Shrek 39yo| 8.0ft | 450lbs

  • In feet inches: 8 feet.

  • 3. Shrek Weight

  • In terms of weight: 204 kg.

  • In pounds: 450 pounds.

  • 4. Eye and Hair color

  • Eye color: Pale brown.

  • Hair color: Hairless.

  • Skin: Emerald.

  • II. Shrek Biography

    Actual name: Sir Shrek.

    Nickname: Shrek.

    Occupation: Son, Brother, Knight (briefly), Prince and Regent of Far Far Away (previously).

    Sir Shrek, an imaginary figure crafted by American writer William Steig, is the protagonist of a musical, a collection of movies made by DreamWorks Animation, and a book with an identical title.

    Initially, Chris Farley portrayed the character of Shrek in the films, but after the actor passed away in 1997, Mike Myers was selected to assume the role. Mainly, Brian D’Arcy James depicted Shrek throughout the musical. In the forthcoming animated short “An Ogre-ous Adventure,” John Wicklund will portray Shrek.

    Princess Fiona, the only child of the late King Harold and Queen Lillian, wed Artie, King Harold’s nephew and the ruler of the kingdom of Far, Far Away, before encountering Donkey and various individuals during her journey, which transformed her life. Previously, as an ogre, she resided in isolation and seclusion.

    III. Shrek Personal Life

  • Birth Date: Not available.

  • Place of Birth: Wetland, Very far away.

  • Astrological Sign: Not applicable.

  • Nationality: N/A.

  • Hometown: Swamp.

  • Religion: N/A.

  • Ethnicity: Scottish dialect.

  • Interests: Frightening individuals, indulging in mud baths, and emitting gas.

  • Despite opposition, they adhered to Ogre traditions. A memory that may have contributed to his fear of fatherhood and his own trauma is the barbecue sauce incident, where his father forced him to sleep with an apple in his mouth, as reported. Shrek was born to unnamed parents and lived with them before being sent away on his seventh birthday, thirty years before he saved Fiona.

    Despite his hideous and threatening appearance as viewed by others, Shrek was not a violent ogre. He occasionally worked with wood. He took pleasure in living his own life at home, where he would fart and produce offensive breath in his swimming pool, and brush his teeth with bug paste to make them even nastier. He enjoyed taking baths in mud. Although he never actually hurt anyone, he found enjoyment in frightening people. He seemed to initially enjoy his privacy. Shrek lived alone in a swamp in the middle of the forest.

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    IV. Shrek Family

  • Father Name: monster.

  • Mother Name: monster.

  • Sister’s name: N/A.

  • Spouse: Princess Fiona.

  • V. Princess Fiona – Shrek’s Wife

    Relationship Status: Married.


  • Human Form.

  • In units of centimeters: 170 cm.

    Measurement in meters: 1.7 meters.

    In terms of height, it is 5 feet and 7 inches.

  • Ogre Form.

  • Measured in centimeters: 193 cm.

    Measured in meters: 1.93 meters.

    In terms of height, it is 6 feet 4 inches.


  • In terms of weight: 57 kg.

  • In pounds: 125 pounds.

  • Fiona was born in the realm of Far, Far Away as the sole offspring of King Harold and Queen Lillian. She is the progeny of King Harold and Queen Lillian, the spouse of Shrek, and the parent of the Ogres trio. Fiona serves as the primary female character and the central figure in the Shrek franchise.

    VI. Shrek Personality

    Before meeting Fiona and Donkey, Shrek led a solitary existence, fearing social situations and avoiding others because he was feared by them. As he works to reclaim his swamp and save Fiona, he gradually starts opening up to his friends and shares his insecurities about how they view him when Fiona gets married to Lord Farquaad. He realizes his feelings for her and confesses his love, fiercely guarding his allies and taking whatever support they offer.

    Due to his loving and devoted nature, Father can be the one who demonstrates fearlessness and conquers it, as shown by the end of the third Shrek movie. Shrek’s idea of having children and his marriage to Fiona, as well as his upbringing as an ogre, would have utterly terrified him.

