Skating colleagues remember Sergei Grinkov, 25 years after his death

A mere five days before the scheduled opening of the Stars on Ice tour on November 20, 1995, Sergei Grinkov, who was 28 years old, tragically passed away due to a heart attack while rehearsing with his wife and partner, Ekaterina “Katia” Gordeeva, in Lake Placid, New York. Grinkov, a two-time Olympic pairs champion, will be dearly missed.

Twenty five years have gone by, and it is still difficult for Grinkov’s colleagues and friends to discuss his demise.

“Byron Allen, the producer of Ice on Stars, said, ‘Sergei and Katia posted a tribute on Facebook five years ago because it was important to them as it is the most viewed social media platform for their fans. We wanted to talk about it again, but I don’t want you to put yourself through it, even though you got the desire.'”

Scott Hamilton, the 1984 Olympic champion, expressed, “It feels as if it happened just yesterday and as if it occurred a century ago.” “So immense have our lives transformed… I mentioned during that time, it’s a matter that I don’t believe I’ll ever accept or overcome. Even now, that remains factual.”

Paul Wylie, the silver medalist in the 1992 Olympics, recalls the effect Grinkov’s death had on his personal life.

He expressed, “I was somewhat overwhelmed by the presence of death, the potential for death at that point in your life.” “It compelled me to strive for the utmost in everything. During that period, I contemplated pursuing a professional career in skateboarding or returning to pursue a higher education.”

Wylie continued entertaining for several additional years before matriculating at Harvard Business School, obtaining his MBA in 2000.

He said, “And I have never regretted the choice.” “I recall pondering, ‘is this the right path for you, in this particular moment [Performing].’ … In a sense, Sergei guided me towards it.”

In the latter part of 1990, Gordeeva and Grinkov, who acted as representatives of the Soviet Union, transitioned into the professional realm after achieving victory in four international championships (1986, 1987, 1989, 1990) and securing the gold medal in the 1988 Olympics. While competing on behalf of Russia, the pair managed to secure a second Olympic championship for the 1993-1994 season upon reclaiming their eligibility for the prestigious event.

During the winter months, professional skaters made their marks in several televised competitions, as the Ice Stars tour stretched over three to four months and visited over 60 cities in the U.S.

People came out to celebrate life with us, to grieve with us, and to support us. It became something remarkable. It took on a greater identity, not just as a human thing, but as an entity of entertainment. They came to be members of our family; it was more about seeing great skating than just coming to see people. Hamilton recalled it wistfully.

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In 1986, Hamilton co-founded Ice on Stars with IMG, which was a remarkable revelation. Hamilton and Grinkov and Gordeeva, who were trained and raised in the Soviet Union, captivated American audiences with their stunning skating abilities and, of course, their love for each other.

He stated, “they were incredibly youthful and exceedingly enthusiastic about establishing a career and readily fulfilling any requests we made of them upon joining SOI.” “The tour experienced a significant transformation by having a greater number of Olympic qualifications featured prominently, which led to their continuous improvement as professionals.”

Hamilton added, “The quality they brought was exceptional. They were Olympic champions, and Katia was like Nadia [Comăneci] from the 1988 Games. She was very young (16) and not just beautiful, but also incredibly adorable. She captivated a lot of people. At that time, the Soviet Union was a mystery to many, which made it truly fascinating.”

When asked what made the pair so special, colleagues cited not only the personal story of the couple, but also their unmatched skating skills. Daria, their daughter, was born in 1992, and in 1991, they got married and started skating together as youngsters.

Hamilton said, “The skating was light and beautiful, with no heaviness. They were meshed together in some way, and she always seemed to be floating above the ice. It didn’t sound like it was making any noise over the ice. He skated effortlessly with this power, but he was a very big and strong man, weighing about 175 pounds and standing at 6 feet. However, he had great feet and a distinguished look, just like Sergei.”


Grinkov passed away when they were at Placid Lake, and for many years, Petrov and She performed with Ice on Stars. Grinkov and Gordeeva previously competed against each other as skating partners, and they grew up in the Soviet Union. Denis Petrov, along with Elena Bechke, won the silver Olympic medal in 1992.

Currently coaching in the Raleigh, North Carolina region, Bechke is very straightforward about how the couple measures up to present-day pairs.

She stated, “Nobody is as proficient as they used to be.” “Impeccable and spotless and comprehensible and straightforward was their ice-skating. ‘What are they attempting to accomplish?’ You didn’t need to stay there and strain your brain and contemplate. Monochrome – ‘We are present, we are immaculate and stunning’ – it felt like. ‘Oh, I’m going to execute this lift in an inverted manner, with one leg in this stance, or this or that.’ Nowadays, everyone is endeavoring to surpass one another. Just pursuing points, it’s not even aesthetically pleasing, some of it appears unimpressive.”

