Shakira and Piqué ‘had secret OPEN relationship’ leaving footballer ‘stunned’ when singer accused him of cheating

SHAKIRA and her former footballer partner Gerard Pique were allegedly in a “non-exclusive relationship” before the vocalist accused him of being unfaithful.

The news broke in June 2022 that the superstar couple would reportedly split up, following alleged infidelity rumors surrounding the ace’s departure from Barcelona, which reportedly left him stunned.

The pair were together for 12 years before their bombshell break up last JuneCredit: Getty
Pique was allegedly shocked by Shakira’s statements to the press and the rumours of infidelity after the pair reportedly had an ‘open relationship’Credit: Splash
The Colombian songstress now lives in Miami with their two sons after wanting a fresh startCredit: The Mega Agency

The singer Don’t Lie announced her separation from former Barcelona star Pique a year ago amid rumours that he had been caught playing away.

The former Barcelona defender, Marti Chia, revealed that he was dating Clara, a 24-year-old, which further fueled rumors of a possible affair following their high-profile separation.

However, Pique was “surprised” by Shakira’s public announcement of their split and there was no part on infidelity in their scandal-filled break-up, which is the latest claim.

Prior to their separation, Spanish television journalist José Antonio Avilés disclosed that Shakira and Pique had been involved in a “non-exclusive relationship” for a duration of three years.

The latest allegations allegedly originated from insiders within the close circle of the ex-footballer.

The reporter referred to this non-exclusive agreement as “the crucial moment in their relationship”.

According to El Nacional de Catalunya, Avilés stated, “We remain a pair in the eyes of the media. However, ‘you pursue your desires and I pursue mine’ is the understanding that exists.”

When discussing Shakira’s declaration to the press about their separation, Avilés remarked: “The soccer player’s entourage was surprised by Shakira’s statement.

“He has been frustrated to discover from the media.”

Another reporter, Pilar Vidal, verified these assertions, declaring: “Pique does not desire conjecture regarding the cause of the separation being infidelity.

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“He was taken aback by the remark, as she is the one who takes the lead.”

However, Shakira recently revealed her heartbreak after learning of her dad’s alleged “betrayal” while fighting for his life in the hospital, and she tells a different story.

“She was unable to seek the much-needed guidance from her beloved father, William Mebarak, as she was left devastated by the double blow and the memories that it brought back.”

Shakira informed People en Español that she became aware of her former partner’s suspected unfaithfulness shortly after William suffered a “severe injury.”

“All of a sudden, everything happened. My house was crumbling,” she expressed.

“I discovered from the media that I had been deceived while my father was in the intensive care unit.”

The Colombian singer Pique reportedly cheated on her by finding an empty jar of jam in their fridge and not eating the condiment that their children do.

It was clearly evident that her understanding of the hidden secret without excessive speculation had provoked her curiosity, leading her to deduce that the enigmatic clue was the key to the solution.

She was said to have enlisted a group of private investigators to spy on the football star in order to validate her doubts.

In a true Shakira fashion, she expressed her bottled-up feelings towards Pique in a popular song alluding to the infidelity rumors.

Clara Chia Marti and her current girlfriend, her ex-partner of 12 years, were filled with harsh insults towards her passionate diss track “Sessions”.

He likened his recent love affair to exchanging a “Ferrari for a [Renault] Twingo” and jestingly remarked that Shakira was evidently “too grand” for him.

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In her most recent interview, she disclosed that she was “extremely thrilled” to amaze the world once more with her fresh music.

The A-lister said penning songs has helped her “untangle” the web of emotions she has been overcome by over the last year.


Following reports of her desire for a fresh start, Shakira made a surprising decision in April to move to Miami along with her two sons, Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8.

It is also believed that her rumored new partner Lewis Hamilton has helped uplift her mood after her public separation from Pique.

Speculations about the celebrities have been intensifying after a sequence of pictures of the couple enjoying intimate outings have surfaced.

It has even been alleged that the pair are scheduled to fly away for a “romantic vacation” in the Caribbean.

This follows further speculation indicating that Hamilton and Shakira are engaged in a “romantic affair” that also includes the renowned Hollywood actor Tom Cruise.

That could potentially endanger the 10-year friendship between Sir Lewis and Cruise.

Shakira appeared in high spirits when she was seen mingling with the star of Impossible Mission at the Grand Prix in Miami in May.

He reported in the Spanish media that he felt a close connection with her, even mentioning that he was absolutely mesmerized by the circle of friends she had, including her two moms.

However, Shakira allegedly rejected his advances and is thought to be taking her time before fully committing to another romantic involvement.

Last week, the songstress transformed into a mermaid in her latest music video, where she appears hidden in shackles.

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Just before releasing her new single Copa Vacia, Shakira went on Instagram to clarify that the song holds a symbolic significance for her.

The vocalist expressed that the mythical creature symbolizes her as she embarks on “the quest to rediscover her true self.”

Shakira observed that the mermaid “gives up a great deal for love, ultimately winding up in the garbage among rodents.

“Fortunately, she discovers herself in her native environment.”

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