QC Kinetix How Much does QC Kinetix Cost in 2023? Customer Reviews

In 2017, Justin Crowell initiated the QC Kinetix franchise in Charleston, South Carolina alongside Tyler Vail and Dr. Richard Schaffer as a regenerative medicine concept, offering remedies for diverse musculoskeletal and joint discomfort problems as a substitute for pain medications and surgical procedures. QC Kinetix offers “non-invasive regenerative medicine services” encompassing Joint Pain Treatment, Hair Restoration, and Men’s Health Services.


Prior to joining QC Kinetix, Scott Hoots held the position of President at Pet Wants, a boutique pet food franchise system located in Cincinnati. Additionally, he served as the VP of Franchising for American Family Care. Hoots started his career as a delivery driver for Domino’s pizza and gradually climbed the corporate ladder to become the Regional Vice President of the chain, overseeing a total of 1,500 franchise stores. This remarkable journey spanned over 26 years, and he currently holds the position of CEO.

In a previous year, Crowell informed Franchise Times that due to the inclusion of franchise establishments, QC Kinetix franchise’s overall sales reached $8 million in 2020 from nine corporate clinics and expanded to $27 million in 2021. They rapidly expanded and initiated the process of franchising in 2020, with the assistance of Hoots.

QC Kinetix franchise

Is Stem Cell Treatment Proven?

Unfortunately, obtaining an abundant source of concentrated stem cells can be challenging. The process of culturing and processing these cells, which includes “manipulation,” is prohibited by the FDA. However, adult stem cells have fewer regulatory issues. In addition, the FDA has severely restricted its use, due to ethical issues associated with the use of fetal tissue. Unfortunately, the excitement about stem cells has outpaced the science in many areas of healthcare.

Orthopedic specialists, cosmetic surgeons, or doctors specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation are frequently the medical professionals who provide stem cell therapies. The FDA advises patients to consult with their physician regarding the possible drawbacks and advantages, and inquire about participation in an FDA-approved clinical trial if they opt for stem cell therapy for any reason.

As per a piece of writing from The New York Times, twelve people were formerly admitted to the hospital after receiving Stem Cell injections.

How Does QC Kinetix Back Up the Science?

When used locally for musculoskeletal injections (both in and around joints and soft tissues), we have found regenerative treatments to be both safe and effective. This has also been shown to be true in multiple medical studies. What we do not condone is the use of any of these regenerative therapies for any systemic disease or for administration intravenously (by IV)

The franchise of QC Kinetix should incorporate references to several medical research studies to substantiate the efficacy of their services.

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QC Kinetix and NFL Football Legend Emmitt Smith Partnered Together

QC Kinetix has announced its partnership with Emmitt Smith, a former Dallas Cowboys star who has won the Super Bowl three times and holds the record for the most rushing yards in NFL history. Smith emphasized the importance of taking care of his body and joints throughout his 15 seasons in the NFL and even after retiring from football. He emphasized the significance of making choices today that would benefit his joints in the long run. QC Kinetix offers a range of cutting-edge therapies that complement and enhance the body’s natural healing process. Smith expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with a company whose products he has personally experienced and found to be of high quality and effectiveness.

We are thrilled to have him as our perfect spokesperson to introduce our cutting-edge therapies to the public. He knows how to stay active and enjoy life while utilizing all available treatments and technology in our operating room, and he also knows the importance of staying away from steroids to stay on top of his game. But more importantly, he understands the pain of joint pain better than anyone else.

QC Kinetix franchise

How Much Is a QC Kinetix Franchise?

The starting cost for establishing a QC Kinetix franchise is $55,000. This initial payment needs to be made at the commencement of a QC Kinetix franchise.

