Read Trump’s Jan. 6 Speech, A Key Part Of Impeachment Trial

Former President Trump, who was being defended by his lawyers, also had the support of managers in the House impeachment case against him. A key part of this case was the certification of November’s presidential election results, which took place in Congress on January 6th, with Trump urging his supporters to march to the Capitol on the Ellipse.

The House managers in Trump’s impeachment trial have already shown clips from the speech in which Trump outlined a long list of grievances against the news media and Republicans who were insufficiently supportive, as well as a litany of false claims about the stolen election.

Democrats have pointed out that those who incited Trump argue that they marched down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Capitol as a specific phrase.

“We battle fiercely. And if you don’t fight fiercely, you won’t have a country anymore,” he stated.

Trump stated that his defense lawyers, however, argue that those words were not calling for violence and lawlessness. He pointed out that everyone here will soon be marching peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol building, making their voices heard.

Read Trump’s comments in their entirety below, as published by The Associated Press. Editor’s note: The video includes offensive language.

Well, I am deeply grateful. This is absolutely astonishing.

The reason they don’t want to show that is because you see hundreds of thousands of people behind you, but here I saw thousands of people and looked when I turned on the show today, even. The media will not show the magnitude of this crowd.

Did they actually come from all over the world, but specifically from our country? Could you show your cameras, please? These people are not taking longer to go because they want to show what’s really happening out here. Could you turn your cameras, please? These people are not taking longer to go. These people are not taking longer to go because they want to show what’s really happening out here. I just want them to be recognized as fake news by the media, and here we have hundreds of thousands of people.

Misinformation and Large technology companies, the most significant issue in my opinion, is the press. It would be truly wonderful if the press could cover us impartially. I have never witnessed anything similar, but I am simply curious about their coverage. I am genuinely interested in observing their actions.

If you observe, last evening they didn’t perform poorly either. Moreover, they manipulated an election like they’ve never manipulated before. They manipulated it and we caught them off guard. We caught them unaware. We defeated them four years ago. Major technology companies are now establishing their dominance.

The honor of our magnificent nation and the authenticity of our elections, the sincerity of American patriots who are devoted to and countless individuals before you and to be present in this type of gathering, an immense privilege, it’s truly remarkable. Thank you, I want to reiterate, just and truthful I am.

The theft that occurred is when you admit it. It doesn’t happen. You will never admit it, and we will never give up. They are doing and they have done what the fake news media has stolen and what they want to see is not our election victory today. All of us here do not want to see the radical-left Democrats emboldened by our stolen election victory today.

This election was not close. Today, I will present some evidence that proves we won this election by a landslide. We will put a stop to the theft. And, to use a favorite term of all you people who really came up with it, we won this election. Our country has had enough and we will not take it anymore.

Four years ago, more than 12 million people voted for our campaign, making it the largest in the history of our country. Okay. I won by a much larger margin than any previous incumbent president, with almost 75 million people voting for me. It’s not a joke, but sometimes I jokingly say, “You know, I won both the first and second place.”

We lost, didn’t we? They say we lost 75 million. Didn’t we go to 66 million? There was no chance of losing. Didn’t we go to 66 million? Four years ago, we had 63 million. If I was told what I went from 63 million, we were going to win and we were going to do well. They know that we have real pollsters. They know that we have real pollsters. I was told by them.

It’s a disgrace. It’s a disgrace. Elections in this country are more dishonest than what we’ve been through. Take a look at third-world countries. Take a look at third-world countries. There has never been anything like that disgrace. He had 80 million computer votes. Does anybody believe that? Does anybody believe that? Does anybody believe that Joe had 80 million votes? And by the way.

There has never been anything quite like this before. Nobody knows what the hell is happening. Chickens with their heads cut off, running around in boxes, is all that’s going on. Even when you look at it last night.

We will not let them silence your voices. We’re not going to let it happen, I’m not going to let it happen.

(Audience cheers: “Support Trump.”).

Thank you.

Can they be allowed if it is possible? Can you please allow him to come up? You’re doing a great job, great. We want to thank you for the police law enforcement and the secret service. Also, the military. I would love to have those tens of thousands of people allowed if possible.

He battles, he battles. He possesses courage, unlike many individuals within the Republican Party. Do you know what? He possesses courage. And Rudy, you performed exceptionally well.

He said that this can be an absolute disgrace to our Constitution, and he looked at this. John is one of the most brilliant lawyers in the country. That’s a tough act to follow for those two. I watched a fantastic job. Thank you very much, John. And I will tell you.

I hope so. I hope so. I hope Mike is going to do the right thing, and he looked at Mike Pence.

If Mike Pence wins the election, it is the right thing to do because he is certainly one of the top Constitutional lawyers in our country. He has the absolute right to do it. We are supposed to protect our Constitution and support our country.

The most joyful individuals are you and us who become the president. In order to reconfirm, Vice President Pence must return it to the states. They desire its return. They cast their votes on it. They were provided with incorrect details. The states were deceived. The states wish to hold a new vote.

It so transpired that we are not just going. We have been living with that for over four years and are currently stuck with a president who lost the election by a significant margin. It takes courage. It has nothing to do with taking courage. “I said, Mike,” I spoke, in fact, it was me.

I am grateful to you, this incredible initiative and this incredible nation, for the exceptional affection. Throughout history, there has never been a movement quite like this one. I express my gratitude for the exceptional affection, and I extend my appreciation to each and every one of you who have journeyed from various parts of the country to be present here.

(Audience chants: “We adore Trump.”)

I can’t stand. That’s it. Look at this. Do you believe this? This goes all the way back to the past, the Washington Monument. Unfortunately, they gave the prime seats to the press. I can’t stand that.

I wish I could flip the cameras behind you and look at that, but no. It’s amazing how they make a mistake when they see you on television. The most amazing sight is to see you get it all back the way.

And don’t fret, we will not remove the name from the Washington Monument. We will not engage in cancel culture.

If this happens, you may witness some truly unfortunate events, although it would not be an ideal situation. I don’t believe that things will turn out well if that were to occur. It’s possible that someone else could intervene or handle the situation differently. Do you have any knowledge about their desire to remove the Jefferson Memorial?

Everything came to a halt. It came to a halt. Did you observe that? If you cause harm to our heroes, monuments, you will be sentenced to 10 years in prison, and everything ceased. However, subsequently, we enacted a small legislation. They have been removing his sculpture. By the way, they will also demolish Lincoln.

