Tesla ‘Car Wash Mode’ and Everything it Does

Mode Wash Car has been incorporated into Tesla’s latest features release, 2021.24.4. Originally, this feature was accessible to all Model 3 and Model Y automobiles, but it has now been extended to the revamped Model S and Model X as well. Regrettably, it is not accessible for the earlier versions of Model S or Model X.

The feature provides a useful checklist that you can use to wash your car during relevant status. It also makes it much easier to use the Wash Car Mode, but you could already turn off most of these car wash-related features manually. This feature doesn’t add anything new, for the most part.

Mode Wash Car can help prevent damage to many owners’ cars. For example, it charges your door port to lock and prevents the brush from pushing against it when washing the car automatically. It also disables your wipers in order to prevent them from getting caught or tangled in the car wash’s felt strips and coming on.

Prepare your vehicle for immediate functionality. The automobile will activate Car Wash Mode upon reaching a car wash by navigating to Car Controls > Service > Car Wash Mode.

Additionally, if your vehicle is equipped with an automatic trunk, windows, and the charge port, it will also close the trunk for you. Moreover, to prevent water from entering the car, other components such as the charge port, windows, and your vehicle will automatically shut.

During the car wash, it will deactivate the parking sensor alerts, even disable the walk-away door locking feature, deactivate Sentry Mode, secure the charge port door, deactivate your wipers, and accomplish much more than just closing your windows for you.

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In a Tesla, it is not readily apparent how to shift your vehicle into neutral for automatic car washes that utilize conveyor belts. If you have not done so previously, it will be necessary for you to do so.

There is no longer any necessity to tamper with the gear lever. To activate the button, you will have to be in the drive position and have your foot on the brake pedal. In Car Wash Mode, there is a conveniently accessible button labeled “Enable Free Roll” that you can lightly touch. Car Wash Mode has now been designed to facilitate the process of shifting your car into Neutral. It mandates that you keep your foot on the brake pedal while pushing the gear lever upwards or downwards and maintaining the pressure for a duration of one second.

One of the most appealing aspects of Car Wash Mode during an automated car wash is the comprehensive view it offers of your vehicle and its pertinent functionalities.

“If there are any issues, the display will show a red or green alert to indicate the status of your trunk. For example, if your trunk is left open, it will display a red alert. Additionally, it will also provide a list of features, each accompanied by a green or red status light to alert you.”

At the car wash, while you probably want to switch off or set to recirculating, it will also display the condition of the climate system, which serves as a kind of car wash checklist indicating the real-time status of each function.

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If necessary, you can fold your mirrors to enhance accessibility and also have the option to easily access the Clean Screen Mode on the Car Wash Mode.

If you surpass a velocity of 10 mph and activate the Drive gear or push the exit button, you have the ability to exit the Car Wash Mode.

It certainly adds a nice touch to the car wash experience, making it easier, more enjoyable, and something you can definitely do.

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