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Key West’s South Beach is located close to all the branded things associated with being the southernmost.

According to the Southernmost Beach Cafe, South Beach is the furthest south beach in the continental United States.

Although it may appear that the South Beach of Zachary Taylor State Park in Fort Zachary Taylor might be just a small beach, similar to the likes of a little bit of a beach, it seems certain that it is indeed a snorkeling paradise. (Of course, this is just a playful observation made while looking at a map… 😜) There may be some technicalities, however.

In any case, there is a tourist area of Key West that is the designated southernmost area of the continental United States.

And it is at this particular place that you will find a range of shops (and a coast) that identify themselves as the southernmost of their type.

Additionally, South Beach is located in a conveniently accessible part of Key West.

South Beach can be found near the crossroads of South Street and Duval Street.

Moreover, South Beach is unquestionably the most southern free shoreline, as there is an admission fee for Fort Zachary State Park!

The Southernmost Beach Cafe is located on South Beach, which is the beach in front of it.

You can swim at South Beach in Key West.

South Beach is a beautiful small beach that is located just a few minutes’ walk from the southernmost point known as the spot in the USA.

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It can also be worth visiting South Beach even if you won’t be staying near the shoreline.

There is a pier adjacent to South Beach that you can stroll onto to enjoy the scenery! (The southernmost pier?!)

Seaweed in Key West

Seaweed is a phenomenon in the Florida Keys.

Almost every beach you visit in the Florida Keys will contain seaweed.

Therefore, it is highly probable that you will observe seaweed on the coast of Key West beaches, and this includes South Beach.

Seaweed is considered a crucial component of the coastal ecosystem.

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  • More below about South Beach of Key West!

    South Beach is a pretty small beach.

    South Beach is off of the main road at South Street and Duval Street.

    As you make your way to the southernmost beach, you will only find the adults-only Hotel House Southernmost and the Cafe Seaside by passing the Southernmost House.

    To get to South Beach, you are going to the Southernmost Beach Cafe.

    There is a seaside cafe located directly on South Beach.

    You can rent beach chairs and beach umbrellas at South Beach.

    There are beach rentals available at South Beach. The cost of renting an umbrella and sunbed is $10. You can pay $25 for 2 umbrellas and sunbeds, or you have the opportunity to pay separately for each. This offer is valid until May 2022.

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    You can get to South Beach by taking the free Duval Loop bus.

    The Key West Historic District has the Duval Loop bus, which is essentially a complimentary public bus that circulates around.

    There is a bus stop situated just a 3-minute stroll away from South Beach.

    Locate bus stop #11 on the Duval Loop bus map.

    This is the bus stop that is situated close to the junction of Duval Street and United Street. (Google map).

    See more about getting to South Beach: Duval Loop bus

    The Old Town Trolley ($) also travels to South Beach.

    With a little bit of walking and a little bit of luck, you can get free parking for South Beach.

    Discovering complimentary parking in Key West may require a bit of good fortune.

    To begin, you can search for complimentary street parking on South Street situated to the north of the Southernmost Deli. (Map).

    You may discover complimentary on-street parking for South Beach that is a 5-10 minute stroll from the location. (Map).

    If you are driving from the north, you can park your car on the open street to begin your search for Deli. You can get closer to Simonton Street, which is the southernmost street, and then proceed further onto South Street to reach your destination.

    This can be a good area to park for the Southernmost Point. too.

    There is paid street parking near South Beach.

    Additionally, there is a fee-based street parking available in close proximity to South Beach.

    And that’s a bit about South Beach in Key West!

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