Is it alright, Rudy? We’ll get a slightly younger version of Rudy. They want Rudy back in New York. They’re going to hell in your city. They could use you. They could use you, Rudy. They could use Rudy back in New York City.

We’re gathered together in the heart of our nation’s capital for one very, very basic and simple reason: To save our democracy.

They have completely lost control as they used the pandemic as a way to defraud the people. They have no idea. We still have seats under congressional review. They still don’t have any idea what the votes are. Of course, this thing goes on so long, and in the evening of the election, you know most of the candidates.

Please go and attempt to acquaint yourself with them. It was approximately eight weeks ago, but I mentioned that it’s a positive thing. We will never allow it to occur again, sir, as they say. When you witness what is transpiring and when you witness this, you are aware and knowledgeable.

“They said, ‘Sir, you’re guaranteed four years in.’ Now, I’m not really interested: ‘Now, I’m not really interested.’ Do me a favor and go back eight weeks. I want to go back eight weeks. Let’s go back eight weeks.”

We do not want to stand for that, and our country will be destroyed. There should not be that in there, and we do not want to go back and get this right.

It’s amazing, really. However, the House Republicans are struggling. Some of these guys are fighting, including Jordan and Jim, who are great. There are so many weak Republicans. And Democrats have managed to get away with election fraud. It’s been years.

It’s incredible how, at some point in the future, I might have the opportunity to speak to the President. “It’s like having something unexpected happen all of a sudden.” I won’t bore you with it, but let me mention that I could name 24 of them. Mitch played a role in my assistance. Mitch assisted in getting them elected. I assisted in getting them elected, and many Republicans were also involved.

They are feeble Republicans, they are pitiful Republicans and that is the outcome.

If this happened to the Democrats, our nation would be torn down by the people who are not you. Remember, you’re just smarter and stronger than anyone else. But they try to demean and belittle everyone who is with us. There will be hell all over the country.

I really believe it, I think I’m going to use the term “Republicans weak” because you’ve got a lot of great ones and a lot of them, but you’ve also got a lot of weak ones. They’ve turned a blind eye even as Democrats enacted policies that chipped away our military, weakened our borders, and threw away our jobs, all while keeping our borders open.

Did you see Joe Biden the other day, where I said I want to get rid of the First America policy? What’s all that about? Even if you’re going to talk about it, don’t you think it’s unbelievable what we have to go through?

Honestly, I can already inform you. We’re going to reveal their identities. We’re going to prioritize them. We need to prioritize the absolute individuals who refuse to fight if they don’t fight. And you must motivate your people to engage in combat.

Everyone is aware of it. It is an act of complete robbery in the history of America. There has never been anything similar to this. Democrats have made an audacious and shocking attempt at stealing the election, utilizing the excuse of the China virus and the deceitful practice of mail-in ballots, specifically in the current year.

The election, which took place in the evening at 10 o’clock, was decided by the votes of thousands of individuals from Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

And then in the late evening or early morning, suddenly, these bursts of nonsense.

And suddenly. Suddenly, it began to occur.

(Audience chants: “Nonsense.”).

What happened, maybe it was okay, maybe it probably was. I don’t know, he got slaughtered, no idea. Don’t look at the facts and don’t go. Who is the victor that I would like to congratulate? The victor? “Congratulate to like’d I” he stands up more like you, you know. I wonder if he enjoyed his flight in the last night when you got beaten by Romney, but don’t forget, hey Romney, you beat Romney.

However, let’s look at the facts and acknowledge that our election was so corrupt, unlike anything we have ever seen in the history of this country. Can you go back the way we all can? We have never seen anything like this in the history of our country.

We do not have elections that are free and fair. What does the world say about us now? Our elections are discussed worldwide. You know that elections in America are highly regarded.

We have the biggest problem in this country. It has become the enemy of the people. It suppresses speech and suppresses thought. Our media is not fair, it is not free. We don’t have a fair and free press. You know what else.

After spending a short amount of time in this location, you will come to understand that trying to accomplish the same tasks as us, even in developing nations, would attract the notice of all individuals.

We are struggling much harder. We want everyone, including bad individuals, to be respectful. We want to be nice. It’s like being a boxer. Republicans are constantly fighting like a boxer with his hands tied behind his back.

If he doesn’t uphold our Constitution, it will be a sad day for our country because Mike Pence is going to come through for us.

We will proceed on foot, we will proceed on foot, and I will be present alongside you. Subsequently, it is the responsibility of Congress to address this flagrant attack on our democratic system. Now,

We’re probably not going to be cheering so much for them, but we’re here to cheer on our brave congressmen and senators, and we’re going to walk down to the Capitol. I want you to think about that, anyone.

We demand that Congress do the right thing and only count the electors who have been lawfully slated. You need to be strong and show strength. Because we will never take our country back with weakness.

I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.

I thought it would be easy, I’ve known for more than four years, you thought I did, and we thought so much. We have set it on a much greater course. This period has been far longer than four years. Our country has been under siege for a long time. They do not stand strong for our country, but they stand strong for our elections’ integrity, whether we see it from Republicans or not today.

Have you achieved any progress towards the implementation of regulation reductions? There is no precedent, regardless of whether it is a four-year, eight-year, or longer term. We have achieved the most significant regulation reductions for you. We provide you with the most substantial tax cuts ever recorded. We have successfully revitalized our armed forces. We have established the most prosperous economy ever witnessed. Isn’t that correct?

Brought it down to safety, but might face rejection due to environmental or safety concerns. Reduced it to two, but aiming to narrow it down to one. Currently, we have two options left, whereas in the past, it used to take 20 years to obtain approval for a highway.

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The Space Force, which we have created, is a major achievement for our administration. It has completely rebuilt our military. Let’s take a look at what we have accomplished.

You should pay the doctor for the care we have taken. You don’t have to wait four months, eight weeks, six weeks, or four weeks to see a doctor. We are now in the VA, so we have it. We have accomplished accountability. We have completed it. We have achieved that. It was a terrible way of living, with people watching the VA on television every night. The VA now has the highest approval rating, starting from 91%. We took care of our veterans. We never thought that anyone would ever do these things. We took care of our veterans. Everyone should try to do the right thing. Everyone should try to do what is right.

