Skyy Moore: A Fantasy Football Lineup Decision You Don’t Want in 2023

Immerse yourself in it! Let’s engage in the most active off-season fantasy discussions, especially after the departure of Hill Tyreek and Schuster-Smith JuJu. We are trying to figure out which receivers will step up and fill the void left by their departure. The wide receiver room of the Chiefs is ripe for fantasy football discussions.

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In the Super Bowl, he managed to score a touchdown, despite only making five catches and gaining 17 yards in three playoff games. Apart from that, his involvement was limited, even during the playoffs. One of his most memorable moments from last year was a crucial 29-yard punt return towards the end of the AFC Championship game against the Bengals, which positioned the Chiefs in mid-field and contributed to their victory. As the season went on, he began to share this responsibility with Kadarius Toney, who joined the team midway through the season. However, he had a more significant role in the return game and led the team with 14 punt returns. It felt like a freshman year for him, but Skyy Moore started three games and caught 22 passes in his debut season.

Justin Watson, who is currently on the team, was the fifth player to be active when he saw just 29% of the offensive team’s snaps. Moore’s snap counts were low throughout the entire season. It was simply a lack of production.

In 2022, the Chiefs’ wide receivers’ snap percentages were as follows: JuJu Smith-Schuster – 16 games, 765 snaps, 71% snap percentage; Marquez Valdes-Scantling – 17 games, 777 snaps, 68% snap percentage; Mecole Hardman – 8 games, 303 snaps, 53% snap percentage; Justin Watson – 17 games, 494 snaps, 43% snap percentage; Skyy Moore – 16 games, 313 snaps, 29% snap percentage; Kadarius Toney – 7 games, 109 snaps, 23% snap percentage; Ihmir Smith-Marsette – 1 game, 9 snaps, 15% snap percentage; Marcus Kemp – 2 games, 4 snaps, 2% snap percentage; Cornell Powell – 3 games, 3 snaps, 2% snap percentage.

*From our snapshot application at 4for4.

Sure, it wasn’t exactly a group of afterthoughts, but rather a crowded depth chart looking at the names involved. I held high expectations for myself, like fantasy experts had, as a rookie playmaker coming out of the University of Western Michigan. I didn’t have a good start in camp, but I managed to dazzle the experts who were not just looking at the names.

Travis Kelce is the WR1 in Kansas City

The 2022 season marked a significant improvement for wide receiver Byron Pringle and Demarcus Robinson. In the absence of Tyreek Hill, Patrick Mahomes relied on Pringle and Robinson to step up and deliver as the primary receivers. Both players showcased their skills and provided impressive numbers, establishing themselves as reliable options for Mahomes. This extended period without Hill allowed us to witness the Chiefs’ optimism for the future.

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Instead, we got a whole lot of what Mahomes and Kelce got, with Hardman and McKinnon combining for 21 touchdowns, while Mahomes threw a total of 41 touchdowns last season, leading the team with only four wide receivers.

Mahomes threw a total of 5,250 yards, which was the highest in the league, however, no wide receiver managed to surpass the 1,000-yard mark. JuJu Smith-Schuster emerged as the leading receiver with 933 yards, while Marquez Valdes-Scantling came in a distant second with 687 yards. On the other hand, Kelce finished the season with an impressive 1,338 yards on 110 receptions.

In the 2022 season, the wide receiver for the Chiefs had an impressive performance. With a total of 13 receptions, 2653 receiving yards, and 196 yards after the catch, he proved to be a valuable asset to the team. Additionally, he scored a total of 2 touchdowns, averaging 12.2 yards per reception. Toney Kadarius also had a notable performance, with 14 receptions, 17 targets, and 7 touchdowns. Watson Justin showcased his skills with 2 receptions, averaging 11.4 yards per catch. Moore Skyy contributed with 4 receptions, averaging 11.9 yards per catch. Hardman Mecole had an impressive season, with 2 receptions averaging 16.4 yards per catch. Valdes-Scantling Marquez had 3 receptions, totaling 78 yards and 101 yards after the catch. Lastly, Smith-Schuster JuJu showcased his abilities with a touchdown, averaging yards per

*Data extracted from Pro Football Reference.

