Se adoptan medidas de emergencia ante la “épica” entrada de aire frío en el noreste de Estados Unidos

On Friday, the northeastern region and New England are getting ready to shatter record low temperatures as officials shut down schools and implement emergency strategies, because of an anticipated hazardous cold breeze that is set to spread.

In some areas, a double terrible blow with gusts of wind could cause freezing in just 10 minutes, combining with freezing air as low as minus 35 degrees Celsius in a large part of the region.

CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward stated, “The peak of cold in the northeast, accompanied by dangerously cold temperatures due to strong winds, will occur from Saturday morning until the end of this Friday. As we progress through this Friday, temperatures will gradually decrease, with the highest temperatures likely occurring in most regions before dawn.”

The meteorological service issues these warnings or advisories, indicating the thermal sensation that the air feels cold, which can be as cold as minus 31 degrees Celsius, with winds that are expected to be so cold. This severe cold has affected more than 15 million people.

They will begin to subside on Sunday, when temperatures are likely to rise again, and the cold wave is expected to recede. The number of shelters has increased to accommodate the most vulnerable to the cold, and authorities in several states have started urging residents to stay in their homes. Meanwhile.

From Sunday until this Friday, the city of Boston also finds itself in a cold emergency situation. As a precautionary measure for the safety of staff and students, three districts in Massachusetts and the schools in Buffalo, New York, decided to cancel classes this Friday.

In a statement, the superintendent of Boston Public Schools, Mary Skipper, stated: “We have made the decision to close for the day, due to the severe weather conditions and many of our students walking and waiting for public transportation outdoors.”

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Additionally, there are daytime warming facilities accessible. Moreover, alongside the establishment of three overnight shelters within the county, the officials of Erie County, New York – where Buffalo is situated – implemented the blue code, granting homeless individuals the opportunity to find refuge during nocturnal hours when temperatures fall below 32 degrees.

Over the Christmas weekend, a minimum of 39 individuals lost their lives in Erie County, as blizzard circumstances wreaked havoc prior to the arrival of severe cold weather in Buffalo. In two states, a minimum of eight individuals perished this week as a result of a fatal ice storm, which made driving conditions unbearable in the southern region.

On the internet, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz stated, “Please dress appropriately and refrain from going outside for extended periods of time to prevent frostbite or hypothermia.”

Authorities stated that in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Vermont, it is expected that warming centers will be available in neighboring states.

The feeling of heat caused by danger is also present outside the city of New York, in Long Island and the northeastern part of Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey. The states of Connecticut, Long Island, and New York City, as well as the northeastern part of Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, all experience this thermal sensation of alertness.

The National Meteorological Service said on Thursday, “There is a possibility of numerous record low temperatures on Saturday morning.” “There is likely to be a very dangerous wind chill and widespread wind chill warnings and advisories are already in effect for all of New England and parts of the northeast.”

According to the National Weather Service, over 70,000 individuals in the northern part of the state are under blizzard warnings, as well as the severity occasionally, in terms of duration, Maine will likely bear the brunt of the storm.

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The National Weather Service in Caribou, Maine stated, “Severe cold and gusts of wind resulting in perilously low temperatures from Friday to Saturday. Blizzard-like conditions with snow swirling through unobstructed regions.”

This is what is most predicted in locations with heat index advisories.

  • On this upcoming Saturday morning, temperatures in Bangor, Maine are expected to decrease starting from midnight this Friday and will eventually reach a frigid low of minus 30 degrees Celsius.
  • This Friday night until Saturday morning, temperatures below freezing will be felt as cold as 35 degrees Celsius below zero in Boston.
  • The coldest winds will reach 41 degrees below zero, and temperatures will drop to 26 degrees Celsius below zero in Burlington, Vermont.
  • From this Friday evening to this Saturday dawn, temperatures will stay below freezing in Manchester, New Hampshire, with a peak of -25 degrees Celsius. The chilliest gusts will be 40 degrees below zero.
  • This Saturday morning, early, Mount Washington, New Hampshire, the highest peak in the northeast, may experience gusts of over 210 kph. It will produce a wind chill of up to 73 degrees below zero, combined with temperatures of 40 degrees below zero or lower.
  • This Saturday morning, New York will experience single-digit temperatures, with a maximum of 13 degrees. The coldest period will be Friday night to Saturday, with the winds reaching 21 degrees below zero. In the rest of the country.
  • The south continues to be affected by the ice storm.

    Further south, an ice storm hit parts of several states such as Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee this week.

    Thousands of electric wires being knocked down by falling branches and trees resulted in endangering the lives of drivers for several consecutive days during freezing rain, sleet, and layers upon layers of ice.

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    Additionally, approximately 60,000 homes and businesses in the neighboring state of Arkansas were also without power. According to the PowerOutage.Us tracking website, over 250,000 homes and businesses in Texas were still experiencing power outages following the storm early this Friday.

    The impact of the ice storm on the roads caused deadly conditions this week.

    In Oklahoma, two individuals tragically lost their lives in separate incidents after losing control of their trucks on icy roadways.

    Three individuals lost their lives in Texas when the driver of a truck lost control on an icy section of US Highway 380 near Brownfield and flipped into a ditch, as reported by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

    Another driver perished in close proximity to Eldorado, Texas, subsequent to losing command of her truck, as stated by the Department of Public Safety.

    Informó el departamento de bomberos de la ciudad el sur de Austin en un choque múltiple de 10 coches, una persona murió.

    In Arlington, Texas, an individual perished after their automobile flipped over, as reported by the authorities.

    New York activates the “blue code” due to the cold weather.

    According to a tweet from the Department of Homeless Services, extremely cold temperatures are expected, so the city of New York will activate the “blue code”.

    This Friday, at 4pm ET, the “blue code” will come into effect. With emergency character, it allows people to enter the city’s homeless shelters system and directs New Yorkers to report individuals on the street as a security measure. It is an emergency designation.

    Tonight, temperatures will drop below freezing. Please call 311 if you see anyone at risk, especially those living on the streets. “For anyone brought to a shelter by outreach teams during #CodeBlue, shelter is available throughout the system. Accommodations are also available for homeless individuals,” said the city’s homeless services department.

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