Sông Chao Phraya có gì đặc biệt? – Du lịch Thái Lan 2023

Vài nét về sông Chao Phraya

The Mê Nam river, known as the Vietnamese name for the Chao Phraya river, is already well-known among “travel enthusiasts”. The river serves as a testament to Thailand’s enduring cultural traditions and extensive history, while still retaining its own allure despite the transformations and urbanization of Bangkok city. The Chao Phraya river originates from the merging of the Ping river and Nan river, spanning a distance of 372km as it flows through the Central Plains, the capital city of Bangkok, the Gulf of Thailand, and ultimately emptying into the coast. In Chainat province, the Chao Phraya river splits into two branches, with the separate branch being referred to as the Tha Chin river. This branch runs parallel to the main Chao Phraya river before merging into the Gulf of Thailand.

chao phraya bangkok thái lanDòng sông Chao Phraya chảy qua Bangkok

This is a beautiful place that contributes significantly to the charm of Bangkok city, flowing through the Chao Phraya River, especially in Prakan Samut, Bangkok, Thani Pathum, Thong Ang, Sawan, Thani Uthai, similar to the way the Lan Thai flower blooms in the city. It stretches for about 400 km along the Chao Phraya River.

Di chuyển trên Chao Phraya bằng cách nào?

Firstly, river tourism on the Chao Phraya River is becoming popular with anyone traveling to Bangkok for the first time. With reasonable prices and excellent service quality, Thai tourists wanting to explore Bangkok can choose to travel by boat with 5 public boat routes on the river. The river transportation service has been developed for a long time due to the Chao Phraya River flowing through famous locations in Bangkok.

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tour thái lanDu thuyền trên sông Chao Phraya

Địa hoặc nhân viên công ty để được hướng dẫn.

tour bangkok thái lanThưởng thức đồ ăn và ngắm cảnh Bangkok trên bờ sông Chao Phraya sẽ là trải nghiệm cực thú vị với du khách đến Thái Lan

Local routes are the routes that make stops at all locations (including 34 stops), whereas other routes only make stops at specific locations. If you wish to discover all the different areas of Bangkok city, you can opt for local routes to navigate without losing your way. Additionally, it is important to note that only the route with an orange flag operates every day and charges a fare of 15 baht per ride. The remaining routes only operate until 9 am and resume service after 4 pm. Another more affordable option for tourists visiting Thailand is to utilize the ferry, which has a fare of just 3.5 baht.

tour du lịch thái lanBên trong du thuyền trên sông Chao Phraya

Forget not being able to experience the wonderful journey to explore the various unique attractions along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, such as grilling meat, Pad Thai, and fish balls: like being led by Lan Thai’s delicious cuisine and exploring Bangkok’s famous landmarks, which destination do you wish to visit with this package? Choose the package with the complete ticket and service package.

Đến Chao Phraya thì làm gì?

Du thuyền thưởng ngoạn

On the Bangkok tour, tourists are extremely attracted to the 76m high tower made from the wreckage of a sunken ship. By enjoying the cuisine of each destination and simultaneously visiting the city’s landmarks, tourists can cruise on the Chao Phraya River and appreciate the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river, which is one of the most popular activities.

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du lịch thái lanThưởng thức Bangkok về đêm trên du thuyền quả là một trải nghiệm thú vị bạn nhỉ!

The ethereal and enchanting scene becomes even more surreal as the two lamps on the riverbank blend with the misty fog, descending to embrace the night as the warm sunlight gradually fades into the bustling city during the day. Bangkok is truly a beautiful and vibrant city, both at night and during the day, offering a sense of awe to all its visitors. The countless high-rise buildings and residents along the river create a peaceful and rhythmic atmosphere.

Hoạt động cho cá ăn

Fishing in the river is not allowed as the Chao Phraya River is under the jurisdiction of the Royal Family. This promotes a wide range of natural organisms in the river. The Chao Phraya River is home to numerous fish species, with the majority being Tra fish and Basa fish. Tourists on both river banks also have the delightful opportunity to feed the fish with bread. According to folklore, feeding the fish bread brings about good fortune and positive experiences for tourists.

Khám phá ẩm thực

du lịch thái lanBuffet trên du thuyền ở sông Chao Phraya

Chứ Lan Thái is deeply flavorful, dense, and enjoys eating the dishes and experiencing the Phraya Chao River on the virtual night screen, immersed in exhaustion day by day after a more wonderful experience. The cruise offers the opportunity for Lan Thái to explore Bangkok’s Phraya Chao River for an extended period of time.

With a very reasonable price, guests can enjoy a variety of delicious and exotic dishes at Lan Thai, as well as a buffet on a cruise ship, which is a popular choice for tourists.

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Lạc trong những điệu múa Thái Lan

tour du lịch thái lanMúa truyền thống Thái Lan trên du thuyền sông Chao Phraya

When exploring Bangkok, embarking on a cruise is undeniably an excellent choice, as it grants visitors the opportunity to witness the elegant performances of the Thai locals firsthand, all while savoring the picturesque views and indulging in delectable cuisine. Undoubtedly, individuals who have previously witnessed Thai dances on television or online must have been utterly enthralled, finding it impossible to divert their gaze.

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