Sherwin Williams Olympus White: SW 6253 BEST Review + Pics!

I’m Today, I’ve covered a large selection of colors, including moody blues, cool grays, and various other neutral shades in this Sherwin Williams paint color series. The spotlight is shining on White Olympus (SW 6253), which is a stunning light gray with a hint of blue.

Continue reading if you are searching for a fresh neutral shade with a touch of color to add some character. I am certain that after discovering all the particulars, you will contemplate utilizing Sherwin Williams Olympus White in your upcoming renovation!

Sherwin Williams Olympus White SW 6253 paint swatch on a wood tray with wood paintbrush

Sherwin Williams Olympus White Undertones

Due to the process of blending colors in differing amounts to create a new color, every single shade of paint has undertones.

Knowing what colors are likely to be helpful in effectively displaying a look that will enhance your decor and home, you can choose a shade of paint that will give an incredible appearance.

That’s why I recommend using strong paint swatches to search for new paint colors, potentially saving you hours of time and hundreds of dollars in frustration.

Let’s discover the subtle implications of SW Olympus White. This hue is part of the grey color range, yet it showcases noticeable and prominent blue nuances.

The fact is that under certain circumstances, blue light can strongly come through, even though you might think that the light you painted is a light shade of grey instead of blue.

Occasionally, its azure aspect can emerge quite persuasively. However, Olympus White is typically a light, neutral shade of gray.

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They rarely look almost the same in two different places at two different times of the day, which means that they have a little bit of a chameleon-like quality, thanks to the influence of decor and lighting. All paint colors have all paint colors.

In your household, your preferred hues manifest in a manner that alters the illumination and encompassing furnishings. Assist yourself in obtaining a vivid understanding of this phenomenon by utilizing paint samples.

Can my favorite type of stick and peel samples be easily moved around to different locations in a room to test out the color without actually painting it on your own wall?

How Different Types Of Lighting Affect SW Olympus White

In various lighting situations, you can anticipate a significant difference in the appearance of Olympus White, as shades with bold undertones can create a subtle yet noticeable variation.

Sherwin Williams Olympus White SW 6253 paint chip card on a slate background with wood paintbrush

Great Coordinating Colors for Olympus White

This shade often behaves in a very neutral way and has strong blue undertones, even though it pairs well with many darker shades.

LRV of Sherwin Williams Olympus White (SW 6253)

Assessing paint colors for a specific purpose can be briefly summarized as follows. Examining paint involves a lot of subjective interpretation, as the perception of shades can be influenced by how they interact with their surroundings and how they change.

The LRV (Light Reflectance Value) is a number assigned to each paint color based on how much light it reflects. A higher number on the scale, means the color reflects more light, while a lower number means it reflects less light, resulting in a darker color.

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of SW Olympus White is 68.

Light natural low with rooms in dark too appearing without color offers means which range “light” the in firmly is White Olympus.

paint swatch comparison of Sherwin Williams Olympus White SW 6253 versus Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Olympus White Compared to Other Colors

When comparing popular shades, such as White Olympus and Williams Sherwin, it is reliable to determine how they affect undertones by comparing them against each other and looking at how they appear in different lighting conditions.

Sherwin Williams Olympus White vs. Agreeable Gray

Olympus White appears brighter and warmer compared to brown, giving it a beige undertone that leans towards the lighter side of greige. It has a slightly darker shade, sitting at a value of 60, with a lower Light Reflectance Value (LRV) than Agreeable Gray SW.

Sherwin Williams Olympus White vs. Reflection

Sherwin Williams’ Reflection has an LRV of 66, which makes it nearly identical in level to Olympus White. Reflection is often read as more of a gray neutral, but it also tends to have undertones of blue with a hint of purple peeking through.

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paint swatch comparison of Sherwin Williams Olympus White SW 6253 versus Sherwin Williams Passive

Sherwin Williams Olympus White vs. Passive

In specific lighting conditions, Passive may appear frosty and occasionally even slightly violet unlike Olympus White. It possesses blue undertones and also tends to lean towards the cooler end of the color spectrum, although it is of a darker shade. Passive is noticeably more shaded than Olympus White, having a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 60.

17 Real Life Homes Using Sherwin Williams Olympus White

Let’s try using various decorations and ambient lighting in different homes to create a sparkling and radiant effect. White Olympus by Sherwin Williams can show us how to beautifully decorate and illuminate spaces without overwhelming them with excessive information.

Here are 17 actual residences that utilize Sherwin Williams Olympus White paint.

Living Rooms Painted SW Olympus White

Here’s a quick note to consider when picking the right paint finish – we have the right to get depth of explanation about the color, so don’t forget about it!

