Scandal Recap: We Finally Find Out What the Hell Happened to Huck

How on earth was that achievable?? If he was still alive, and we’ve all been anticipating to ascertain whether Huck was deceased or living… Sarah, the woman who for some yet-to-be unveiled cause compelled Papa Pope to murder President-elect Frankie Vargas, turned out to be collaborating with Meg, his recent companion, who shot Huck three times a few episodes ago, if you remember.

It was assumed that Huck, the good ol’ character from the near-dead land, might have routinely brought known scandal. Well, in this week’s episode, when we learned that Jennifer Fields killed Meg and Huck shot her, a larger question even loomed. She presumably threw their dead bodies into a lake and shoved her car off a cliff, putting it in the trunk.

Prior to their near-death experiences, the trio appears to be in better health now compared to before. Furthermore, each of them recovered without any noticeable injuries. Jake Ballard, who was severely wounded by B613 agent Russell, resembling a Christmas ham; Papa Pope, who was stabbed almost fatally by his ex-wife and Olivia’s mother; and Fitz Grant, who was shot in the head by one of Huck’s past romantic partners.

It shouldn’t be surprising, considering that without assistance, he is unable to proceed any further. However, with a few moments to spare, Huck managed to escape from the vehicle and miraculously reached the shore, despite bleeding profusely for several hours and being trapped in the car’s trunk, which was submerged in a lake and riddled with three bullet wounds.

Huck resided as an unhoused individual in the station when Javi, his distant son, disembarked from a Metro car and generously handed him a dollar at 7:52, precisely when Huck is reminded by a figment of his imagination that coyotes will prey on him after nightfall. Remarkably, the commendable scandal will bear in mind that Huck possesses motivations to continue living.

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Help to been he’s wherever from back comes Walker Marcus even seconds few a just up shows Whelan Abby. After seconds three, but not once, but twice, Abby slaps Olivia across her smooth grown-lady face. It really gets interesting when Abby shows up, but just a few seconds before that, Liv and Jake have a meeting with Abby and Meg Sarah.

Abby should hopefully find the nearest window and jump out of the busy intersection. “I’m going with her,” Quinn wants to go over with Abby. “And Quinn wants to go back, wherever she gets until Quinn changes, because she’s not going anywhere,” Olivia tells Abby to sit her ass down before she realizes that Sarah would hurt Huck, Abby swears she didn’t realize that.

They do not have any leads, which means nothing. She had slit her throat. It was necessary. Instead of loving you, Huck wonders why Meg says “no,” but Quinn removes the tape from Meg’s face and runs a rake down her face, slicing her finger off. Quinn is trying to drill into Meg’s whereabouts, while Charlie, Quinn’s fiancé, and Quinn have been hunted down.

Olivia knows that Quinn needs to see a body, so Charlie can’t give it to her. Plus, Liv tells Charlie that she’s a miracle worker who can freeze hell over, as they’re just giving up on finding Huck.

They remove her forcibly, but the men. Quinn is seated opposite and closely monitoring Abby, as expected. Quinn becomes aware that Abby is involved in Huck’s situation, which leads Quinn to understand that Abby is connected to what has happened to Huck. Marcus informs Quinn that he must remain to supervise Abby. Suddenly, they come up with the brilliant (albeit belated) idea to trace Jennifer’s recent whereabouts using her mobile phone.

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It’s uncomfortable, but Charlie peeps into the hospital bed where Quinn crawls and opens his eyes when Huck sees him. They’re told that Huck is stable and he might not wake up or have severe brain damage. Meanwhile, Jake and Olivia lead the quarry to find Huck’s location using the cell-tower in just the right time.

Abby breaks down crying as Olivia holds her hand, and Olivia sits down next to Abby to convince her to forgive Olivia. Fitz arrives at the hospital out of nowhere.

I predict that Huck will fully recuperate before the friendship between Olivia and Abby does.

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