Qué es Temu, la app en español que lo está petando en Android y iPhone

Below we see what Temu app is and, more importantly, which company or conglomerate is behind Alibaba’s next big rival. But what is Temu app? An issue we already discussed in the article we just linked, many people doubt the reliability of Temu due to its recent arrival in Spain. The majority of users find the platform attractive because of its low prices and wide variety of available products, as is the case with AliExpress and Miravia. Probably due to the enormous amount of money the company is investing in advertising, Temu has become one of the most popular shopping apps in the world.

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  • The final consumers are products that are sold through Temu, which are directly shipped from China.

    temu es fiable de fiar confiable seguro 2023

    Alibaba’s operational model is virtually identical to that of AliExpress, allowing companies to sell directly to end consumers without the need for warehouses in the countries where they are available. Similarly, in Europe, after the implementation of new regulations that require the declaration of VAT on imported products, AliExpress operates in a similar way.

    The company that has experienced spectacular growth in popularity through an aggressive advertising campaign is now starting to popularize in all countries, where the United States turned into the most downloaded application in May 2023. If we go back to the origins of the app, it was launched in September 2022, Temu.Com.

    The following month, the application was launched in six European countries: the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and France. In the same year, Temu.Com was launched in New Zealand and Australia, marking its entry into the Oceanic market. The company aired an advertisement during the Super Bowl that same month, and the application was launched in Canada in February. It is true that the application has quickly expanded its international presence, leaving aside the North American market.

    ¿Temu Shop realiza ventas en España?

    PDD Holdings, the parent corporation of Temu, runs an international transportation system that permits goods to be transported directly from China to customers worldwide, without the necessity of storage facilities in Europe or North America. The platform empowers vendors, predominantly of Chinese descent, to present their merchandise directly to customers across the globe, even though most vendors do not have a physical establishment in the nation, as previously stated. The recent expansion of Temu into our country grants it the ability to conduct operations within Spanish borders.

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    The company’s shipping times, which vary from 8 to 36 business days, enhance AliExpress’s proposition, all thanks to Temu’s logistics network. Despite sellers lacking a physical presence in Spain, users can conveniently buy products in euros and experience relatively prompt shipping. Spanish consumers can easily access the Temu Shop platform through the mobile application or website and explore a diverse selection of categories, such as electronics, fashion, home and garden, sports and leisure, and more.

    ¿Temu es igual a Shein?

    Furthermore, in addition to advertising spaces, Temu has allegedly impersonated the company’s identity on different social networks, which Shein has sued for. There is no doubt about it. PDD Inc Holdings, whose parent company is Lingtian Nanjing Information Technology Ltd, is the owner of Shein. Despite the fact that Temu is not responsible for any type of relationship, it is unfortunate that they have a similar appearance.

    Qué es Temu, la app en español que lo está petando en Android y iPhone 1

    According to an article published in Fashion Dive, Temu’s claim alleges that Shein formulated a strategy to capitalize on its recognized brand in the United States. The initial allegation incorporated visuals from various Twitter accounts established to mimic Shein’s official account, but guided users towards downloading Temu’s mobile application. Shortly thereafter, Shein amended its claim to accuse Temu of creating Google advertisements that seemed to originate from the renowned fashion store, yet contained links to Temu’s website.

    Las leyes de marcas y competencia desleal no infringen y alegando, Temu solicitó al tribunal que desestimara su caso. En su defensa, las campañas de influencers eran simplemente “presunción” y proporcionó a los influencers declaraciones “falsas y engañosas” sobre Shein. Por ejemplo, Temu les solicitó que publicaran que la ropa de Temu era “más económica y de mucha mejor calidad” que la ropa de Shein. El grupo empresarial también denunció varias irregularidades con las campañas de influencers de Temu. Según la demanda, Temu.

    The big question, is Temu a reliable application? These are the most frequent issues.

    Despite the popularity of its platform in the country, the company has received criticism, despite the lack of controversy, for the ineffective customer service and the arrival of damaged or broken products, as well as the poor packaging. In a March 2023 review for Time, the author Tom from Guide’s recommended against purchasing any product that was already made of glass, given the facts collected in the article. The company has also faced criticism for incorrect orders and mysterious charges, as well as shipping issues.

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  • According to the opinions of Temu, one of the main problems of the store Pilot Trust, which is related to a lack of security on the website, is that it allows unauthorized third parties to make charges on credit cards. This also varies greatly in Spain. TechCrunch has also reported that many customers have complained about the lack of service and incorrect orders, as well as delayed and damaged deliveries, including fraudulent listings similar to those found on Wish.

