Ron DeSantis doubles down on restoration of ‘iconic’ Fort Bragg nameImage via AP.

During his remarks in Eagle Pass, Texas, the Florida Governor reaffirmed his belief that Fort Liberty, which was recently renamed, should be reverted to its original name to pay tribute to Braxton Bragg. Bragg, although not notable even among the ranks of the Confederate army, is remembered for his role as a commander during the rebellion.

DeSantis, who earned a B.A. Magna cum laude in history from Yale in 2001, expressed, “That holds significant importance in our nation. I wasn’t even aware that it commemorated a general from the Civil War.” This is my perspective on Fort Bragg.

Most people don’t think it was a Civil War, right? You just know it has been in Bragg. And they’re changing it for political correctness reasons. And that’s just how we’re rolling with it. And I don’t believe in doing it for political correctness reasons, so I don’t know, you learn the history, don’t erase it. Here’s the thing.

“The goal was to change the names of facilities that served any person who voluntarily served with the Confederate States of America or any person who served with the Confederate States of America, in order to commemorate the United States of America. Earlier this month, Fort Bragg was renamed Liberty based on the recommendation.”

San Francisco’s schools should consider removing the name of George Washington, while in New York City, it would be appropriate to bring down Teddy Roosevelt. Moreover, in Boston, it is advisable to remove Abraham Lincoln from the statue. The Governor drew a comparison between these actions and taking Bragg’s name off the fort, even though the rebranding efforts by the Department of Defense are relatively narrow in scale.

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DeSantis declared, “We have accomplished great things for this country, but at the end of the day, anyone can find flaws and criticize. I mean, you can always look back and think that you could have done better. That’s not what I want to see, though.”

I just think that fundamentally, the idea of erasing history is wrong and that we’re not going to do that. There are different parts of our society that have made mistakes. People make mistakes. It’s a different time. I’m not in a position to say that I’m much better than any of this somehow.

The downfall of the Confederacy played a role in the loss of important battles during the Civil War, and General Bragg, a resident of North Carolina who was a slave owner, was celebrated through the former name of the installation.

President Jefferson Davis became a military advisor for the Confederacy and was removed from his leading role at his request after experiencing a defeat in Chattanooga in 1863. He held his position in North Carolina, his hometown of Warrenton, until then.

Despite his relegation, the commander-on-the-scene throughout the Confederate war, including a failed attempt to protect the port of Wilmington in North Carolina, would be on-be to be.

Much to the dismay of the fort’s commander, Bragg chose to remain at the fort instead of taking charge of securing the port.

President DeSantis, however, would appear to be a poor namesake for an American fort in the 21st century, as he is plagued by interpersonal conflicts throughout his tenure and aims to restore a disgraceful reputation.

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