Straight Outta Compton

Compton is straight up coming, boy, I’m coming when I return, stomping I’m believing, as fuck crazy is Cube Ice Coz duck better you in your neighborhood when I’m there. So you can’t fuck with me, Boy C-P-T with I’m down that clearly see dumb motherfuckers until early and monthly, weekly, daily box that out niggaz knocking I’m maybe, no toe to toe can you go with me foolin motherfucking the act I make. Don’t tool the 47-KA is like Manson Charles, record crime with a dancing yo keep to rap murder. Here’s smooth up, give your ass pointed at that’s a gat like that motherfucker on off. Going gumbo like a pot, em cook and mix, rumble wanna start they mumble. Niggaz out showing that’s punk motherfuckers. For going out, how your ass off, you’re gonna have to go are police. If you fuck with me, boy, you’re gonna get hauled off, bodies are off the trigger. I sawed off a got, I’m called when Attitudes With Niggaz. Called from the gang, Cube Ice named motherfucker crazy Compton, straight up. [Ice Cube]

Compton City, Compton City.

[Eazy E] Hey Ren[MC Ren] What’s up?[Eazy E] Let them know where you’re from!

Ren might be seen as a gangster from Compton, but if you take a closer look, you’ll realize that he’s actually a trip. He acts like a villain without any clue, making it clear that he’s the definition of a motherfucking villain. But see, I’m raw. Ren spells R-E-N, which means he’s a law unto himself. He’s maximum security, pulling an AK off the shelf and tearing shit up like an automatic machine. Ren’s legit attitude comes from the street, making him a crazy and composed motherfucker. You might think I’m a dirty bitch or a ho, but if you’re in the front row at one of my shows, you’ll see that I’m a badass motherfucker. So, if you think you can fuck with me, you better find a good piece of pussy in a minute, or else I’ll shoot your ass. And when I’m armed illegally, it’s called “packin'”, not “jackin'”. “Jackin'” is the definition of a burglary, not what I do with records. So don’t make snaps at me, because I won’t give a fuck. But don’t worry, I won’t show you niggas’ pussy asses. But you should know, I’m a bad motherfucker.

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[Compton City, Compton City.]

[Dr. Dre] Eazy is his moniker and the young man is approaching.

Compton is a very dangerous place that I believe my sister and mother would love. They are overprotective of me, but I know that if I ever get caught, Eazy-E will bail me out. He is a dangerous and fearless person who doesn’t care about the problems he causes. I smile and act innocent when I see a cop, but I am actually very cautious and smart. I don’t try to avoid him because I know he is just doing his job. I don’t know where he is going or what he is up to, but he drives around with a funny and cocky attitude. It’s entertaining to watch.

[Compton City, Compton City.]

Wow, that thing was amazing!

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