Our veterans have been treated horribly. However, in primetime, our veterans have been treated badly. We would not have treated our veterans horribly if we had 9,000 people fired at the VA. Right now, we have the right to fire bad people and we have saved a lot of money. Additionally, we have saved tremendous amounts of money, but not only have we made a wonderful life for many people.

Previously, it was not possible to perform that action. The action was not possible before. Furthermore, we have a legislation known as the VA Accountability Act, which aims to ensure accountability. According to this act, if we come across an individual who mistreats our veterans, engages in theft, or conducts themselves poorly, we take decisive action by terminating their employment and asking them to leave, saying: “Joe, you are dismissed. Please leave immediately.”

Nobody likes what we’ve done because we’ve taken so much care in doing things, and that’s one of the reasons.

A few days ago, I had planned to take some time off. However, the event ended at 10 o’clock. After our significant success in the election, I mentioned to someone that I intended to unwind and enjoy a few days of rest. Currently, we are actively engaged in a battle, and I had anticipated it to be a wonderful break. Everyone had predicted our triumph, and we had planned to stay at home and witness a major victory. However, we achieved our goal swiftly.

I can say this and believe that our election was a catastrophe, in which I watched and know what happened. They know what happened, saying: “Pennsylvania’s insurmountable look at the big leads we had. Even though the press said we would lose by 17 points in Wisconsin, we said we were going to close the set, going to Texas, close, going to Florida, and close, going to Ohio’s.

And we achieved a milestone with Hispanic, with the African American community, we achieved a milestone with everyone.

For all time, they will feel embarrassed, in every era, regardless of whether we have leaders who deserve to feel ashamed or leaders who are exceptional and brave, we will witness it. This is because significant historical moments will occur, and I will be observing. We witness the imminent occurrence of this event, just there, right in that location. Indeed, it is a highly significant event that we are witnessing today.

Never, under any circumstances, should we forget. If they did forget, we should never forget the wrong they did. And what do you know?

However, it was an orchestrated scheme, two remarkable individuals, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, what an exceptional individual, I conversed with. Since I do not, it is significantly more vital at present than it was a day ago, and incidentally, we secure the leadership of the United States with just three out of the seven states in dispute.

Just two days ago, what we are doing now is far more important than the election. The only line we have is the president of the United States’ veto. We don’t have any other demarcation line, backline, or backline anymore. “We,” I said, and you know.

We know that we have the right to send a bad vote that was obtained illegally because they are actually going all the way back to studying the roots of the Constitution, talking, and studying before, like you’ve never seen before, working there. Those are the warriors. I want to thank more than 140 members of the House.

Did they know what they voted for because they gave these bad people things to vote for when they found it a few weeks later, after taking four years to devise this screen again?

Is she? Is she Hillary? Where is Hillary? What happened? Do you know anymore about her? You don’t see the whole thing. Could you have changed Michigan? 10,000 votes ago? Why didn’t you do this for me four years ago? Because she said: Clinton is the most unhappy person in the United States, the only single unhappy person.

Kelly Loeffler, Senator Josh Hawley, Senator Ron Johnson, and Senator Ted Cruz. They are the 13 bravest individuals in the U.S. Senate. I would also like to express my gratitude towards all the congressmen and congresswomen, but I specifically want to extend my thanks.

Let’s extend a special gesture to her and David. Due to unfair treatment, it is only fair to give her and David a helping hand. She has put in tremendous effort and has been exceptional. I must say, Kelly Loeffler and deserve it.

I was advising these individuals to prohibit him from utilizing this material. That apparatus should have never been authorized for usage. They never stood a chance. They put up a commendable competition. David Purdue, Kelly Loeffler.

We desire to express our gratitude to those senators who have taken action. Specifically, we would like to extend our thanks to Tommy Tuberville, the coach, as well as Roger Marshall, Cynthia Lummis, James Lankford, John Kennedy, Bill Hagerty, a remarkable individual, Steve Daines, representing Indiana, Mike Braun, an exceptional person, and Marsha Blackburn.

I actually think that there are a lot of people who are looking for better leadership at the start where you led the tubes down, and it takes more courage to step up and find out that they are going.

How does it politically operate? However, this has nothing to do with politics and, politically, how does it play out? Is it quite good? How does it politically perform? Excellent, indeed. We want to give them 600. We don’t want to give people $2,000, do you know?

They simply refused to modify and we wish to provide them with $600. Completely devastated them, China annihilate them. We did not annihilate, China obliterated these individuals.

“Listen, you must allow individuals to lead their lives.” I merely express, yet a few individuals in this place hold a different opinion. Provide them with a small amount of money. Allow them to live. Provide them with a small amount of money. Considering you already have a debt of 26 trillion, grant them a small amount of money. We will reimburse it quickly. We will repay it, I insist on giving them $2,000.

Did you used to understand that? Can’t you accomplish that? The main reason for that was primarily because cheating was simply one of the main reasons. The primary reason for that was primarily because of cheating. How does that politically affect the situation? It’s important to do the right thing. It’s important to do the right thing. Alright. How does that play out though?

Yes, kindly relocate them forward, all those numerous individuals in the distance. Can you assure me? While listening to it, refrain from becoming uninterested. I trust that you won’t become bored while listening to it, I intend to recite several pages to you. Oh, truly? Although there is no proof of deceit. Have you ever encountered these individuals? The press has consistently claimed the absurd falsehood that there was no proof of extensive fraud, as you are aware.

Because it’s so much, you’re going to get bored, don’t get angry at me, don’t get bored, all these people, all they.

You may have argued with me, but I had my point of view and they had their point of view, and someone came out. You would believe them, you would believe me. Bang bang. They fought, I fought, they fought, I fought. I argued with them. It is used to be, but you know. They have ruined their reputation. The American people do not believe the fake news, the corrupt.

It’s a significant headline, and they exacerbate it tenfold, a minor negative tale about myself. Unless it’s an unfavorable narrative, you no longer engage in conflicts with them. They oppress, that is their modus operandi. In a communist nation, that is the course of action, it’s referred to as suppression. They become quiet, that is their current behavior.

Hunter, where is Hunter? You know. Their ratings are exceedingly impressive. They attain high ratings because they are incapable of achieving such success. All the stages will cease functioning, people will tune in. They deliberately avoid discussing him. Where is Hunter? What has become of Hunter? However, Hunter Biden is a topic they deliberately avoid discussing.

