Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Burn The House Down’ On Netflix, About A Woman Who Plots Revenge Against The Woman Who Ruined Her Family’s Lives

The woman, who goes back to her childhood home where her family lives, thinks of a scheme to bring down the woman who ruined her life. There is no exception to the fact that Japanese series on Netflix always provide good material for salacious and revengeful plots.

Opening Scene: A drone shot of a residence engulfed in flames, with emergency personnel rushing towards the location.

Her mother is on the ground, begging for forgiveness, as we witness the house engulfed in flames and a 12-year-old girl sprinting towards it.

Anzu, a part-time influencer/model and a doctor at the hospital where her father became the head, wants to go upstairs into the walk-in closet, which Makiko has shown on her social media and has been linked to the fire. Makiko, who convinced her way into Anzu’s life by infiltrating her single mother’s family, is doing this on purpose. She assumed the name Yamauchi Shizuka, under which she hasn’t been seen for thirteen years. Makiko’s stepmother, Suzuki (Kyôka Mitarai), who used to work as a housekeeper for her former family, will be the one to find evidence in the house, as she goes to the same location where their new house was built in Nagano thirteen years ago.

Makiko helps volunteers to connect with her daughter Anzu, who suffers from amnesia-induced trauma and cannot remember the fact that she is Kitano Kie’s (Kurea’s) friend. Makiko brings objects from her house to remind Anzu of her mother. Anzu does a good job in her role and ensures that she takes care of everything discreetly, both in her own house and on the floor of Makiko’s house. Makiko wants people to think that Anzu maintains her own house when she arrives, which is why she tells Anzu to be discreet about everything.

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She attempts to win him over by preparing meals, leaving them outside his room. However, she soon discovers that it is actually Makiko’s older son, Kiichi (Asuka Kudô), and initially mistakes Makiko’s younger son, who is a college student, as the one lurking upstairs. Observing someone wandering upstairs, she takes a risk and enters the dimly lit and untidy room. Realizing that she can strengthen her bond with Makiko, she decides to cook for the busy executive after already preparing a meal for her sister Yuzu (Yuri Tsunematsu).

Photo: Netflix

What shows remind you of the story of The Burn of Down House, a manga with the same name that is reminiscent of American potboilers filled with scandal and revenge?

As the series progresses, there might be a need to tackle certain peculiar tonal inconsistencies, although the concept of Burn The House Down is definitely captivating. Our Perspective.

Anzu loves being a part of Scooby Gang, and she uses donuts as props and eats them a lot. Kurea, who also loves it, doesn’t seem to be serious about it, but Yuzu, who seems to be attached to her sister goofily in Anzu’s undercover adventure, is interested. But mainly, we have to expose Makiko, who is an interloper, to get the kind of justice her ailing mother needs, and Anzu is super-serious about it.

How did Makiko manage to set fire to the Mitarai family’s house, so far away from Satsuki? And why does Kiichi, like he wants to mess with Anzu, live as a hermit in his house? Doesn’t he wonder what happened to his daughters? We also have other questions: What happened between Yuzu’s and Anzu’s parents that would lead their father to completely disown them? We’re still not sure. We’re not sure if this show is more akin to Buffy the Vampire Slayer or a more serious-minded series about revenge.

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The shows that are currently airing have a tendency to have big twists in every episode, which is likely what makes them popular. The effective storytelling, which draws us in, is due to the fact that these curiosities are more intriguing than anything confusing or unclear.

Gender and Epidermis: None.

After Makiko Shot: Parting, Anzu finds a button apron in her walk-in closet, and she realizes how to find it.

“Makiko’s ‘gory secret.’ Her preference for a strawberry-filled donut and her ‘sinister history’ is indicated by her preference for a chocolate-filled donut, which she only uses as a gag for Kurea, also known as Kitano Kie: Star Sleeper.”

Shouldn’t he play a more significant role in the narrative? We couldn’t find anything, but it’s important to highlight that Anzu and Yuzu’s father, Osamu (Mitsuhiro Oikawa), is so insignificant in the initial episode that he’s hardly worth acknowledging. The most typical line for a pilot episode:

The fact that the first episode of The Burn of Down House pulls us in is a positive indication, despite the tonal inconsistencies in its story. STREAM IT: Call Our.

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