Soldier Poet King Quiz | Based on 2023 Trends | July 2023

Soldier Poet King Quiz | Based on 2023 Trends



Welcome to our fantastic quiz today! We have a fairy tale-themed quiz that will interest everyone. If you lived in a fantasy world, how do you think you would be? Would you most likely be a king, a poet, a soldier, or a quiz king? Take our quiz to find out what role destiny has in store for you.

Characters from movies and books

We have ideal representatives in books, TV series, movies, poets, kings, and soldiers who entertain us and help us identify with and understand them, cheering them on to achieve their goals.

Each of us possesses a preferred character that specifically grabs our interest. What do you believe are the most common types of characters in your favorites: soldiers, poets, or kings? This can reveal a great deal about yourselves, so examine our character illustrations and determine which ones you prefer and the role they fulfill.

  • Dandelion – a character from The Witcher world, serves as a perfect illustration of a poet. Dandelion is a captivating bard who brings laughter and creates a soothing atmosphere. Particularly when in the company of the remarkably serious Geralt, Dandelion appears to possess a great deal of optimism towards the world. He instills in us hope and confidence that our characters will find a way to overcome even the most challenging of difficulties.
  • Gimli, a perfect example of a soldier, is fearless and courageous. He was always eager to fight for the name of his people and uphold their higher values. Gimli is a character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s world, who participated in an expedition in The Lord of the Rings. He proudly carried his axe and treated his opponents as if they were in a sporting event.
  • The creators of the series Game of Thrones decided that the end of the series doesn’t matter, as this woman is the true queen. She was able to win over people and lead them with ease. Daenerys is a strong woman who has persistently pursued her goal throughout her life. This female character from the series Thrones is a perfect example of a true king – Daenerys Targaryen.
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    Are you aware of any additional remarkable instances of poets, warriors, and monarchs? Also, what about the courageous Éowin, who exemplified a fearless warrior? Various individuals, apart from Daenerys, have demonstrated that these roles can be fulfilled irrespective of gender. Have you gained a deeper comprehension of the attributes associated with the poet, the soldier, and the king through these illustrations?

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    Who would you be in a fantasy world?

    The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, or The Witcher, such as movies and books, play an important role in portraying three distinct and unique characters. You will discover your ideal profession, which is deeply rooted in ancient times, through our special personality test.


    Take a look at our examination and carefully evaluate which one is most suitable for you. Acquaint yourself with these explanations and the notable characteristics that each of them holds. What does it truly signify to be a soldier, a poet, or a king? Therefore, do not underestimate the significance if you are assigned such a role, as each of these roles holds great importance.


    Brave idealists are not afraid of sacrificing for the greater good. They would rather die than betray their high moral values. Soldiers are very organized people who always follow the set rules. If you fall into the role of a soldier, the defense and honor of your homeland become the most important values for you.

    Are you such a courageous and ambitious soldier? Soldiers are practical and do not waste time on unnecessary things. His goal is to act for the sake of good. A true soldier is always willing to help other people and defends the weak. They are very useful and hardworking individuals who make a real difference in this world. Soldiers can work in teams and are also very protective. The king is the authority of a soldier. However, they must have a guide of a soldier.

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    No one would survive in this cruel world without poets. Music and poetry are extremely valuable in finding joy and providing comfort during difficult times. Although some people may not believe this, poets are not important figures. Their role is to give encouragement through their works and to exhort soldiers to fight. Poets are great artists and dreamers.

    Soldiers and monarchs are the ones who are given the strength to work. Poets, on the other hand, are extraordinary individuals who strive to perceive beauty in everything they encounter. They create various forms of art that are inspired by the gifts and inspiration life offers. Poets possess the ability to provide comfort and support. They are always eager to please and sociable, making them adept at eliciting a positive response from others.

    Do you resonate with this description? If you see that you are sure to be getting by as a poet, quiz the King Poet Soldier. They are also the ones who enjoy the company of animals often. They are seekers of justice and truth, and they do not blindly follow the power in people.


    Sometimes, other individuals can impose their views on others. However, they sometimes feel the need to do something that is necessary and useful, and they feel empowered by it. Excellent leaders are able to attract attention and rule over people who are able to do something that is needed and useful. Are there only a few individuals who possess the specific characteristics of a king? Perhaps you are a king yourself.


    Individuals who achieve success are strong Kings. Although this rule is not desirable, it is they who are responsible and this burden is not easy at all. They are also able to inspire others by drawing attention to what is really important. Kings are strategic activists who can organize and plan. However, those with good hearts are able to listen to the voice of the people and are focused on creating a better world and helping others. They are very stubborn individuals who will do anything to achieve their goals.

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    Are you already aware of the role that is designated for you? Discover for certain if you are a soldier, a poet, or a king by participating in our Soldier Poet King quiz!

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    TikTok Viral Soldier Poet King

    The trend, which is a truly beautiful phenomenon, has truly inspired people to explore and create. Additionally, many people also create creative drawings and art based on these archetypes. The trend has caught the attention of many people, including those who enjoy personality tests and fantasy fans. People compare their favorite characters to these archetypes, just as we did in the above paragraph. This trend has gained popularity on TikTok, with a catchy folk song.


    Inspired by this unusual trend, we also created a test. So, activate the folk chant about the Soldier, the Poet, and the King and participate in our test to determine which role suits you best! Join the rest and explore your fate in the fantasy realm.

    If you want other tests based on Tiktok trends, take also What Is Your Red Flag Test or Black Cat Or Golden Retriever Test.

    I must bid you farewell. Beneath the questions, you can discover more answers. Now you can confidently take our TikTok test to learn about the characteristics of both a king and a soldier.

    Was this quiz based on the viral trend of tiktok?

    Yes, the quiz is influenced by the trend of Soldier, Poet, King.

    How many questions are in this Soldier Poet King quiz?

    This quiz contains 20 distinct questions.

    What exactly are the questions in this quiz about?

    The quiz consists of inquiries regarding your personality attributes, aspirations, and perspective towards life.

    What does it mean to be a Soldier, a Poet or a King?

    You can find thorough explanations of these prototypes in the aforementioned article.

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