Shark attack survivor recalls scary encounter, now 3 attacks this month in Florida Keys

Similar to any other summer day, Kevin Blanco, a 20-year-old, headed to a customary spear-fishing location accompanied by two companions on the previous Thursday. He is a passionate angler.

“We must urgently remove it. This fish is trapped,” Blanco shared from his hospital bed. “Furthermore, the fish became entangled in the rocks, so I aimed and shot it, and I witnessed a fish from my dreams,” I resurfaced and informed my friends.

In an attempt to recover the fish, Blanco employed the buddy system with companions to descend 70 feet, being aware that the blood might lure a shark.

That’s when the unimaginable occurred.

Blanco reveals, “my left exterior limb, nipped me in the limb twice, the shark unexpectedly attacked me when I released the boulder to resurface.”

His companions on the boat brought him to the surface, assisting him in swimming and saving him from suffocation. Blanco, who is thought to be a bull shark, was injured.

While one person dialed 911, another person quickly created a tourniquet that played a crucial role in saving Blanco’s life.

“If it weren’t for him, it would’ve been terrible,” Blanco said.

According to deputies, a 35-year-old man in Key Summerland was reportedly attacked by a shark while fishing on the dock. The incident occurred less than 48 hours after Blanco’s previous attack, in which he was bitten by a shark in the water.

One specialist stated that it is difficult to determine whether these occurrences indicate an increase in frequency.

According to Yannis Papastamatiou, an associate professor at Florida International University, “whatever the cause may be,” it simply means that some unfortunate individuals are experiencing it. This occurrence is quite peculiar, as it implies that we have encountered three bites within this month alone, making it impossible for us to explain it easily.

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Papastamatiou said that it is challenging to determine the driving force behind these shark encounters, as there are sharks year-round in South Florida that receive special emphasis.

He advised to exit the water immediately upon spotting a shark and to stay in a group. It is crucial to remain vigilant while in the water.

“Papastamatiou stated that these animals are very important and play a crucial role in places where they have the most fear of us. However, not everyone appreciates them or likes them, and vice versa, not everyone may appreciate or like them. Nonetheless, these animals are truly spectacular.”

“But that is a positive aspect…Sharks in the ocean indicate a thriving ecosystem,” he remarked. “We may be observing signs of the shark population increasing in Florida.”

Those, as Blanco mentioned, the fear of getting bitten was always lingering in his thoughts.

“I never imagined it would happen to me, but when I got bitten, it was like, wow,” he expressed.

Despite facing a frightening circumstance, Blanco is now capable of finding humor and is anticipated to fully recuperate. However, despite sustaining injuries, he is fortunate.

“Alright, it’s acceptable.’ Similar to going to nearly it’s them with returning obtain I if thus liquid the on being about up stirred slightly a are companions My.”

“Who is going to be bitten by a shark twice? Right?” He shared with a chuckle. “So, it’s nearly like returning promptly and relishing it as we did in the past before I was bitten.”

Blanco expects to be released from the hospital on Tuesday as soon as possible in order to get out and water the plants.

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