Tesla Cyberquad for Kids review: A mini electric ATV that’s so much fun I stole it from the kids!

Lately, I had the opportunity to test out the Tesla Kids Cyberquad, and I must say it was so much fun, even as an adult rider. I’m here to tell you that letting the kids have a turn and getting on the saddle was quite challenging!

The Kids Cyberquad Tesla is a toy for kids that is meant to keep their minds engaged, despite its small size and limited power compared to the real thing.

I could still ride it, even though it’s large enough that it’s not kid-sized from a distance, about half the scale, and I’m 5’7″ (170 cm). Although I think my brother-in-law, who is 6′ (182 cm), would fit better on the actual thing.

Finally, I let my 8-year-old nephews go have a perfect match. The size doesn’t really make sense for adults, but of course, this isn’t designed for them.

This fantastic electric quad bike possesses all of the intricate specifics. Continue reading to truly grasp the remarkable nature of this compact electric all-terrain vehicle, which I suggest examining in my video evaluation below to witness the entire family putting it to the test.

Specifications of the Tesla Cyberquad for Children

  • Motor: 500W designated.
  • Maximum velocity: 16 kilometers per hour (10 miles per hour).
  • Distance: 25 km (15 miles).
  • Battery: 36V 8Ah (288 Watt-hours).
  • Weight: 54 kg (120 pounds).
  • Maximum weight capacity: 68 kg (150 lb).
  • Brakes: One mechanical disc brake on a stable rear axle.
  • Suspension: Rear suspension with adjustable spring shock, no suspension in the front.
  • Additional features include a multi-speed selector, a Tesla-style charger, a thumb throttle, and an LED battery meter on the battery.
  • Designed in theory for children

    This item is designed for children in theory, but do not mistake it for a feeble 12V Powerwheels ride-on plaything.

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    The Cyberquad Tesla for Kids was co-developed by Tesla and Flyer Radio, which has a motor rated for continuous operation at 500W and an electrical system operating at 36V. It’s thanks to this that the Tesla Cyberquad has some genuine power.

    The lower speed limit could prove beneficial when placing a very young child or someone lacking the level of responsibility required for speeds of 10 mph. This is how we personally utilized the higher speed setting. The device offers two speed options: 5 mph (8 km/h) and 10 mph (16 km/h). However, you will only find the need to utilize the higher speed setting.

    The charge drain appears much faster, doesn’t it? We were riding in high-mode all afternoon, so considering the battery, it could basically last. If you use the low-speed setting, the battery will give you a range of 25 miles (15 km), as they say.

    I also appreciate that it utilizes a lithium-ion battery, unlike nearly all ride-on electric toys for children that utilize lead acid batteries.

    Bringing the four-wheeler to a rapid halt, the lone disc brake on the sturdy rear axle appears to function quite effectively.

    When driving off-road, the large and sturdy tires perform admirably, even though many individuals will utilize the Cyberquad to cause chaos on their nearby residential sidewalks. Although it lacks independent suspension because of the single rear swingarm configuration, it even features rear suspension. This implies that you can adjust the preload to customize it according to the weight of various children (or adults); at the very least, the suspension is adjustable.

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    Isn’t it right?! I want to make sure that it is safe for kids before I put them on it, hey (It was meant for me to get the first experience on the Cyberquad Tesla for kids). I was thinking about being close enough to the limit, being about 68 kg (150 lb) (With: Input).

    It’s not an ordinary toy for kids – it has some serious power behind it, reaching speeds of up to 10 mph. When you realize this, you immediately start blipping the throttle on the right handlebar. I’m sure they didn’t realize that it’s programmed not to let kids go too wild, but I want to make sure it goes even faster.

    It effortlessly pulled me along, slowing down a bit on the grass and slightly uneven ground, even at its maximum weight capacity.

    The Cyberquad is a perfect fit for the mini electric truck, and it feels like achieving nothing. I created it by driving a couple of 2x6s into the bed of my mini electric pickup truck, and it has enough power to pull me up a 30% grade, even.

    The fact is that kids can pull this toy, and it is quite impressive, pretty, big, and can go up ramps through dirt and grass.

    The small electric four-wheeler truly soars, indicating that the performance appeared even more impressive when it was the children’s turn to test it out. They weigh in at less than half of my weight.

    The Tesla Cyberquad for Children, with a humble suspension, transformed the experience of riding on grassy hills in the nearby park into a simulation of the natural environment. The padded chair also added to the comfort.

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    Despite encountering minor roots and uneven ground, there was ample padding to ensure a relatively smooth journey thanks to the suspension, the pneumatic tires, and the comfortable seat.

    Anything larger made the children bounce a little, but they are young. They will be alright.

    This thing is great. And it was fine, except EV wasn’t planning on putting their name on it, Tesla. This isn’t another weak Powerwheels again. Thank goodness, we are going to tow the kids around the neighborhood with the Radio Flyer, and hitched to the little red wagon behind it. The quad is only big enough for one rider, but it doesn’t mean we can’t tow more with it.

    At least, it was valued at $1,900. Prepare yourself for this: it also includes a Tesla cost. The sole drawback is.

    Tesla has started listing some products for sale in the DOGE cryptocurrency, which costs approximately $2,100 US or 14,135 DOGE for the Kids Cyberquad.

    To produce additional units, it is advisable to simply wait for Radio Flyer. Moreover, they are currently being priced at several thousand dollars above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. If you happen to be fortunate, the only potential source to acquire one is through resale platforms such as eBay. These items are currently out of stock and have become extremely difficult to obtain. The only additional complication is that.

    As they soar down the hill, you have the option to place your children in a small crimson wagon and mimic the sounds of a Cyberquad in the meantime.

    It’s much more affordable, although not nearly as visually striking.

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