Stephen Curry Shooting Form: How To Shoot Like Steph Curry

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to shoot like Steph Curry, we posted a depth analysis of his shooting form.

When he takes a shot, what one of the finest marksmen in the globe accomplishes is precisely what we aim to demonstrate, however, this is not necessarily what you are obligated to do.

On the basketball court, we will address methods to enhance your shooting technique in order to achieve the same level of consistency, precision, and lethalness. Above all, towards the conclusion of this article, as well.

(Hint: it’s not from attempting to replicate your preferred player’s form…).


Rapid Navigation: Analysis of Steph Curry’s Shooting Technique.


steph curry shooting form2

During his follow-through, his elbow is directly above his head and his arm is fully extended.

The sphere moves in a direct path.

The initial site of the injury is situated above his eye, and throughout his follow-through, his wrist ultimately aligns directly above his eye.


off hand - steph curry shooting form

Observe that his non-dominant hand detaches from the ball just before he initiates the forward motion of his wrist.

Additionally, observe how he places his thumb next to his index finger on his non-dominant hand.


Curry primarily adopts a wide stance shooting technique with his knees facing inward.


On the rebound, Steph Curry dips the basketball and utilizes the momentum to establish a flow for his shot.

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This implies that after catching the ball, he lowers it to his waist before ascending to take a shot.

He doesn’t have to bend down, therefore the ball is already positioned at his waist and most of the time he is already close to the ground while dribbling.


steph curry shooting form - eyes

Steph maintains his focus on the rim until the ball is let go.

Once it is released from his hand, he tracks the ball visually until it reaches the rim.


Steph employs a comparatively calm hand placement on the ball, with his forefinger and thumb forming a V-shape.

Also notice that his hand is on the side of the ball, and rotates towards the net as he extends his arm.


steph curry shooting form

He employs a release where he places four fingers down, and the ball is released from his middle finger at the end.

Curry maintains a relaxed and loose wrist during his release.


Steph Curry maintains alignment of his shooting shoulder, elbow, and hip.

You can observe that his shoulder is directly positioned behind his elbow, aligned with his hip.

His lower arm is slightly angled away from this line, maintaining the ball above his shooting eye.


Curry is a right handed shooter, so in order to align his right side, he turns his feet slightly towards the left.

Occasionally, while dribbling, Curry’s feet are aligned straight towards the basket.

When this occurs, he pivots his hips while leaping and spins in mid-air to preserve that alignment.


When Curry takes a shot, the ball initially moves in the opposite direction towards his head, before proceeding forward towards the basket.

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The moment just before the ball begins to move towards the net is referred to as the setpoint.

Steph Curry’s shooting position is just above his right eye.

At his designated position, his thumb is in alignment with his eyebrow and his palm is oriented towards the side.

You will also observe that his arm forms a 90-degree angle at his armpit.

The angle between his upper arm and his forearm is significantly smaller than 90 degrees.

He always uses the power from his legs to push the ball forward, then jumps before his feet leave the ground, reaching his setpoint.


Curry is a palm thrower.

This implies that he places the ball on his entire hand with the ball’s weight on his palm.

He then transfers the ball from this palm to his finger pads and off his fingertips as he snaps his wrist forward.


Nearly every player I coach desires to achieve a shooting technique that resembles the shooting technique of their preferred player…

You’ve probably tried to do this too. I know that I did when I was focused on improving my shooting abilities.

So you attempt to replicate every individual aspect by observing these analyses. But what occurs?

You end up injuring your technique more than assisting it… Why? Because each player is unique.

Every player has a unique physique, which differs in terms of height, age, strength, shape, and even hand size. All of these elements hold importance…

Not yours, shooting principles that work for THEIR unique physical characteristics you’re copying when you’re trying to shoot like Steph or Kobe.

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If you truly desire to maximize your shooting potential, then there is no better option than to emulate a professional player. By doing so, you can enhance your shooting skills and refine your shooting technique. Additionally, it is crucial to establish a focal point in your mind when shooting, as this will greatly improve your accuracy. If your current shooting form is subpar, it is imperative to work on it diligently.

Traits such as your physical prowess, age, playing style, and so on, ought to be shaped to fit your distinctive shooting principles and acquired in order to cultivate a set of mechanics that are INDIVIDUALLY tailored for YOUR physique and YOUR unique attributes.

Now you understand the reason behind it. “Your personal” seems like no type ever initiates. Colleagues cease to depend on you for taking shots and your training is never as effective as your shots during the game. Your reliability declines. That ‘dependable shooter’ reputation, you never acquire. Because it can become extremely frustrating, the inability to find a consistent shooting form. In such a manner, if you don’t train with your own distinctive shooting style, the worst part comes into play.

Once you go through this training program, you will develop a smooth, consistent, and beautiful shot on the court that cannot be stopped, by installing the correct shooting principles into your own form.

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