Travis Kelce is the solution when inquiring about the WR1 position in Kansas City. The TE2 (T.J. Hockenson) would have ranked as the WR20, whereas he would have ranked as the WR5 in half-PPR fantasy points last year. With Mahomes at quarterback, Kelce has maintained an average of 9.4 touchdowns annually and has achieved seven consecutive seasons of surpassing 1,000 receiving yards.

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Instead of the rise of a single top-notch receiver, the task of filling those gaps will rely on a combination of contributions, as indicated by the data from the previous season. It might be unjust to expect another player to take on Hill’s high-octane role, but it is significant that he managed to excel as a formidable fantasy asset (WR2) during his initial year in Miami, having previously played for the Chiefs.

Opportunity Cost

Moore Skyy has a great opportunity. He is a second-round rookie, giving him a leg up in the system. Now, it’s a full year and he’s stepping up to fill the opening left by someone. In free agency, they targeted Hardman and Smith-Schuster Mecole and combined, they took 135 targets with them. It could be very beneficial for Moore. He looks like he’s worked really hard this offseason, just like Mahomes per NBC Sports’ Myles Simmons. Andy Reid is already optimistic and buzz is surrounding Moore, saying he “worked really hard this offseason.” Plus, Moore sounded confident at a press conference a couple of weeks ago.

In his Round 2 simulated draft in 2022, our very own Anthony Staggs expressed the following about him: I compared his style of play to that of Steve Smith Sr. It is evident why he was chosen as a second-round pick just last year. Moore also possesses significant skill.

Moore looks like a bulldog, pushing for extra yardage, as evident in the competitive nature of the film on the largest group of receivers he had at hand.

The problem with Kadarius Toney and Moore is that even without mentioning guys like Watson, Justin, and Ross Justyn, you would want all of them, even Richie James, who had 57 receptions for the Giants last season, ranked second among wide receivers in Kansas City with 569 yards.

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Until a consistent number of opportunities are given with a deserved starting position and we witness an increase in those playing times, it remains mere conjecture. Nonetheless, in 2022, Moore encountered difficulties in rising within a lineup that was just as uncertain. We wouldn’t have to concern ourselves with the multitude of individuals listed on the Kansas City receiving depth chart, and we would hope that Moore’s exceptional talent would ultimately triumph. Although offseason excitement is certainly appreciated.

Trying to set their wide receiver lineups for fantasy managers can be maddening, but the Kansas City Chiefs may continue to use their running backs in the passing game and emphasize Travis Kelce to spread the ball around. The team is likely to continue this strategy in order to have another phenomenal season for Mahomes. It is worth the minimal risk to expect him to be a contributor every week, despite drafting him as a 14th-round pick in 12-team leagues. According to our multi-site ADP tool, Moore costs mere capital to obtain, making him a valuable asset.

In other areas, it might be best to reconsider the diversified rostering strategy. All players, including ADP, are affordable and have had good weeks in the game. It is a guessing game to try and determine which players, such as James Richie, Valdes-Scantling, Watson Rice, Toney, and Moore, are going to perform well. However, it is nearly impossible to predict.

Bottom Line

  • The Chiefs distributed the ball among their wide receivers in the absence of Tyreek Hill’s exceptional skill.
  • Patrick Mahomes will continue to prioritize Travis Kelce as the primary target in this offensive strategy.
  • The Kansas City group of receivers is commonly referred to by another name, but it is possible that Moore Skyy could be a ticket lottery winner, known as WR64.
  • The wide receivers of the Chiefs should be seen as late-round best ball targets, instead of viable redraft options.
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