¿Qué significa el color de tu orina?

But, were you aware that the scent and hue of your urine can unveil a very intimate story about your well-being?

According to James Wolach, MD, a urologist at Banner Health Clinic in Loveland, CO, he said, “Even the fact that you are taking medication, potential infections, including your hydration level, can tell you a lot about what is happening in your body, the color of your urine.” “But it can also be due to an infection, the smell of urine can be due to diet or medications and various supplements.”

According to Dr. Wolach, “urine contains phosphate and ammonium, potassium, sodium, uric acid, creatine, and urea in addition to water.” The kidneys filter the chemicals and salt from a complex cocktail of blood, but also water (at least 95%), which primarily composes it. Urine is the liquid waste product of your body.

If you have difficulties, particularly if you have troubles, discussing about the bathroom is a taboo subject for an individual, but it is a very ordinary and significant conversation that you should have with your healthcare provider.

Es recomendable realizar un examen médico cuando se desea obtener más información sobre el significado detrás del olor y color de la orina. Siga leyendo para obtener más información.

When obtaining an accurate reading of urine color, it is crucial to pay attention to the urine stream coming out of the body, as importance, alteration of color or dilution might happen in the urine after mixing it with toilet water, rather than the actual color of the urine itself.

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Here is a useful breakdown next time you take a halfway look:

Urine that is clear to light yellow

Necesita líquidos los cuerpo tu a dando estás que le significa orina la aclarar para pálido amarillo ! Hidratado bien estás Felicitaciones,

Dr. Wolach said, “Throughout the day, it is not abnormal for the color of urine to vary. However, from light yellow to transparent, the color of your urine should actually have very little color when it is healthy and hydrated.”

Urine with cloudiness

Excessive proteins can also cause milky or white urine. Additionally, diabetes or a sexually transmitted disease can indicate kidney stones, but cloudy and turbid urine can also be a sign of a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Urine of dark yellow to amber color

It is possible that reducing them may require you to consult with your body about what vitamins you need. It could be a harmless sign that you are a little dehydrated or that you are taking more vitamins than your body needs. The color of your urine, whether it is dark amber or even bright yellow, could indicate that you are in the correct range on the color chart. This is good news.

Orina de color naranja

You could have also eaten something with food coloring. If you are urinating orange, it can also indicate possible problems in the liver or bile ducts, but it can also be caused by medications that are making the urine orange in color, more commonly.

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Urine of dark brown color

You can also acquire a dark brown color in your urine if you are consuming large amounts of beans, rhubarb, or aloe. A liver condition or severe dehydration could mean that you have brown urine.

Dr. Wolach stated, “dark urine can also indicate liver disease, but it is generally associated with fatigue, yellow skin and eyes, and weight loss as well”.

Orina de color rojo y rosa

In some cases, the reddish-brown urine may be old blood. This could indicate a potential infection, kidney disease, or certain types of cancer.

Dr. Wolach said, “If there is no pain, a person could have bladder or kidney cancer.” “If there is pain associated with pink or red urine, it could indicate a sign of UTI or kidney stones.”

According to Dr. Wolach, “consuming a large amount of blackberries or beets can also cause reddish-brown urine.” Red urine does not always indicate a problem in some cases.

Orina de color azul o verde

Medications, antidepressants, and any drug containing phenol can also be related, however, the impact is generally surprising, despite green or blue urine due to dyes or artificial coloring in food.

Many people complain about the strong odor that asparagus can give to urine, even though consuming asparagus can sometimes leave a green tint to the urine.

¿Qué ocurre con la orina con mal olor?

It is important to pay attention to changes in the smell of urine. When dealing with malodorous urine, the main suspects are asparagus, which we know well. Changes in smell could also be caused by underlying conditions.

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Dr. Wolach stated, “In urine, a sweet and fruity odor can indicate uncontrolled diabetes.” “A UTI can be a sign of unpleasant smells, and the urine may also contain some blood and appear cloudy.”

Definitely get in touch with your provider if the odor doesn’t disappear.

Next Steps

What does it mean when your urine changes color completely from a yellowish tone to a different shade of yellow, causing panic beforehand?

Your provider skipping this annual visit is not good, so it is important to have a routine “urine in a cup” during your annual wellness exam.

Dr. Wolach stated, “an infection could indicate white blood cells or bacteria in the urine, which means the presence of red blood cells in the urine can also indicate a disease, not just the first signs of them, because urine analysis is important for detecting them.”

Take a moment to check and review what your urine is telling you, as it is important for your health. Make sure to prioritize your well-being and consider it as “your business” for the next time.

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