If I were to say that, would you be able to imagine that happening? Does that occur? Is that the question you are asking me? How does that happen? And how is Joe allowed to give billions of dollars of money to get rid of the prosecutor in Ukraine?

Despite not having any knowledge or upfront millions of dollars, he still acknowledges that he sits on a board and receives thousands of dollars, while his wife, the mayor of Moscow, gives him millions of dollars and three and a half million dollars come from Hunter.

How about that discussion? Don’t they have a 3 billion dollar budget? Here’s something positive: that’s great! Oh, haven’t I mentioned before that you have successfully managed money? Have they told you about how China is involved in their plans?

Isn’t it true? I realized how good it was to move on, even though I didn’t necessarily love them. I realized how good it was now, if we go back 10 years. They’re no longer here. They’re no longer speaking. We have a corrupt media, that’s for sure.

In this nation, they have completely lost their credibility. And one must exercise utmost caution in dealing with that. It is a form of suppression. We no longer possess an impartial press. However, that is no longer the case.

We will not be coerced into accepting the deceptions and the falsehoods that we have been compelled to believe.

In any case, they really cheated, but we noticed that there were a lot of people watching, so that fact made last night a little bit better. This is the presidential election. Over the past several weeks, we have gathered overwhelming evidence about a fraudulent election.

I endorsed him when I didn’t know him, and I endorsed him when I didn’t know this guy. I have one of the dumbest governors in the United States, and I didn’t know his name. “What’s his name?” You know the rest, he was in fifth place, and then he was in fourth place. He was doing poorly, he went on a rocket ship like a ship, and I won.

I was one of the outstanding five people, but she used me as if she didn’t believe it. I didn’t notice that there were too many calls coming in from Oprah. Once, I ran for president. I don’t think she thinks more of me than anyone else. She picked the outstanding five people, and I was on her show last week. You know, I used to be a friend of mine. I had to beat Oprah and Stacey Abrams, and then I had to beat Brian Kemp, this guy. And then I beat Stacey Abrams.

And I conducted a campaign opposing Michelle Obama and Barack Hussein Obama, as well as Stacey.

It seems that he experienced something unexpected and I am curious to know what happened. However, I have a very small team, so I must have an offensive lineman. I am still trying to understand what he meant when he said that he was an offensive lineman on another night. I am still trying to understand. He mentioned that he played offensive line in football. I am Brian Kemp, who weighs 130 pounds.

Senators, I must inform you that half of them have become loose. “Sir, we must cut him loose,” said all of them. They are very loyal people, but he is a loose cannon. “Sir, we must cut him loose,” said all of the senators. I fought for them, particularly one of them, as if I were fighting in hell. They love to rule against me. They love to rule against me. I’m not happy with the Supreme Court, you know, you.

Allow him to govern in a just manner. They couldn’t care less. They couldn’t care less. I stated, “No, I will not engage in that. We successfully supported him.” He did not commit any wrongdoing. They fabricated narratives, they are all fabricated narratives. I stated, “No, I am unable to undertake that, as it would be unjust to him and unjust to the family. He did not commit any wrongdoing.”

To harm our nation. To inflict harm on all of us and to cause damage to all of us by going above and beyond. However, it nearly appears.

They are marionettes. I manipulate them. I have control over the three Supreme Court justices. I recently came across an article in one of the newspapers, you know.

I didn’t want it to be considered personal because, but I noticed if you hadn’t changed like Barr Bill. If you hadn’t noticed the change, it would have been impossible for them to ever give you a victory and that’s because of what they do. It really is genius, I said “You know,” and he’ll do anything for me. I read about Barr Bill, my personal attorney.

They are marionettes. That they are my marionettes. Correct? Ever since they entered, any of them, any of them, I haven’t conversed with any of them, because the narrative is — Do you know why? They consistently rule against me, along with the Supreme Court.

I applaud their desire, so I support it. Moreover, they also support it. They oppose Trump’s leadership in the only way possible. It’s not that they dislike the social circuit, but they detest it because they can now only find a way to escape it.

I hate to say it, but if I were to straighten things out, we got the same way. In fact, if I were the media, I’d probably show you the genius of the media.

Do you want to hear it? Today, we lay out the case for the sake of our children, the entire world, and the sake of our Constitution, democracy.

(Audience replies: “Yes”).

Democrats in almost every single swing state made unconstitutional and illegal changes to election procedures without the approvals mandated by state legislatures, as well as state and local officials.

When I express that, I believe we venture far beyond our nation. Unprecedented, these transformations have opened the door for large-scale deceit.

Only a legislative body has the authority to accomplish this task. Nobody possesses the ability to do so. No judge holds the power to undertake this action. Unless the state legislature grants its approval, modifying or participating in a federal election is prohibited. In summary, that’s the situation.

It is not possible to do that. It is against the law, completely unlawful. That is how they do things, altering the process and making it much more appreciable. They should not do that. They are not going to listen to us, as the legislature laughs at them. They need to go to the legislature. If you look at Pennsylvania as an example, you will see that Democrats hold a majority in the entire state, while the mayor is a Democrat, and there is a Republican-controlled legislature.

In Pennsylvania, the state’s Democratic secretary and the Supreme Court justices illegally abolished the 11-day signature verification period prior to the election.

Do you know why they don’t want to cheat? We say they don’t want it, that’s the reason. Eleven days before the election, there is no longer a signature verification. We want voter ID. Oh, okay. There is no longer a signature verification. So, what did they think of it?

Who would even consider that? We don’t want to authenticate a signature?

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Whatever they required, someone’s creativity. Where did they originate from? You are aware of their origin. That implies you possessed two. You possessed an excess of 205,000 ballots compared to the number of voters, contemplate this. Pennsylvania witnessed an excess of 205,000 ballots being tallied.

It is mathematically impossible to say that total fraud is a want unless you. The number is actually much greater now than it was a week ago. In Pennsylvania, you had more votes than voters, with a total of 205,000.

It concerns me even further. Additionally, there were instances where deceased individuals actually submitted applications. Numerous deceased individuals, a significant number of deceased individuals. Consider this fact. Individuals who passed away in 2020 or before the election share matching names and birth dates with individuals whose ballots were cast in Pennsylvania. Consequently, Pennsylvania was subjected to fraudulent activities.

