Quincy Jones Net Worth

Quincy receives a commission every time a Quincy Jones-produced Michael Jackson album or song is sold or played commercially. His relentless efforts in the music sector have earned him numerous accolades, and he has collaborated with some of the most remarkable musicians of our era. Some of his most remarkable contributions were in songwriting and producing, although Jones is a skilled musician in his own regard. Throughout a career that has lasted over six decades, Quincy Jones has been a vital component of the music industry. Quincy Jones possesses a fortune of $500 million and is an American conductor, record producer, trumpeter, musical arranger, and television producer.

Early Life

Quincy’s dad and his stepmom would go on to have three additional kids. Afterwards, his dad divorced her and got remarried, and his new wife already had three kids of her own. While Quincy was still quite young, his mom had a schizophrenic breakdown and was admitted to a mental hospital. He also had the opportunity to play the piano because his neighbor next door owned one and allowed him to practice. Quincy’s initial encounters with music were through religious tunes. His family took part in the “Great Migration” and moved to Chicago when Quincy and his brother were still children. Quincy Delight Jones Jr. Was born on March 14, 1933.

At the age of 14, he acquainted himself with Ray Charles and established relationships with other prominent jazz musicians in Seattle. In no time, he emerged as a skillful trumpeter, acquired the art of composition, and received a comprehensive musical education while in high school. Following the conclusion of the war, Quincy Jones’s family relocated to Seattle, where he pursued his studies. When the outbreak of World War 2 occurred, his father secured employment at a naval shipyard, prompting the family’s relocation to Washington.

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Eventually, it became clear that he needed to begin his career as a music professional. Even though he continued to study and play jazz at local bars at night, he spent only one semester at Boston’s Berklee College of Music before transferring. Jones eventually enrolled at the University of Seattle with a scholarship in 1951. One of his classmates at that time was a young Clint Eastwood.


After leaving college, Quincy Jones moved to New York. Although he still booked gigs as a trumpet player, his talents as an arranger were soon recognized. One of his earliest jobs was playing in a band supporting Elvis Presley’s first televised appearances in 1956. After touring around the world, he started living in Paris. Eventually, he began working as the music director for the French record company Barclay.

Quincy Jones, known for his knack for writing and composing theme songs for various TV shows such as The Bill Cosby Show, Roots, and Mad TV, also displayed his talents as a composer. He became a sought-after composer for Hollywood producers and enjoyed a successful career. He composed scores for films such as The Italian Job, The Getaway, The Deadly Affair, and many others. He started composing music for motion pictures during this time, beginning with The Pawnbroker. In 1961, Quincy Jones became the vice-president of Mercury, the parent company of Barclay, a major record label in the United States.

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Dude, Quincy Jones had written or featured songs performed by a wide range of artists, earning him three Grammy Awards.

This album built on the success of Jackson’s 1987 Bad album and sold 45 million copies at the time. Thriller would go on to sell more than 60 million copies, proving to be even more successful. The Wall Off album sold 20 million copies, further demonstrating the success of Thriller. At that time, Quincy Jones, the most successful record producer, made 20 million copies of the Off the Wall album. Quincy Jones had previously worked with Michael Jackson on the Wall Off album, which he produced in 1979. Thriller, Michael Jackson’s 1982 album, was one of Quincy Jones’ most well-known projects.

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Personal Life

In 1995, he ended his marriage with her and had a subsequent offspring with a German actress named Nastassja Kinski. Jones’ subsequent spouse was Peggy Lipton, and they had two daughters in unison before terminating their marriage in 1990. Prior to separating, they shared two children. From 1967 to 1974, Quincy Jones was wedded to a Swedish actress named Ulla Andersson. Throughout their 11-year partnership, they had two children together. Following a romantic involvement with Carol Reynolds, he welcomed another child. Quincy Jones experienced matrimony with Jeri Caldwell from 1957 to 1966.

Quincy Jones, at the age of 14, never made a vow to drive but unfortunately got into a car accident. After falling down a flight of stairs while intoxicated, he quickly decided to give up, even though he also started using heroin at the age of 15. This caused his family to become more focused on him and his workload to decrease. In 1974, Quincy Jones suffered a serious brain aneurysm.

Further Ventures

In the Powers Austin and 2000 Fantasia-like films, Goldmember had cameo roles. He also appeared in a number of guest appearances on television series like The Boondocks. In 2007, he started his own podcast. In 2001, he released an autobiography titled The Autobiography of Q, which was written by Quincy Jones. Later on, he would go on to produce shows like Madtv and The Jenny Jones Show, as well as create a new production company. In 1990, his production company merged with Warner Time to create a new production company. Quincy Jones also became a film producer, starting with the film The Color Purple.

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Real Estate

Presently, this residence is effortlessly valued at over $25 – $30 million. He disposed of this estate in 2005 for $5.4 million subsequent to finishing the development of a 25,000 square-foot compound, similarly located in Bel Air. That amounts to approximately $7 million in present times. In December 1986, Quincy purchased a house in Bel Air for $3 million.

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