South Park Destroys Meghan Markle and Prince Harry In Latest Episode

Last night, South Park once again demonstrated why it is considered one of the most exceptional shows of all time.

In a new hilarious episode called “The Worldwide Privacy Tour,” Meghan Markle and Prince Harry absolutely destroy the most insufferable individuals on their quest to be relentless.

Despite claiming a desire for privacy, the individuals in question actively engage in attention-seeking activities such as earning exorbitant sums of money for their appearances, having a short-lived podcast that was terminated after only 12 episodes, participating in Netflix shows that lack popular demand, partaking in revealing interviews with Oprah, and seemingly publishing books.

South Park openly mocks the couple in a humorous manner. It is puzzling why you consistently subject yourselves to public scrutiny if you desire privacy, or as the episode amusingly parodies it as a “Worldwide Privacy Tour,” which is inherently contradictory.


You just need to know that Meghan Markle is going against every sort of “ism” such as Royalism, elitism, sexism, racism, and creators Park South, so she won’t let that thing slide if she can help it.

By 2030, although advocating for the world to achieve ‘Net Zero’ Carbon emissions, she and her spouse have showcased the kind of hypocrisy characterized by the phrase “do as I say, not as I do,” with her frequent use of private jets, we have come to understand that she is.

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They call it like they see it. It is only one of the episodes of “South Park” that shows the ability to continuously take more chances and deliver importantly. “Fishsticks” in which Kanye West crushes from calling out the political correctness hysteria in “PC Principal,” shows the absolute brilliance of South Park. Every episode of South Park is a nail in relatability to real life.

And the greatest aspect is? It functions because it’s relatable.

However, I understand that everyone has their own thoughts and concerns, and I want to assure you that OutKick is a platform where you can freely express your opinions on a wide range of topics without being constantly bombarded with manufactured and contrived outrage. We value authenticity and aim to provide a refreshing perspective similar to that of OutKick.


At one point, Kyle is sitting around the rest of the kids at the cafeteria table, perfectly contemplating what many of us are thinking.

Driving me is absolutely insane. Prince plays drums all day. I don’t even think he has a job. I have no idea what the hell she does. I can’t even comprehend why they left me behind in Canada. She seems to just want whatever he wants, and she acts like his boss. Why did they come to South Park in the first place and why did they leave Canada?

Cartman and the remaining individuals react in the same way that you and I would.

“Meghan and Harry couldn’t stop Kyle from freaking out the kids by constantly saying dumb things. Kyle doesn’t like it when Lemon Don keeps bringing up Meghan and Harry, and he doesn’t care about stupid things Prince Lemon Don says. We just don’t care about that kind of dumb stuff, Kyle. Look.”

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South Park hilariously ridiculed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter video and Getty Images)


As someone who was just entering middle school when South Park initially came out, I have literally grown up with South Park.

There are plenty of dumb episodes, for sure. The last few seasons have been kind of weird – there were times when the seasons were painful, you know, like the “Member the berries” seasons.

But once in a while, an aging athlete comes out of nowhere and dominates the game, pitching perfect 50-points drops in Park South.

That was yesterday’s. Watch it right away. And get ready for the Markle breakdown.

Enjoy the latest episode of South Park at this location.

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