These voters, who do not live in this state, cast over 14,000 out-of-state ballots. It’s truly incredible. One of them passed away 29 years ago. They not only want to vote, but they also desire to submit an application for it.

Enormous, colossal are these figures. I narrowly lost, indicating that these numbers greatly exceed what is considered outcome-defining. Incidentally, these numbers are.

Let’s tally them regardless. They arrived post Election Day. In simpler terms, they came in after Election Day. Over 10,000 votes in Pennsylvania were unlawfully tallied, despite being received after Election Day.

Isn’t it impossible both logistically and logically that they supposedly mailed out the ballots before they even received them back? And they got more than 60,000 ballots in Pennsylvania before Election Day. But they moved the date back so that there is no longer any fraud and they took action in many cases.

Isn’t it right? It’s also good to think like that, don’t I? They were sent before back to the ballot, but they have already been sent, Oh. Let’s send the ballots back, you got the ballot. I think that’s one of them.

It is not allowed to go against the law. It is indicating an enormous illegal operation of ballot harvesting. It is not allowed to go against the law. All the ballots were requested by nursing home residents in a single giant batch of twenty-five thousand. This indicates an enormous illegal operation of ballot harvesting in Pennsylvania.

Nobody knows where it came from, but it increased by 400,000 ballots the day after the election. The number of absentee ballots sent out had been reported to increase by 400,000 in the state of Pennsylvania the day before the election.

Following the election, an unexpected influx of four hundred thousand ballots materialized. This singular factor alone possesses the potential to topple the government. The individuals involved expressed their inability to comprehend the situation, stating, “Um, well, we cannot decipher that.” It still remains a completely unresolved mystery. Presently, this occurrence has repeated numerous times.

If Mike Pence consents to return it, he must consent to return it. They desire to revalidate. They desire to revalidate their ballots. And they desire to revalidate their ballots. It doesn’t occur that swiftly. It has all been revealed. However, now they perceive all this material. They cast their votes. They conducted a vote. They were unaware because it transpired so rapidly. Pennsylvania has now observed all of this. Incidentally.

(Audience chants: “Return it.”)

Additionally, numerous individuals in Congress desire for it to be returned.

Therefore, you are. Additionally, you are safeguarding the Constitution and our nation. Since you are safeguarding the Constitution, someone asserts, “Well, we must adhere to the Constitution.” Suppose you choose not to comply. Consider the implications of your actions.

Speaking of the scam that we all know about, it is not legal because the legislature did not approve it, as I mentioned before. They want to redo their votes quickly because they already have the numbers. They want to see the numbers they have. They want to redo their votes, and even though we have no other choice but Pennsylvania, they say we are stupid and they call us stiffs. But what do they think will happen?

If you were to lose all of these states, a group of foolish individuals elected a president who, in other words, will hold the position for four years alongside his exceptional son. This implies that such action should be avoided. However, consider this, you will have a leader for the United States.

You will have an unauthorized president. That’s what you’ll have. And we cannot allow that to occur.

I became interested in them a lot. However, when I started talking about the fact that there are a lot of cameras at the back and a lot of television sets, I can guarantee you that they don’t want to talk about it. They don’t want to talk about it. It’s all part of the effort to suppress it. These are the facts that you won’t hear from the fake news media.

The media and big tech manipulate, dishearten, and mislead individuals into desiring what others want, even though you may not hear it. I am planning to travel to a few states. You don’t only hear what you have just heard. However, these things are not what you hear about.

Wisconsin said we are going to lose by 17 points, just like the polls suggest, because we lost by just a little sliver. They had me down the day before, but we won.

I called a pollster. “What is that?” I asked. “Sir, that is a suppression poll,” the pollster replied. “Sir, I think you’re going to win in Wisconsin, sir.”

“Why don’t they opt for four or five points instead?” I inquired. “I refuse to squander my time. While I admire the president, it’s simply implausible,” they assert when the deficit is 17. This is due to the fact that it encourages voter participation.

Tonight, my dear, let’s watch the presidential election on TV, have dinner, and then go out. Suppose, for instance, that if five, four, or even three people decide to vote when you’re down by 17 points, it would be quite interesting to hear this pollster say, “Sir, that’s a very intriguing observation.” This phenomenon is called voter suppression, and it’s quite common to witness a significant number of people experiencing it. However, you’ll notice that despite this, we managed to win in Wisconsin.

The radical left attempts to blacklist you on social media, similar to the way they do it. Even if it’s completely accurate, completely accurate, I receive a notification. I receive a notification. Each time I post a tweet, that happens.

They’re all negative information. Twitter’s negative information. I don’t have any interest in Twitter. “I am unable to access your Twitter,” many individuals express. However, I have encountered many individuals who claim that the platform restricts the dissemination of messages more than it should. It’s extremely challenging to share a message. You see, on Twitter, it’s very difficult to access my account. Additionally, they also hinder the sharing of content.

It should be illegal, and they should ban shadow. If you have a big voice, they guess I call it shadow ban. If you’re a Republican, if you’re a conservative, if you want to go through big social media tech, and if you want to get out a message, if you want to, if you know what you want.

This is the endurance of strength. Weak individuals, please leave. We, on the other hand, will never be at the end of it. However, we are aware that the Republican Party is heading towards its end, which they fail to realize. They don’t want to acknowledge it and for some reason, Mitch is hesitant. I have been telling these Republicans to get rid of Section 230.

This crowd is once again a testament to it. They also want to indoctrinate your children in school by teaching them things that aren’t so. They want to indoctrinate your children, so they’re teaching them things that aren’t so. It’s all part of the comprehensive assault on our democracy and the American people who are finally standing up and saying no.

I didn’t do anything, no promotion. There are some groups that support you greatly. I want to thank everyone and Amy. We have amazing supporters, truly incredible. We didn’t do anything at all. This happened just now. Two months ago, Washington had a massive crowd coming down. “They’re there for you,” I said, “Sir, what are they there for?”

Get rid of “get” and replace it with “got”. Get rid of “them” to “got”. The people who are not good enough to be Liz Cheney in the world, we need to get rid of them from the weak Congress. Now that you’re starting to work in Congress, remember what we got from last year. These groups are forming all over the United States. We have nothing to do with it.

