‘Swarm’ star Rory Culkin shocks fans with penis: ‘Dirty and unnecessary’

Some believed it was a very pleasant sight; others, not as impressed.

On March 17th, viewers were left shocked by Rory Culkin’s full-frontal scene in the pilot episode of “Swarm,” a series that premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

Dominique Fishback portrays Dre, the unnamed character whom Kieran and Macaulay, the well-known 33-year-old actor, encounters at a nightclub where she brings him back home.

Viewers had mixed reactions to Rory Culkin's full-frontal nude scene in "Swarm," which also featured series star Dominique Fishback (inset).
Viewers had mixed reactions to Rory Culkin’s full-frontal nude scene in “Swarm,” which also featured series star Dominique Fishback (inset).
Amazon Prime

The show then cuts to a scene where Dre wakes up to find a glass bowl filled with strawberries pressed against his flaccid penis — a stark naked depiction reminiscent of Culkin’s character.

Viewers of the psychological horror series flocked to social media to express a range of reactions — from repulsion to desire — at the scene that numerous people compared to a sudden fright.

Rory Culkin washing strawberries naked
The actor plays an unnamed man who meets the main character at a nightclub and brings her back home.
Amazon Prime
Rory Culkin on "Swarm"
Culkin’s character is shown holding a clear glass jar of strawberries pressed against his flaccid penis.
Amazon Prime

One viewer tweeted in awe, “Is it possible that they included Rory Culkin in this show solely to reveal his intimate areas and then abandon him?”

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One Twitter user inquired, “Why did I have to witness Rory Culkin’s private part in swarm just now?”

However, some individuals were quite thrilled by the frontal nudity image.

One Culkin enthusiast made her response to the scene widely recognized.

“I wouldn’t be discouraged by Rory Culkin’s compressed, limp penis but maybe I’m wired differently idk,” she tweeted.

Another Twitter user, @DeviantLia, went a step further, sharing, “Rory Culkin I desire to serve you.”

Culkin, who is most famous for his contributions to the “Scream” series, has garnered a dedicated fan base for many years.

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Many of his supporters made jests about their distress over the sudden desire of mainstream viewers for the actor, but a few seemed genuinely troubled by this occurrence.

“One follower commented, ‘I despise the internet, hating anything else but Rory Culkin for his incredible acting skills and going viral in a scene from Swarm.'”

Dominique Fishback as Dre in "Swarm"
Many viewers took to Twitter to express their reactions, ranging from disgust to lust regarding the scene with Rory Culkin and Dominique Fishback (above).
Amazon Prime

Others simply didn’t know how to respond to the now-famous strawberry scene.

One astonished viewer exclaimed, “Rory Culkin is unclothed in this OMG,” while another person chimed in, “Yet here I am, I genuinely wasn’t anticipating witnessing Rory Culkin’s phallus on this marvelous Friday morning.”

As per Vulture, “Swarm” is a creation by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers, inspired by a speculation surrounding a woman who purportedly took her own life following her exposure to Beyoncé’s album “Lemonade” in 2016.

The rumor has since been disproven, according to the source.

Chlöe Bailey also faced backlash on Monday due to the graphic sex scene in the episode premiere, which was not the only shocking moment but was deemed “very unnecessary” by many, especially the berry-baring Culkin.

In addition to Culkin, his male reproductive organ and Fishback, the show also showcases Billie Eilish, Paris Jackson, and Byron Bowers

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