Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr: The Man Who Abandoned Keanu

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    Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr: The Man Who Abandoned Keanu

    Keanu Reeves was born on September 2nd, 1964, in Beirut, Lebanon to Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr., Who is of Chinese-Hawaiian descent, and Patricia Taylor, who is of British descent. Although he was born in Lebanon, he was largely raised in Canada. Keanu Reeves had humble beginnings before he became one of the highest-paid and most beloved movie stars in the world.

    They divorced before Kim’s sister, Keanu, would have to go on and have another child, and he was born the year they got married; their first child and Samuel’s daughter was Patricia. Keanu grew more distant from his father, seeing him often involved in shady dealings on the wrong side of the law, which caused Keanu to grow distant from him over the years.

    It can be argued that one of the reasons why Keanu has never reconciled with his father, whom he has not seen since his early teens, is because he has been reluctant to discuss his father, especially after Samuel’s death in 2018.

    Jr Reeves Nowlin Samuel, who was born when Keanu was 22 years old, gave his son the traditional Hawaiian name ‘cool breeze over the mountains.’ Although it’s not entirely clear how Samuel ended up in Lebanon, it is known that he studied geology. Speaking to Charlie Herzfeld in 2019, Keanu described Lebanon as a thriving and peaceful city, worth noting. While it’s not entirely clear how Samuel ended up in Lebanon, it is known that he studied geology.

    Dolly Parton and Anne Murray, musicians turned fashion enthusiasts, would often find themselves selecting pins for high-end designer clothing in couture houses, while also working as showgirls in Paris. My English mother ran away from home and ended up on the beach in Beirut. As for my father, I don’t really know much about his life, but it seems like Keanu’s knowledge of his own father’s story is quite limited.

    “They went up to Australia and stayed there for a few months, and that was for me. They stayed there for a few months, and then they had a baby and they fell in love, so they met anyway.”

    Kim’s sister, Keanu, was born in Sydney and stayed with the family there. However, Patricia and Samuel divorced shortly after. After a brief stint in New York, the family relocated to Toronto, Canada. While pursuing a successful fashion career, Patricia and her family became Canadian citizens and remained there.

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    Despite the fact that this marriage lasted for about six months, Keanu, who helped his step-son Aaron maintain a relationship, decided to act upon it. Aaron then pursued a relationship with Patricia, a Broadway theatre director, when he went to work in Hollywood.

    When Keanu turned 20, he moved to Hollywood and got a green card with the support of Aaron. Later, Aaron even co-produced Keanu’s 1991 hit film Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. Keanu got his first job in Hollywood as an assistant on one of Aaron’s productions when he was 15 years old.

    At this point, Keanu’s biological father appeared to be nothing more than a distant memory. Samuel, the actor, remembers, “up until I was six, I knew him.” Every now and then, I would catch a glimpse of him when I visited Hawaii during holidays. The last time I laid eyes on him was when I was 13 years old.

    Samuel fondly reflected on the time he spent playing on the beach in Hawaii with his son. “We would rush around with our legs in the water and the spray from the waves would occasionally wash over the shelf. I would tightly hold him and lift him up, as if he was being sucked away by the waves. Right when I almost caught my old big wave, this boy, who I think was 11-year-old Keanu, swept us away.

    During interviews, Keanu maintains a reluctance to delve into his connection with his father, which serves as an additional cause of sorrow. With the unfortunate passing of Symes in a vehicular accident and the unfortunate occurrence of a stillborn child with his girlfriend Jennifer Syme, alongside the heartbreaking loss of his dear friend River Phoenix, the actor has experienced an overwhelming amount of tragedy. Keanu has consistently opted to steer clear of conversations surrounding his personal life, especially when it comes to its more somber periods.

    Keanu rose to stardom on the big screen around the same time that Reeves, his older sibling, wound up behind bars for a ten-year sentence after being arrested for possession of cocaine and heroin in the early 90s. Reeves had been making a living as a drug dealer.

    During this time, Samuel said that he attempted to contact his son but his messages went unanswered. He wants us to know that he doesn’t want any more calls from Sam, as stated in an article in the 1995 Australian Woman’s Day magazine, quoting Keanu’s grandmother Abrahams Momilani.

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    That individual was my dad. He was a deadhead outcast,” commented Keanu. According to Woman’s Day, Keanu stated, “I haven’t encountered my father since I turned 15, and I currently don’t have any intentions to meet him.” It’s filled with agony and sorrow and freaking emptiness and all that stuff,” Reeves shared with Rolling Stone reporter Chris Heath in 1991.

    He deserves to rot in jail and death for selling drugs, nobody can die from his sentence until he is dealt with, and my dad. Keanu, as an actor famously known for being good-natured and calm, uncharacteristically seems angry in what he quoted as saying “drugs are truly evil”. Keanu has admitted to having used drugs in the past.

    “Allow him to pursue his own interests,” commenting, “Don’t interfere with him! Whatever that implies,” prior to Keanu expressing, “He has the right to live his own life, buddy. Regarding his father’s difficulties, he affirmed, “Currently, I do not have any relationship with him.” If he had an ongoing connection with his father, and when questioned about the impact of his father’s absence during his childhood “in numerous aspects,” Keanu simply stated that the actor selected his words more thoughtfully in 2000.

    Samuel, not being a public figure, spoke sparingly about the subject. In a 1995 interview with Woman’s Day, he expressed, “While I may not take much pride in my role as a father, I do take immense pride in my son. It is my fervent wish that we can mend our relationship, allowing me to elucidate why he had an absent father during his formative years.”

    “However, he will forever remain my son. I never anticipated that things would unfold in this manner. Depressing, isn’t it? Keanu expressed that my life was ‘disastrous’ and, oh dear, that is painful. Samuel clung to the possibility of a reunion until his last years, expressing later on in his life, “I feel ashamed of it all. Apparently.”

    They may never realize that they have not attended his funeral, but the rest of the family would love to get in touch with him… An unnamed friend of Samuel’s relatives told the “National Enquirer” that Sam’s dying wish was to meet up with Keanu. Neither his sister Kim nor Keanu said they attended his funeral, and Samuel died in 2018.

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