    One problem that we often encounter is the tendency to make comments that allude to this problem, which we believe is a problem that affects us all. One of them recounts an incident where someone used their credit card to make fraudulent purchases on platforms like Amazon, highlighting a flaw in the security measures of the website.

    The lack of customer attention in these cases has generated a lot of frustration among users, as the national prefix limits them to a single email address or even a real-time chat system. The lack of coordination between messaging companies and the website has resulted in customers not being able to receive the products they have paid for, even though they have reported the issue. Users who have experienced this common problem on Temu.Com have also faced the impossibility of communicating with the company to obtain solutions and have experienced package loss. Another related issue is the inability to contact customer service.

    In the application, after registering the phone number, spam and fraudulent messages are received via SMS. Another recurring problem is related to receiving spam and fraudulent messages via SMS after registering the phone number. Additionally, some users have reported that Temu makes multiple charges for the same purchase and that the refund process takes a long time. There are also users who have had good experiences with the platform, reporting fast deliveries and products in good condition, although with poor packaging.

    ¿Es Temu confiable y seguro? Algunas opiniones discrepan al respecto.

    It is not uncommon for users to report specific errors that can be problematic. The Pilot Trust store only has a rating of 2.8 stars out of 5, based on close reviews with only one star. It is not unusual to find negative reviews mentioning the aforementioned problems about Temu.

    We read on Trust Pilot:Output: We came across on Trust Pilot:

    «La peor de mis experiencias, al hacer dos compras extrajeron una 5 veces y otra dos veces mi dinero ahora mismo se encuentra en un limbo, pedí reembolso y demora de 5 a 15 días.»

    «La opinión que tengo es pésima, para mi Temu no es confiable: en 2 ocasiones llené todo el crédito compartiendo para ganar mi regalo, por compartir solo me quedaban 0.20 $ y lo compartí con un usuario nuevo y simplemente no me dio el punto que me faltaba, cuando aún me faltaba tiempo porque se terminara mi pedido para calificar ya eso me ha pasado 2 veces.»

    «Es la primera vez que compro y apenas termino de completar el pago me cobraron tres veces la misma cantidad ahora estoy viendo cómo cancelar y recuperar mi dinero. No lo recomiendo cuidado con las estafas.»

    «Es mi primera compra y para empezar he tenido muy mala experiencia, mi pedido no ha sido entregado, por dirección incompleta, algo que es una gran mentira porque está bien escrita y con todos los datos que piden, la compañía encargada de la entrega es LaserShip, llamas al customer service para ponerte en contacto con ellos y nadie responde el teléfono.»

    «Hice mi primer pedido con ustedes y la orden nunca llegó,,, era un regalo para mi hija por la navidad ,,, me llegó un email avisándome de la entrega ,,, pero Eso nunca ocurrió.»

    «Después de pagar la compra, alguien hizo otra compra con mi tarjeta de 130 euros, denuncié y nada. Al menos mi banco no autorizó la compra y dos, todavía sigo esperando mi pedido, que alguien me diga dónde está. Así mejor no acercarse a esta página.»

    «Nunca hasta ahora me habían llegado SMS de este tipo, jamás indico mi número personal a excepción de Temu. Se ve que esta empresa vende nuestros datos personales a terceros, de ahí a que los precios sean más baratos de lo normal. Cada día tengo que estar bloqueando SMS fraudulentos que me llegan a mi número.»

    «He pedido dos veces en esta aplicación, hago el pago y me descuentan el dinero, pero al día siguiente me ponen su pedido ha sido cancelado, se le rembolsará su dinero y nunca lo devuelven… Pierdo el dinero y el pedido.»

    «Instale la app e hice una cuenta, pero los precios que anuncian en FB no aparecen así en la página y al final son iguales o más caros que Amazon, Shein o Chicme. Prefiero Amazon con la seguridad que ofrece.»

    «No me llegó mi pedido, aparece como entregado, pero nunca llegó y estuve todo el día en mi casa. La compañía que realizó el envío es LaserShip, ahora deben analizar el caso en un periodo de 48 horas y ya llevaba esperando por los artículos una semana, he tenido una gran pérdida de tiempo en artículos que necesitaba, ahora debo encargarlos nuevamente, aunque esta vez lo haré por lo seguro.»

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