Afghanistan and Iraq. Mostly returned to their home country, I repatriated them. Their countenance, their lower limbs, their upper limbs, they’re enduring defeat. They’re exceptional, but they’re perishing. No one is aware of their whereabouts, nobody knows their identity, they’re situated in nations that are unfamiliar to everyone. To some extent, it resembles that, I’m uncertain. I facilitated the return of numerous soldiers — she always opposes the repatriation of soldiers, you understand.

We did well, but did we actually keep the oil here? We never obtained anything. Did we obtain anything at all? And what did we obtain? Iraq now has billions and billions of dollars in the bank, and these people are so stupid. They are incredibly stupid. We didn’t keep the oil. You can go if you want to keep the oil, but we didn’t. I used to say “days old” when talking about going to Iraq, I remember.

The finest machinery worldwide. All manufactured in the United States, all produced in the United States. Moreover, it was all created in the United States, all made in the United States, skeptics claimed it was an impossible feat. The reconstruction of our armed forces within a three-year timeframe, along with numerous other well-known achievements. We eliminated a multitude of well-known aspects and successfully eradicated the ISIS caliphate.

However, there are numerous aspects. This particular element alone exceeds our requirements by a great extent. The defeat was extremely narrow. In Wisconsin, cities controlled by corrupt Democrats utilized over 500 illegal, unmanned, and insecure drop boxes, which gathered at least 91,000 unlawful votes.

It was a mysterious location, unknown to anyone. They vanished without a trace. Where could the box be? People would ask. They would disappear for two days and then retrieve them. They possess these lockboxes.

In Wisconsin, votes from areas like Madison and Milwaukee, which are predominantly Democratic, were blatantly opposed to state law. Although they had no application, they still managed to vote without a valid absentee application. Moreover, over 170,000 valid absentee votes were counted in Wisconsin without any application.

Were votes, totaling 17,000, deposited in so-called human drop boxes in Madison, where operatives stuffed thousands of unsecured ballots into duffle bags on park benches across the city, despite cease-and-desist letters of defiance from the state legislature. Do you know if that is correct?

They can only approve it. Your state legislatures said they don’t do it. They came in with duffle bags. Where the hell did they come from? They gave tens of thousands of votes.

We emerged victorious in the state. We adore the state. Remarkable state. Each of these factors individually secures our triumph in the state. The disparity in Wisconsin was smaller than 20,000 votes. As per eyewitness testimonies, Postal Service employees in Wisconsin were also directed to unlawfully postdate around 100,000 ballots.

Can’t believe this guy, a Republican who loves recording telephone conversations. Personally, I thought it was a great conversation, it seems like he really loves talking to other people. Do you know if he enjoyed it?

What a disaster. What transpired. Examine it once more last evening. Your secretary of state and your governor, collectively, are among the most dishonest individuals, in my viewpoint, absolutely, they’re deceitful individuals.

The security procedures for the election and signature verification were significantly weakened when the Democratic Party operatives entered into an agreement settlement that was deemed to be unconstitutional and illegal.

Stacey Abrams took lunch with them. Two years ago, I beat her with a bad candidate, Brian Kemp. Republicans took lunch and Democrats took lunch. The state secretary had no clue what the hell was happening because he didn’t have a clue, unless he had one. Maybe he was with the other side, that’s interesting.

We have been trying to get verifications of signatures in Fulton County, but they won’t let us do it for the reason that they are known to be very corrupt. The only reason they won’t let us is because we’ll find things in the hundreds of thousands, so they don’t want us to verify signatures in Fulton County.

If we won’t have a country, it won’t happen. We can’t let this stuff happen in such a way, but I congratulate her. She did a good job, the problem is Fulton County, home of Stacey Abrams. “That’s not the problem,” I said.

The standards were so inaccurate because Georgia’s absentee ballot refusal rate was over 10 times lower than previous levels as a consequence.

Lower drastically was the rate of rejection before it had ever been lower than it had ever been before.

Could you explain the way in which only the tally of votes can be explained if thousands of illegitimate votes were added?

By the way, if Georgia had just rejected the same number of unlawful rejected ballots as in previous years, they should absolutely find all the votes that defrauded us out of a win in Georgia. They should find approximately 45,000 rejected ballots. You’re talking about tens of thousands.

Democrats may want to eliminate signature matching and voter ID, as they do not allow you to ask the question “are you a citizen?” To prevent the possibility of stealing the election.

I will now tell you a good story, if you are not disappointed. I hope you’re going to stand up for the good of our Constitution, and I hope Mike Pence knows exactly what they’re doing and how radical they are.

It was revealed that there was a complete fabrication, portraying a fake incident of a pipe bursting. All individuals were instructed to evacuate due to a burst in the water main. Republican poll observers were forcibly removed from the room in certain instances, particularly in Fulton County.

At 1:34 a.M., That was fair. It seems like almost none of the votes were for Trump, but rather for Biden Joe, as there was a mysterious dump of 100,000 votes that coincided with this act. Tens of thousands of votes were scanned illegally and unsupervised for nearly two hours. You saw it all on television, completely fraudulent. Then, election officials, Democrats, pulled out suitcases and boxes of ballots from under a table.

Thank you so much. Gratitude. Excellent, he has been an exceptional leader, however, I hold a differing opinion from the president, indeed. Recently, he remarked, “Indeed, I need to make some changes. I may possess some knowledge, you know, I am an outstanding leader,” despite acknowledging the unfortunate situation with the governor of Georgia and the Georgia secretary of state.

Please excuse Brian Kemp from voting, as he and others are currently out of the office. It is because of his low approval rating that he has reached a record low in ratings.

The number of fraudulent ballots that we’ve identified across the state is astonishing. Requests for an impartial and thorough examination of signatures in Fulton County have been denied on five different occasions.

Over 10,300 ballots were cast in Georgia by individuals whose birth dates and names matched those of residents who died prior to the 2020 election.

Voters are prohibited from casting their votes. In Georgia prisons, felons who are incarcerated cross-reference the names and dates of birth of individuals who have cast over 2,500 ballots.

Over 4,500 illicit votes were cast by individuals who are not listed on the state’s official voter records.

As per the Postal Service, individuals who registered to vote using an address mentioned as unoccupied cast more than 18,000 unlawful ballots.

A minimum of 88,000 votes in Georgia were submitted by individuals whose registrations were unlawfully retroactively dated.

Maybe you are interested  Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting 2023

Sixty-six thousand votes were cast in Georgia by individuals who are below the legal voting age. Each of these votes exceeds our requirement by a significant margin.

