St. Patrick

Patrick St. Was born either in Gaul or Great Britain at a time when the Roman Empire was losing its grip on Western Europe. He had a near coastal live where pirates infiltrated often to capture young people whom they could sell as slaves. The local leaders were beginning to control the lands surrounding their coast, and the Roman Army was being brought back to the center of the Empire.

Patrick, when he was captured by pirates from Ireland at the age of 16, was sold into slavery and it was a great shock to him. During his time in captivity, he lived for six years, learning the Celtic language and praying throughout the night as he guarded his master’s cruel sheep. If Patrick had not been raised in luxury, enjoying the benefits of an important Roman family, it would have been a deep commitment to Christianity that led him to make prayer a priority.

Patrick, being a bishop and missionary, experienced an undeniable urge to go back to Ireland. Although his family was no longer his place of residence, he successfully journeyed 200 miles to a seaport and persuaded a nearby ship captain to provide him with a passage to return home after eluding for six years.

Patrick, as a bishop, not only organized churches in Ireland but also baptized and preached. He left behind members of his missionary band who continued to show themselves against heresies. His name was included in some ancient lists of martyrs, indicating the great suffering he endured. He was bound in heavy chains and imprisoned at least twelve times by his enemies. Tradition tells many stories of the miracles he performed during his time of suffering. After preaching the message of Christ Jesus and saving people from their sins for 30 years, Patrick returned to Ireland around 432, especially focusing on bringing the message to the pagans.

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Patrick could only move forward based on his great faith in Christ, as expressed in the prayer he said is written in the two versions shown below.

St Patrick is frequently depicted in his iconography wearing the miter and clothing typical of a bishop, while holding a bishop’s crozier and a shamrock. Legend has it that he expelled the serpents from Ireland. He is recognized as the Patron Saint of Ireland and holds great popularity among Western Christendom. According to tradition, he utilized the shamrock as a visual aid while delivering sermons on the concept of the Trinity.

On our behalf, and a willing mediator is he, another and Jesus will walk with us as he understands our trials, he is a saint who is important to remember, a saint who knew all the trials of life, St. Patrick is celebrated on March 17th, his feast day, with dancing, parades, and singing.

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