    Upon his arrival back at his residence, Shrek developed a newfound admiration for his kin. He was taken aback to realize that he had returned to the exact moment when he was on the verge of becoming angry after fulfilling the “exit clause” of the agreement. He felt disheartened when she disclosed that she was unfamiliar with him, but when he coincidentally encountered Fiona again in an alternate dimension, he initially felt an overwhelming sense of joy. Being aware that his error would result in him never seeing his family again, he shed tears of regret and shame when he later comprehended the magnitude of his actions. Unbeknownst to him, Shrek signed a contract with Rumpel Stiltskin’s Ogre for a day, due to a series of mishaps at his children’s inaugural birthday celebration that further damaged his self-esteem. Shrek became so overwhelmed with pressure that he lost control and went as far as destroying the birthday cake and unleashing his anger on Fiona. These actions, combined with his deep sense of despair, led him to behave recklessly and thoughtlessly. Despite achieving fame and embracing family life, Shrek was depicted in Shrek Forever After as yearning for his past as a genuine ogre and longing for the days gone by.

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    VII. Shrek’s Strength

  • In the first Shrek film, it was seen that Shrek attempted to overwhelm Lord Farquaad’s knights by fighting them. At the wedding in Duloc, Shrek temporarily stopped the Dragon by grabbing her tail, which was one of his greatest achievements. He easily broke through a sizable rock and a wooden door, throwing a rag doll-like him. He also demonstrated his extraordinary physical strength by lifting Fiona and Donkey, both fully armored knights, above his head. Shrek, as an ogre, possesses superhuman strength that far exceeds that of normal people.

  • Shrek, an ogre, was able to walk for miles without getting tired, thanks to his superhuman durability. He survived being shot with an arrow in his buttocks and being burned alive by a dragon.

  • Shrek’s combat technique has been likened to Krav Maga and Irish Street Fighting. He is often able to defend himself against multiple adversaries simultaneously and possesses expertise in close-quarters combat, which sets him apart from Fiona, who has never received any formal training in martial arts.

  • Shrek, a specialist survivalist, has spent most of his life in the middle of a swamp, where he developed the skill of subsisting off the land. He is a skilled chef, forager, and hunter, and he makes impromptu dishes using ingredients like rat weed. Later, his family and him help to create his signature dishes.

  • Upon discovering Gingerbread Man near Far Far Away Castle, Shrek exhibits exceptional astuteness and wit, ensnaring Dragon with a fractured sword and chains, while also devising the concept for Mongo. A skilled strategist, he displays his expertise on various occasions.

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  • Storytelling: Throwback and Bloodnut the Flatulent are just two examples of the fairy tales and ogre legends that Shrek is well-versed in.

  • Shrek becomes extremely irritated or loses his temper when some people are blown backwards by a force that has the capacity to roar, a powerful roar.

  • Lightning: In the initial version of the novel, Shrek managed to consume a whole flash of lightning.

  • Heat Vision: In the book, when Shrek frightened a random villager, he used his heat vision to warm up his cold meal.

  • VIII. Facts about Shrek

  • All Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, and Robin Williams were taken into consideration before Mike Myers secured the role. For some unknown reason, Steven Spielberg, who had bought the voiceover rights of Bill Murray in 1991, later decided to relinquish them. According to Tom’s estimation, the project had been 80% to 90% completed by Chris Farley before he tragically passed away in December 1997. Originally, Chris Farley was supposed to voice Shrek.

  • Respectively, when the different personalities of Donkey, Po, and Shrek take on the role of Monkey, they exhibit it with the starving Warrior Dragon of Po and the member of Furious Five, Monkey. In a brief cameo from Shrek, the Snickers ads feature a commercial that parodies 3 Kung Fu Panda.

  • In every scene of Monsters vs. Aliens, Shrek, who possesses General Monger’s medal of honor on his right chest, is prominently showcased.

  • Thelonious had only been kicked once, however, he is the second individual who has experienced a kick to the groin onscreen. No other character has endured a groin kick as frequently as him, with a total of four times fewer occurrences. Additionally, Shrek is one of just two characters who has also been subjected to a groin kick.

  • The famous actor and comedian Bussunda lent his voice for the first two films in the Brazilian Portuguese adaptation.

  • The German term Schreck, which signifies “fright” or “terror,” is the source of the name “Shrek.”

  • Due to scheduling conflicts, Mike Myers couldn’t lend his voice to the team, so the scene where Shrek was supposed to appear as one of the Collectors in Guardians of the Galaxy was abandoned.

  • Fiona and Donkey, along with Shrek, now feature several additional characters from various other Dreamworks films, including the new Dreamworks theatrical introduction.

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