It’s a dishonest system, but I adore Georgia. I truly do. They longed for Georgia that much. Alright. They relocated, they relocated immediately. They relocated immediately. They claim they relocated immediately. And approximately 15,000 votes were submitted by people who relocated from the state before the November 3rd election.

However, the margin in Georgia is just 11,779 votes despite all of this.

This election, the nation was taken away from both you and me. Let’s be clear, a significant and exquisite triumph in Georgia is sufficient to secure triumph for all of these matters.

This is an absolute requirement that a comprehensive audit be conducted in every contested state before the election is certified. It is crucial to remove any illegal ballots and ensure a fair process in every single swing state.

However, we have not mailed them, but they have been returned. Supposedly, they were never mailed before more than 22,000 ballots were returned. Two thousand ballots were returned without an address. Over 36,000 ballots were illegally cast by non-citizens in the state of Arizona.

Have voters cast more votes than you have? Do you see that? In fact, there were more votes and ballots counted, totaling over six thousand and eleven hundred.

Without any Republican monitors present, a total of 103,000 ballots in the county were forwarded for electronic assessment. Following the registration cutoff, a staggering 150,000 individuals registered in Maricopa County.

The machines in Clark County, Nevada, purposely lowered the accuracy settings on signature verification before they were used, resulting in an overcount of 130,000 ballots.

If you wrote your signature as Santa Claus, it would be accepted.

There were probably individuals who did not reside there and did not have a registered address, but still cast over 8,000 votes in the November 3, 2020 election in Nevada. These votes were from individuals who had died prior to the election and their birth dates and names matched. Additionally, there were 1,500 ballots cast by individuals whose identities were not matched. This situation severely affected over 150,000 people and there were also more than 42,000 votes in Nevada, which is double the expected number.

We are going to win over every one of these. Additionally, we would have won Nevada. We would have taken care of the situation, if there were any of these things. The margin in Nevada is very low.

In clear defiance of Michigan state law, the secretary of state, who is highly regarded, swiftly inundated the state with unrequested mail-in ballot applications that were sent to every individual on the voter registry.

Over 17,000 ballots from Michigan were submitted by individuals whose names and dates of birth correspond to individuals who had passed away.

They arrived from an undisclosed location. One hundred and seventy-four thousand ballots were tallied without any connection to a verified voter. That pertains to Detroit, a remarkable city located in Wayne County.

Additionally, election officials in Wayne County repeatedly rescanned batches of ballots, observed by poll watchers, multiple times at intervals of five, four, or three.

In Detroit, Michigan, the voter turnout was a staggering 139% of the registered voters. It is truly remarkable to consider such a high percentage of people participating in the voting process.

They wouldn’t let him speak. A Republican arrived and the voters who voted for him watched as she coached city workers to vote straight Democrat. She testified under penalty of perjury that she witnessed the career of a Detroit City employee.

In Michigan, thousands and thousands of ballots were improperly backdated, as reports and the deadline indicated. It was revealed that Democrats were instructed not to attempt to validate any signatures or ask for voter ID by the same worker who was told to backdate received ballots illegally.

I did not receive any votes. Every single Democrat voted for me. Tens of thousands of additional ballots arrived without the required envelopes, and the last votes have been counted. After the announcement, officials in Detroit testified under penalty of perjury that four witnesses have testified.

Trump visited a few percentage points. From his cellar, Joe Biden campaigned exceptionally, who obtained an astonishing 94% of the ballots that Michigan unexpectedly disclosed, in the early hours of the morning after voting had concluded at 6:31 a.M.

It was imperative in the states where they were witnessed, and they were witnessed only in a handful of swing states, these massive and overwhelmingly one-sided vote clusters.

What’s fascinating is that Biden emerged victorious in all states except for the swing states where President Obama defeated him.

Just as they were always barely in the lead, Joe Biden pushed enough to maintain their advantage. We were losing by a small margin, but within a few hours, we were ahead by a significant amount.

In the majority of states in our country, the same systems are used, and votes were switched from Trump to Biden in just one county in Michigan, with 6,000 votes alone. Additionally, there is a highly troubling matter regarding Dominion Voting Systems, specifically in relation to Dominion Voting Systems.

Senator William Ligon, a highly respected gentleman, has written a letter describing his concerns about the elections in Georgia to the chairman of the subcommittee on judiciary in the Georgia Senate, Dominion.

Out of a grand sum of 113,000, more than 106,000 ballots necessitated a review panel to arbitrate or ascertain the voter’s concern. The process of scanning ballots is incorrect 93% of the time, displaying an astonishing and remarkable 93.67% inaccuracy rate in the Dominion Voting Machines utilized in Fulton County. He penned, and I quote, “It’s merely incorrect 93% of the time.”

No one has ever heard before. They fabricate whatever they desire. They inform individuals about whom you are expected to cast your vote for. You enter and cast your vote. Contemplate it.

Biden wants to put it down. He thinks we should vote for Biden. Trump doesn’t think we should vote for Trump. They say. They will adjudicate your vote.

The astronomical error rate of 93% must be identified if these machines were to be destroyed or set up again to allow the registered voter to disregard party affiliation and vote for a third party. This error rate is far less than the national average of 1%.

In numerous counties in Georgia, tens of thousands of ballots were transferred from President Trump to former Vice President Biden. The correspondence persists. There is indisputable proof.

Biden’s favor was very quick in switching votes, with 12,000 votes going up for Biden and 29,391 votes going down for President Trump in the next update. These numbers were reported simultaneously for Vice President Biden at 9:11 PM Eastern time, with 29,391 votes reported for President Trump in Bibb County, for example.

I am able to inform you of this. However, I could potentially continue indefinitely. I am reluctant to subject you to it due to my affection for you and the extremely cold weather conditions. Therefore, I have to say that I could endlessly discuss this deception that occurred in each state, and all of these governing bodies are eager to rectify this situation.

(Audience chants: “We adore you.”).

When you hear it, there is no evidence to prove any wrongdoing, so I’m sure they won’t put any of that on there because they say the press will see it and I’m sure they won’t put any of that on there because they say the press will see it and I’m sure they won’t put any of that on there because they say the press will see it.

I could go on for another hour telling you about all the things I’ve never liked or experienced.

Additionally, many other states had more voters and votes. Isn’t that right? Consider this, if there were almost as many deceased individuals as there were living, I don’t think it would be fair to go between them. Pennsylvania had more than 205,000 votes. More voters had more votes. Ponder about Detroit.

