Square Root of 52

The square root of 52 can be written as √52 in radical form, or as (52)½ or (52)0.5 in exponent form. Rounded up to 9 decimal places, the square root of 52 is 7.211102551, which is the positive solution of the equation x2 = 52. In its simplest radical form, we can express the square root of 52 as 2 √13.

  • The square root of 52 is 7.211102550927978.
  • The exponential form of the square root of 52 is (52)½ or (52)0.5.
  • The radical form of the square root of 52 is √52 or 2 √13.
  • 4. Frequently Asked Questions about the Square Root of 52.3. How can one determine the Square Root of 52?2. Is the Square Root of 52 a Rational or Irrational number?1. What is the value of the Square Root of 52?

  • The square root of a number is the number whose multiplication with itself results in the original number.
  • The square root of 52 is √52 = 7.2111.
  • The square root of 52 can be represented as √52 and (52)1/2.
  • The square root of 52 is an irrational number that does not repeat or terminate. Therefore, 52 is not a perfect square.
  • A non-repeating decimal is the square root of 52. This expression cannot be represented by a number that is the square root of 52. Q cannot be equal to 0 when the number is expressed as p/q. Rational is the term used for a number that can be expressed as p/q.

    We will now compute the square root of 52 using two distinct approaches.

    Approximating the Square Root of 52

    Find the square root of 52, which will be a whole number.

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    Now, let’s move on to step 2, which involves using the formula: (Bigger perfect square – Lower perfect square) / (Given number – Lower perfect square) to estimate the square root of 0.2.

    Calculation of the Square Root of 52 using Long Division

    With the help of the steps given below, we will now find the square root of 52 by the long division method.

  • We only have one pair, and there are only two digits in 52. To start grouping the digits, we put them on top of a bar, starting from the right side of the bar with two pairs of digits.
  • Find a number whose multiplication with itself yields a value less than the given number, which is 49 equal to 7 multiplied by 7 or 52.
  • After obtaining the dividend and quotient, insert a decimal point since there are no additional numbers remaining in the dividend. By combining 7 with itself, we obtain a new divisor of 14, with a remainder of 3 (52 – 49), and a quotient of 7.
  • Now append three sets of zeros after the decimal point in the dividend section and lower the initial pair of zeros.
  • The number a in the results, which is equal to 300 minus 284 (since 2 will be substituted for n here), is the same as the number obtained by multiplying n by 14. It is important to look for this number a.
  • Lower the following set of zeros and repeat the previous step until reaching the final set of zeros.
  • Therefore, we obtain a square root of √52 = 7.211 through the process of long division.

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