Sam Champion’s Husband Rubem Robierb: Everything To Know About Their 10-Year Marriage

Rubem and Sam can be seen spending quality time together, living and traveling in New York City. The handsome couple is also known to be devoted partners, with Robierb, 45, being a successful reporter. Sam Champion, 61, is best known for his long career as a weather anchor and award-winning journalist with Good Morning America and WABC-TV’s ABC.

Sam Champion
Sam Champion (R) & his husband, Rubem Robierb (L) at an art show in 2019. (Shutterstock)

The adorable pair first met in Miami Beach, Florida, during New Year’s Eve three years ago, which made their wedding in the same city a full-circle moment. They then hosted a New Year’s Eve wedding bash in Miami Beach and got married first in New York City. Sam and Rubem got married 10 years ago in the same place where they are now getting married. They got engaged in October, and their official wedding plans were shared with The New York Times. Sam informed the outlet, “We’re getting married in Miami on New Year’s Eve,” at the time Sam spoke to The New York Times.

Rubem Is a Creative Individual

Rubem, a successful artist who works as a sculptor and photographer, can often be seen working on his beautiful artworks on his official Instagram, where he has over 22K followers. His artwork often conveys important political messages about LGBT rights and climate change. Although Sam has a very successful career in TV journalism, Rubem is also an inspiring partner with a thriving career.

Sam Champion
Sam Champion & Rubem Robierb at the GLAAD Media Awards in 2013. (Shutterstock)

On August 2, 2022, Rubem posted a video of Sam assisting in the creation of a life-sized butterfly sculpture alongside his spouse. Rubem affectionately captioned the delightful video, “Who possesses the most encouraging spouse? @Samchampion.” Furthermore, Sam does not engage in his artistic endeavors solo! From time to time, he can be observed lending a helping hand. The imaginative individual shared a video on Instagram on July 4, 2022, showcasing his talent in painting a stunning butterfly. He captioned the post with “#contemporaryart #energy #manifestation #multiverse.”

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Both of Them Enjoy Traveling

Art and exploration are always brimming with it, one can be certain regardless of the activities of these two. “One of the captivating aspects of Rio is the layout of the beach lifestyle! Expansive vistas, extensive bike paths, ample running paths alongside a broad beach!! It is designed for people to savor all day, bringing coffee, good morning, beach, delicious,” he expressed. Sam posted a video of the vacation on his Instagram and admired the beach existence. In August 2022, the affectionate couple embarked on a journey to Rio de Janeiro, a coastal city in Brazil. Both of their Instagram accounts are brimming with numerous marvelous memories of their daring excursions. When Sam is not reporting on the weather and Rubem is not engrossed in his artwork, the dynamic duo can frequently be observed exploring the world together.

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