This kid was being cared for. This child was being assisted.

And this child was being cherished. And this child was abducted.

“We insist that Mila be brought back home today. Today. Because yesterday was already too late.”

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