She Played ‘Claire’ On The Big Bang Theory. See Alessandra Torresani Now At 35.

Alessandra Torresani, professionally known as Olivia Torreson, is an American actress best known for her role in the science fiction sitcom Caprica and the series Theory Bang Big.

She was born on May 29th, 1987, in Palo Alto, California. Her father, Sylvester James Toreson, ran a tech startup while her mother, Marcia Glow, worked as the chief executive officer.

Up until now, Alessandra maintains that she has no connection with her father, and her parents ended their marriage when she was 16 years old.

At nine years old, she earned a Black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. From the age of two, Alessandra pursued dancing and singing before embarking on her television career.

Early Career

Alessandra Torresani - Kablam

Alessandra Torresani made her television debut as the host of “WB Kids’ Club” on KBWB affiliate WB in San Francisco when she was 8 years old.

His first credited role would be in the 1997 “Brothers Tiki” titled short puppetry and live-action segment, within the anthology television series KaBlam.

In 1998, she made an appearance in an episode of the series ER titled “You on Stuck”, in which she would lead a one-off role in a different series.

alessandra torresani malcom in the middle

She would have small roles in popular television series like Even Stevens (2000), Malcolm in the Middle (2001, 2003), and Grounded for Life (2004).

In subsequent appearances, Mae Whitman would take over the role, while also portraying the initial version of the character Ann Veal in the comedic television series Arrested Development (2004). Additionally, she would have a leading role in the Disney Channel film Going to the Mat in the same year.

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Acting Career


alessandra torresani caprica

In 2000s, D. Ronald Moore produced The Battlestar Galactica, which was a prequel to the re-imagined show. One of Alessandra’s most notable roles would be in the Sci-Fi series Caprica, which aired in 2009.

Alessandra would play the character of Graystone Zoe, who would help create the first Cyclons in the modern continuity of the franchise. The series would only run for season 1, but it left a lasting impression on fans.

American Horror Story

alessandra torresani - american horror story

In 2011, “Murder House” was subsequently titled as the inaugural season of American Horror Story, consisting of two episodes, wherein Alessandra made a short yet unforgettable cameo.

In the episodes “Piggy Piggy” and “Halloween: Part 2,” the ghost and her student Stephanie Boggs would play a major role. Her character would be the victim of a mass shooting led by the main character in 1994. In 2011, she would come back for revenge in the series.

The Big Bang Theory

Alessandra Torresani - The Big Bang Theory

Alessandra, known to fans of The Big Bang Theory for her role as Claire from 2016 to 2017, was introduced in Season 9, Episode 9 as Meemaw, a bartender and aspiring screenwriter who overhears Howard and Raj debating the merits of frozen materialization.

Alessandra Torresani is set to make appearances in five episodes of the show. Her character will engage in playful banter and eventually enter into a romantic relationship with Raj Koothrappali for a few episodes.

Alessandra Torresani - The Big Bang Theory

Claire is a perfect fit for Raj. I couldn’t stand Emily. I adored Claire; she was like a devoted fan. Many fans of the show say Claire is a better fit for Raj than Emily, and she wanted to be a regular on the series.

alessandra torresani now


In 2021, Alessandra Torresani starred in the movie Women Is Losers and portrayed the role of Duela Dent in Batwoman in 2020, while continuing her career in acting.

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Alessandra Torresani - podcast


As part of her journey in coming to terms with her bipolar disorder, Alessandra Torresani also launched a podcast called “Emotional Support with Torresani Alessandra,” where she discusses various topics related to mental health.

I would like to invite you to join me once a week to get to know someone on a deeper level before you. Distance is created between real moments of human interaction every day. In this age and day, a real connection is so important, as she writes on the “website”.

She will also distribute fresh installments to supporters in order to promote consciousness about mental well-being.


Like many well-known individuals, she has also created a presence on Cameo where fans can purchase personalized videos in which she delivers messages.

Bipolar Diagnosis

alessandra torresani now

Alessandra Torresani did not receive a correct diagnosis of bipolar 1 disorder until she turned 22 years old.

There was no pattern or logic, and she would be hitting her head against the window in one moment, and in the next moment, she would be cheerful and smiling. These were not the typical tantrums that children commonly experience, and she claims that these tantrums would arise unexpectedly. She began displaying symptoms at a young age, approximately two or three years old, as she discusses on a podcast.

She says that she ended up getting hypnotherapy around the age of five, which saved her life. She started experiencing symptoms and came back when she was misdiagnosed and depressed, around the ages of 14 and 15.

I was 21, 22 years old until I was properly diagnosed, so I didn’t get it. Her bipolar disorder, which caused lower lows and higher highs, led them to put her on antidepressants.

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The symptoms caught the attention of her acupuncturist, who informed her that she could potentially have bipolar disorder. As a result, she decided to consult a psychiatrist, who accurately diagnosed her condition.

Alessandra says she is prescribed Lamicatal, a medicine that helps her handle and improve the quality of her life, while also balancing the chemicals in her brain.

Bipolar disorder can be treated with medication. A disorder such as bipolar can be highly disruptive to a person’s quality of life. Bipolar disorder can result in sudden manic episodes that can last for at least a week and be extremely severe.


alessandra torresani husband sturgis adams

Sturgis Adams, a performer and filmmaker, is presently wedded to Alessandra Torresani. They encountered each other at a Halloween gathering, where she was costumed as Leeloo from The Fifth Element and he was dressed as a devilish infant.

Alessandra Torresani Leeloo Fifth Element

Before they met Alessandra, she had problems dating men due to the fact that she was perceived as being mentally unstable and bipolar.

When she met Sturgis, she told him right off the bat that she suffered from bipolar disorder, and he responded by being very understanding and non-judgmental.

They tied the knot on the 4th of July in 2020. Sturgis wooed Alessandra for 8 months prior to progressing in their romantic involvement.

The photos shared on Alessandra Torresani’s social media made their relationship known to the public.

Sturgis Adams, currently a chief officer and creative chief at Ocavu’s metaverse, is celebrated for his work as a producer, but he has also worked as an actor, according to his LinkedIn profile.


Alessandra Torresani baby

On June 20, 2022, Alessandra Torresani and Sturgis Adams welcomed their newborn daughter, Lady Francis, who graced the pages of People magazine with a charming photograph.

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