It’s a shame that tens of millions of individuals in the United States of America are permitted to vote without even presenting identification.

In no state is there any question or effort made to verify the identity, citizenship, residency or eligibility of the votes cast.

The Constitution says that you have to follow different rules in order to catch someone committing fraud. If everything breaks up, fraud can have an impact on voting and that’s why the Constitution is there to protect us. Yes, I agree. However, I cannot send them back to the states because the Constitution does not allow me to do so. Yes, sir, they want to play by the rules. They want to play fair. If you don’t want to make things tougher, then you’re not going to have a Republican Party. The Republicans need to become tougher.

I hope Mike possesses the bravery to accomplish his tasks, without paying heed to the RINOs and the foolish individuals he is currently consulting with.

They don’t want to clean them up. Democrats oppose every effort to clean up their voter rolls. It is widely understood that the voter rolls are full of individuals who are otherwise ineligible to vote and those who have moved out of the state and non-citizens and felons.

Sir, it didn’t make quite the way you said. I heard that seven ballots got out, but only one of them was heard. Additionally, millions of ballots were sent out, with thousands and hundreds still remaining. This shows how many people here know about other people.

Perhaps in the history of the world, this election is considered the most corrupt. They claimed that it is uncharacteristic of Americans to question the results. Our victory was overwhelming, as we emerged victorious by a wide margin.

I don’t think it would matter to anyone if you go where. I don’t have votes and I don’t think hundreds of votes would matter, but you know you could go to third-world countries.

They are skeptical about it. Therefore, it cannot be considered as true. Many individuals are skeptical about it, as it is extremely absurd. A large number of people do not even consider it to be true, as it is highly unfavorable. In reality, it is incredibly flagrant.

This is not only a question of internal politics — this is a matter of national defense.

Today, in addition to challenging the certification of the election, I am calling on the state legislatures and Congress to quickly pass sweeping reforms that will help us do better and leave the country in a better state than before.

Today is not the conclusion, it’s merely the start.

Over the past four years, we have built the greatest political movement in the history of our country, which challenges even the most formidable opponents. We appreciate your assistance in this endeavor.

I repeat that repeatedly, and I never get questioned by the insincerity, and they question almost everything we say.

Our fight against big tech, big media, and big donors has just begun. There has never been a movement like this in history, it is the greatest.

You gaze in that direction all the way to the Washington Monument. It’s difficult to comprehend.

We must ensure that such outrageous election fraud can never happen again, and we must stop the stealing.

There. Right now, I’m not interested, I’m just saying that for four years, 96% of you, Sir. I have had a lot of people. We have promised well, okay. Let’s not talk about them. We’ve got to take care of going back. We will take care of going forward. But we are moving forward.

Every person should show their ID in order to cast the most important vote. You need an ID to drive a car, purchase alcohol, and go to the bank. You need an ID to cash a check. Finally, we will help you pass the powerful requirements for a voter ID with your assistance.

In fact, we just had a good victory on the court. In order to vote in American elections, we will also require proof of American citizenship.

When they suddenly show up, they quickly disappear, making it fraudulent. These boxes that are dropped are used for committing fraud. In order to prevent rampant fraud, we will ban the use of unsecured ballot harvesting.

We will discontinue the practice of widespread unsolicited mail-in voting.

Their vote is cast in the state where they exercise their voting rights and they are a resident of our nation, ensuring that every individual who casts a vote is a citizen of the voter rolls we will tidy.

When voters make their selection, they can receive comprehensive information, thereby enabling us to revive the crucial civic practice of voting in person on Election Day.

In the realm exists, within the United States, no individual, no corporation, something that no other corporation would eliminate Section 230 if these individuals possessed bravery and audacity. And we will ultimately make tech giants answerable.

The criminals must be completely prosecuted and examined to the maximum extent of the law. They should be regulated and held accountable for their actions. Democrats and Republicans should work together to implement stricter measures and prevent these tech monopolies from interfering in our elections and abusing their power.

Outside, there are numerous malevolent individuals. It’s a grim enterprise. It’s a grim enterprise. However, you believe it’s simple. We have accomplished a significant task regarding it. We will eradicate the dishonesty in the governmental center of our country. Collaboratively, we will rid the Washington swamp.

250,000 individuals have gathered, which, in my opinion, is our highest attendance ever. These are incredible numbers of people. Witnessing such large turnouts across the nation and reflecting on our experiences, we have overcome numerous challenges.

With that remark, we need to exercise caution. However, it is crucial to exercise a degree of caution, I must admit. When it comes to the future of our country, I have never been more assured in the exceptional patriots present here today.

Deceptive and untrue data provided to states that participate in elections when the manner in which they arrived is unlawful, as the votes are unlawful due to the illegality of permitting this group of individuals to unlawfully seize control of our nation.

We are the most exceptional nation on the planet and we are moving and have moved in the correct course.

Catch and release, we eliminated all of this material that we had to coexist with. We have ever encountered in this nation, and it has had a substantial effect, one of the most extensive infrastructure initiatives. They claimed it could never be accomplished, the barrier, recall the barrier. We accomplished an excellent task on the barrier. Permit everybody to enter, allow everyone to enter. They desire to dismantle the barrier. We are achieving unprecedented figures at the barrier. The barrier has been constructed, you are aware.

Let’s not let it happen. They want to come in again, ripping our country off and forming caravans. I think Biden’s caravans are getting in now, but again.

We adore our nation. Our affection for America is enduring and profound. We possess justice and truth on our side, as demonstrated by this massive gathering.

The individuals, on behalf of the individuals, and through the individuals, we are committed to safeguard and uphold the governance of this magnificent nation. Our spirits hold it profoundly and we possess immense satisfaction in ourselves. United.

Our most brilliant days are ahead of us. Our most remarkable accomplishments, yet to come.

Election integrity will be one of our remarkable accomplishments, I believe. Our electoral processes were tainted, and nobody had any inkling until I emerged.

Something is really wrong here, something has happened, I said. They can go off to some other life, and I want to thank you very much. I would say that most people would stand there again at 9 o’clock in the evening.

And we fight. We fight like hell. And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.

My fellow Americans, our movement has just begun for the sake of our beloved country and our children. Our boldest endeavors and most thrilling adventures are still to come.

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