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According to records from DeLand Bank, it appears that a purchase was made at a store in Vaillant town last. However, since then, there have been no records regarding his whereabouts, as stated by his family. DeLand was spotted at a Decathlon store in the town of Montélimar. Montélimar is approximately 87 miles away from Grenoble. It seems that the “student” has left Grenoble voluntarily, according to Vaillant’s statement.

The student’s father, Kenneth DeLand Sr., Spoke with CNN Thursday morning saying he was told by authorities that Interpol is now involved.

Interpol has issued a Yellow Notice for DeLand Jr., Stating that he disappeared on November 27th.

Yellow Notices are issued to help identify individuals who are unable to identify themselves, such as missing minors, with the assistance of Interpol’s website.

CNN asked the Grenoble prosecutor if the involvement of Interpol suggested that DeLand Jr. Had crossed an international border but received a “no comment.”

Speaking exclusively to CNN, the mother of DeLand Jr., Who hosted the students, said that she had concerns about her privacy and the condition of anonymity, which seemed to have caused trouble for most of the students fitting in.

She said that she felt her suspicions were confirmed because he voluntarily cut off communications. She also mentioned that she found footage from December 3rd, which was reassuring. However, when she tried to figure out where he was, he did not reply. She also mentioned that she was inundated with messages from him, but she hadn’t heard from him since she was told by CNN that he was in DeLand.

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According to the prosecutor, DeLand had expressed his desire to visit Marseille before going back to the United States.

According to DeLand Sr., His son’s father assured that the student would maintain communication, and despite the student’s fondness for hiking, he had plans to come back to the United States on December 17th.

DeLand Sr. Informed Anderson Cooper of CNN on Wednesday, stating, “My son’s behavior is highly atypical, as he has not made any effort to communicate. Any parent would understandably feel an immense amount of concern due to this situation.”

“As time passes, it makes you concern even more.”

Absence of promptness from authorities, father claims

DeLand Sr. Has disputed the notion that his son departed willingly.

When Carol Laws, the mother of a student, said that her son was coming home for Christmas, she mentioned that he had never given any indication of having trouble with his friends. She also mentioned that he was traveling abroad to study and would be accompanied by his friends. Jr. DeLand confirmed this information.

DeLand Sr. Stated during the evening of Wednesday that he felt a sense of complacency in the manner in which officials dealt with his son’s predicament.

The father inquired, “What is happening? Are they searching for him? … Are there still available means? … What actions are being taken?” “It simply seems like the enthusiasm for finding my son has diminished… What actions are being taken?”

CNN previously reported that DeLand’s father expressed similar concerns about the difficulty of obtaining information from authorities, both abroad and in the United States, due to the language barrier. Furthermore, it was stated that this is not the first time the father has faced difficulties in obtaining information, as he has been trying to gather information about the release that was prevented by a certain French privacy act.

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Sr. DeLand said on Tuesday that France had not been very fortunate in reaching out to the authorities and embassy.

Earlier this week, the father informed CNN, “While they are unable to provide you with information, you have the ability to provide them with information. Disclosing information helps to protect privacy, whereas withholding information does not.”

I have called the local French police departments, which he last saw in the same area where it is currently in effect, and he added, “It’s very limiting.”

In order to locate him, Deland’s family has launched a website where individuals can submit tips and information.

John Fisher, a young man, stated in a University statement that he can assist in finding and investigating it all.

The school expressed, “Kenneth will be located unharmed and come back to his residence,” our campus community continues to have optimism. Kenneth’s family, along with the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS), who is collaborating with local authorities in the investigation, have extended their assistance to the community during this period. University officials have maintained frequent communication with them.

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