1. A Cozy Gray Paint Color

Restyle from Wright, this example creates a cozy space in a low-lit room, striking an ideal balance between too little color and too much shade with the white shade of Olympus.

grid with 12 rooms painted with Sherwin Williams Olympus White SW 6253: "17 Homes Painted Sherwin Williams Olympus White"

2. Leans Cool with Blue Accents

The combination here is a perfect match, and this shade complements blues beautifully. Waldron Designs decided to have some fun by using Olympus White on the walls and a deeper gray-blue on the ceiling.

3. Subtle Gray in Natural Light

If you desire a Krypton hue that has a different color, such as a bold blue with undertones of gray, it may fit better. This room highlights the nuanced yet soft and beautiful qualities of this hue, as featured by Decor and Delish.

4. Great Neutral for Any Decor Style

Observe the way the vibrant and cozy illumination in this living area from @comfortandgracehomedesign brings out the grey tones in this paint.

You can see some blue undertones peeking through on the left side of the picture, where the paint is in a shade of blue and there is a nearby blue throw blanket, creating contrast.

Olympus White Bedrooms

Fine paint is suitable for smooth surfaces and low-traffic bedrooms in general. Satin or eggshell finishes are preferable if you prefer easier cleaning and a slightly shiny appearance.

5. Pairs Well with Bright Whites

This bedroom, called Decor and Delish, creates a serene space with a subtle touch of soft and gentle blue light.

6. A Cool Gray in this Master Suite

I love gray, and I love blue, and I think combining them into one light, neutral color is a recipe for relaxation!

The design of Kin One’s bedroom shows that it doesn’t need to be a cave in order to be a peaceful retreat from the stress of the world.

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7. Warmer in the Shadows

This room reads as beautiful and harmonious with the combination of Ivory and Linen. When shadows fall upon it, the atmosphere feels cool and refreshing, all thanks to the influence of the cool-toned White Olympus SW, which leans towards a subtle blue hue.

8. Light and Airy Gray Bedroom

I previously mentioned that this shade is sufficiently light that it can fade away in intense illumination.

In this bright room, you can expect an ideal example of how light from the white Olympus Speaks Whit bedroom contrasts with enough saturation to still be read.

9. Blue Undertones in this Neutral Nursery

Forget about green or yellow, blue, or pink as the perfect neutral color for Meghan Mosakowski’s nursery. Instead, provide a serene space with cool gray lighting.

10. Bright Light Gray Bedroom

The bedroom truly embodies the aesthetic and Olympus White is living up to its “white” name, as an abundance of natural light streams in through the numerous windows.

In this traditional bedroom, for a lovely, sophisticated, and restful look, you can see those blue notes pulling through just a bit.

Kitchen and Dining Spaces Featuring Olympus White

For high gloss or semi-gloss, consider durable finishes that provide a beautiful shine when considering cabinets. For walls, the most durable finish choices are satin or eggshell, especially for kitchens.

11. Goes Well with Wood Tones

Various shades, such as those resembling wood, complement a wide range of colors. In Between Chaos serves as a neutral shade, which pairs harmoniously with Olympus White, despite having subtle hints of blue.

12. Great Neutral Backdrop for Bright Decor

In this instance from Restyle it Wright, this tone appears as the perfect beautiful light grey that many individuals desire.

In the dim lighting, it’s bright enough to remain illuminated, but it possesses just the right amount of intensity to stand out against the white trim and doors.

13. Almost White in Artificial Light

White Olympus was a very nice choice for this space because the Design Dreambook can gracefully span a range from very dark to very light, providing shade.

14. Coordinates Well with Blue Cabinetry

In this basement kitchenette/bar with the lovely smoky blue-gray cabinetry, Olympus White SW 6253 is a great choice for the wall color.

It contains a small amount of complementary hue but does not overpower. It serves as an excellent supporting element in this area.

Bathrooms in SW Olympus White

Why will we tell you about the perfect sheen for bathrooms, either satin or eggshell finish? Don’t forget to finish the sentence!

15. Coastal Vibes with Blue Gray Paneling

If you are working with coastal decor, you might find sand-colored shades with good pairs and neutral, understated elegance to be fitting for the White Olympus Tools with Rules Breaking.

16. Appears Blue Against Truer Grays

If you try to pair White Olympus by Sherwin Williams with more neutral grays, you’ll see a strong incorporation of blue in the decor, giving it a Southern Thing vibe.

Olympus White Laundry Rooms

17. Best Gray for a Clean Look

This laundry room from Gatlin’s Blog is a perfect example. When the lighting is ideal, it can provide a very neutral and clean backdrop, making it the perfect setting for artificial light.

Any home renovation project becomes a strong contender due to its enduring quality and a touch of individuality. Sherwin Williams Olympus White, a breathtaking shade of gray with a hint of coolness and a subtle blue undertone, enhances the beauty of almost every room in the house. If you have a fondness for shades of gray, you should definitely consider this one. In conclusion, this paint color exudes timeless elegance and adds a special charm to any space.

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