¿Quién es Mar de Regil? Ahora la tunden por vender carísimos cuadros feos

“Next, we’ll tell you more about Bárbara de Regil’s only daughter – who is 36 years old – that sells very expensive ugly paintings? But, who is Mar de Regil?”

The new restaurant in town is receiving rave reviews for its delicious food.Output: The latest eatery in the area is being highly praised for its delectable cuisine.

On Instagram, @seagallery._ Announced the debut of Mar de Regil’s art page, and social media users responded.

Regil de Mar has started with its art, quoting prices ranging from 10,000 to 6,500 pesos for its paintings, as reported on their page citing high marketing costs.

“Like the signs that portray Goku or the Looney Toons for fairground rides, Mar de Regi’s paintings are ugly. What is surprising about this, however, is that.”

The criticism towards Mar de Regil stems from the fact that not only are its four beaches unsightly, but they are also exorbitantly priced.

And once again, Mar de Regil is being heavily criticized on social media, just like her mother typically does.

Mar de Regil protagoniza polémica con su mamá, Bárbara de Regil

Bárbara de Regil, the actress from ‘Rosario Tijeras’, uploaded a TikTok video that is currently causing controversy as it seems like Mar de Regil is following in Bárbara’s footsteps.

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The video of what Bárbara de Regil did with her daughter went viral, even though it has been on her account for over a month.

At the end of the birthday party, the actress was filming a TikTok train recording with her daughter, and it unexpectedly had a “phenomenal estamos” audio, which shows in the video.

Regil de Mar, instead of showing the complete video, preferred to leave it, which is why it cost him criticism, although Bárbara’s criticism is more than once.

Copying her daughter’s action, Bárbara de Regil redirects her when they stick out their tongues at the same time, and both flirt in front of the camera, as shown in the video.

Mar de Regil habría sido golpeada por una mujer rusa en Quintana Roo

Con su novio y amigos haría el viaje a Cancún que compartió hace un par de días la misma Mar de Regil.

Very little had been seen of the vacation, as the influencer had barely shared any photographs alongside her companions.

No obstante, un tuit cambió la historia e inició el rumor de la pelea a golpes donde Mar de Regil fue protagonista.

En Holbox, Quintana Roo, una mujer rusa golpeó a Mar de Regil durante la madrugada del 8 de julio, según el tuit.

It was reported that Mar de Regil was subjected to physical attacks until her boyfriend and additional friends came forward to intervene and separate the altercation.

In front of me, Mar de Regil has just been beaten up; the same person who has already been eliminated along with the account that posted it, it reads in the tweet.

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Continuing with the details that only the user who shared the rumor could provide, after the publication went viral, afterwards.

Just to reiterate, Mar de Regil would have been the one to blame for the fight.

“The Sea had something to say,” he wrote.

Truthfully, she was struck by a Russian woman during her vacation in Quintana Roo, it is unknown if Mar de Regil until now.

It’s because the influencer has stayed quiet about the rumor and hasn’t replied to the messages regarding the topic.

Mar de Regil reaparece tras rumor de pelea y preocupa por su ojo

Mar de Regil has neither confirmed nor denied participating in a physical altercation in Quintana Roo.

Nevertheless, the most recent video he posted on TikTok amidst the rumors of the disagreement caused worry among his supporters.

According to a variety of remarks, Mar de Regil has a bruised eye because of the punches.

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