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She attempts to instill in her students a strong foundation of basic skating skills as well as attributes that are rooted in the greatness of Grinkov and Gordeeva’s ballet training, with teachers from Ballet Bolshoi Moscow.

Bechke said, “however, their ability to skate is limited, although they are capable of performing tricks unlike some individuals nowadays.” It is a skill that requires a significant amount of practice and training if one naturally lacks the ability to skate. They moved gracefully, resembling feathers floating through the air. If you observe their performances on YouTube, particularly the ones featuring skaters like Grinkov and Gordeeva, you will notice their impressive skills. Despite not being proficient in skating, they managed to create breathtaking routines through their synchronized movements.

Marina Zoueva, the pair’s coach and choreographer for a long time, agrees with Hamilton and Bechke’s statements.

She expressed, “They were exceptionally weightless, similar to (the three-time world champion) Patrick Chan.” “That is the contrast. (Chan) glides like a plume, effortlessly maneuvering across the ice. It’s the identical skill that Katia and Sergei possessed. They possessed an inherent sense of rhythm; that’s why their pair elements were flawless. They had an innate synchrony… I witnessed this, and I accentuated this in the choreography I created for them: the buoyancy, the bond, their gaze towards one another, the elegance of their body movements.”

Zoueva orchestrated the commencement and finale performances of the exclusive event, “Celebration of a Life,” in Hartford, Connecticut, on Feb. 27, 1996. During this occasion, Grinkov’s peers from Stars on Ice and IMG paid tribute to the skater after his passing.

Wylie expressed, “That evening, we made the decision to put on a performance.” In the absence of Sergei, contemplating life without him and Daria, the most sorrowful aspect to ponder was Katia. It was a difficult period. Throughout the remainder of the night, on the day Sergei passed away, we all gathered at The Cottage, a small tavern by the lake, a memory I can still recall.

Allen exclaimed, “It turned out to be a valuable support for Daria and her academic pursuits.” “Furthermore, it turned into a remarkable evening. CBS aired the event, during which various skaters, who were not part of SOI, made appearances, making it an extraordinary spectacle.”

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Her professional future and earning potential in 1995 were uncertain. She had enjoyed a long career performing as a skater, and in 1996, after the death of her husband Sergei Grinkov at the young age of 24, she wrote a bestseller called “My Sergei” with E.M. Swift. Her singles skating programs were choreographed by Zoueva to Tchaikovsky’s “Adagietto” and “Strings for Serenade,” which marked a celebration of her life.

Zoueva stated, “Katia’s life during that time was filled with challenges.” “Throughout her individual skating career, I tirelessly supported her following Sergei’s passing and witnessed her relentless battle with life,” she remarked. “She displayed the qualities of a true fighter.”

The enchantment, and away, the enchantment Gordeeva and Grinkov created, recalling his brief existence and the man Hamilton referred to as “a kind-hearted titan,” still resonate with them when they think about the period they spent with Grinkov’s peers.

Hamilton said, “There was always a smile on his face, as they competed with each other, having fun during the rehearsal period at Placid Lake. They were in a beautiful place. He worked hard and was very humble. He got the joke and worked hard. He was very humble. Life was full. Daria was three years old, and she was full of beautiful fun. It was sweet to see how their relationship truly blossomed.”

Zoueva stated, “The entirety of Katia and Sergei constituted a tale of love.” They commenced their skating partnership when they were approximately 11 and 14 years old. Initially, they shared a close bond akin to that of siblings, but eventually, they developed romantic feelings for each other, got married, and became parents. Their love story consistently remained at the forefront… Sergei exuded immense happiness. He was always jovial, surrounded by numerous friends, enjoyed skating and performing, cherished Katia, and adored his daughter. Love permeated every aspect of their lives.

Wylie frequently goes to the stadium where Gordeeva and Grinkov used to skate together. As the current sport director for Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) in Lake Placid, he reflects on his deceased companion daily.

Wylie expressed, “It was one of those instances where your life completely transforms. Sergei tumbled,’ Elena Bechke rushed over and exclaimed, ‘Oh my goodness”. And every time I position myself where the Zamboni enters, I recollect that. I reflect upon that particular moment. Whenever I visit the USA rink, I proceed to the blue line located to the right of the entrance. Wylie mentioned, “There exists a memorial plaque displaying numerous images of Katia and Sergei that is situated near my office, serving as a constant reminder of Sergei.”

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