Franchise Fees Can Be Significantly Higher

Number of QC Kinetix Business Units Initial Franchise Fee for Each Location Development Fee
2 units $50,000 each $100,000
3 units $45,000 each $135,000
4 units $41,250 each $165,000
5 units $37,000 each $185,000
Each unit after 5 $20,000 each

There is a problem that Subway encounters, which is customer cannibalization due to the excessive number of locations. It is not sustainable for QC Kinetix, being a smaller franchise, to have more than 10 locations in most metropolitan areas. When you enter into a contract, you can develop more than one location in exchange for lower fees. QC Kinetix franchise is expanding their business through an area development model, as shown in the chart above.

QC Kinetix Franchise Cost

To review the franchise chart below and see how much it costs to buy a Kinetix QC franchise in 2022, it is important to note that these one-time fees are necessary for the launch of the franchise. The following costs are included in the upfront costs of the initial investment for the franchise. The total estimated investment required to begin the operation of a Kinetix QC franchise ranges from $220,130 to $328,830.


Estimated Initial Investment

Type of expediture Amount To Whom Payment Is To Be Made
Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $55,000 $55,000 Franchisor
Leasehold Improvements $10,000 $60,000 Landlord or General Contractor
Utilities and Security Deposit $5,000 $10,000 Landlord
3-months’ Rent $8,500 $25,000 Landlord
Signage $1,500 $2,500 Approved Vendors
Furniture and Fixtures $9,000 $12,000 Payable to us, our affilliates, or approved vendors
Computers, Office Equipment, and Supplies $5,000 $8,000 Payable to us, our affilliates, or approved vendors
Medical Related Equipment $8,000 $10,000 Approved Vendors
Medical Related Training $1,800 $3,600 Your medical providers must attend training with Experience Anatomy, which is currently $900 per person payable to that third party
Business Licenses, Permits $500 $1,500 Appropiate licensing authorities and Third Parties
Professional Fees $2,000 $7,500 Appropiate Third Party Professionals
Initial Inventory (Retail Items) $2,000 $3,000 Payable to us, our affilliates, or approved vendors
Business Insurance $5,600 $22,500 Payable to third parties
Training Expenses $3,000 $5,000
Salesforce Setup Fee $1,500 $1,500 Payable to third parties
Webpage Setup Fee $1,250 $1,250 Payable to third parties
Forms Setup Fee $480 $480 Payable to third parties
Additional Funds (3 months) $100,000 $100,000 Third Parties
Total $220,130 $328,830
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Upon signing the Franchise Agreement, the entire Initial Franchise Fee must be paid. The designated area, which encompasses specific training, carries a Franchise Fee of $55,000.

QC Kinetix franchise

QC Kinetix Franchise Requirements

You must have a minimum net worth of $500,000, with $100,000 of that amount being in liquid assets.

Owning a QC Kinetix Franchise Requires Ongoing Fees

The royalty is a minimum of $1,500 starting at the end of the term, and a minimum of $1,000 starting 3 months after the opening, with a weekly Gross Revenues of 8%.

Monthly, it can be raised to $40,000 after the sixth month, provided that $20,000 is given in the first month. Marketing Fee.

Brand Development Fee: Currently based on the weekly Gross Revenues.

Call Center Charges: Ranging from $1,500 to $3,500 per Franchise unit per month, based on the quantity of clinics in your region.

In 2021, the franchise of QC Kinetix generated a revenue of $2.6 million through the sale of equipment and products to its franchisees. Additionally, these charges are already considerably elevated, as evident.

Vetted Member

QC Kinetix (Franchisor) Income Statement Key Insights:

Statement of Operations

(in thousands) Years ended in December 31, 2021
2021 2020
Equipment and Supply Sales $2,624,318 $13,100
Brand Development Fees 136,604
Call Center Fees 619,941
Franchise Fees 72,327
Royalty Fees 1,146,969
Technology Services Fees 97,300 99,600
Medical Fees 2,422
Total Revenues $4,799,481 $13,100
Operating Expenses:
Healthcare Products $1,696,677 $6,765
Adveritsing and Promotion 417,784 17,273
Technology 163,784
Training and Support 177,480
Auto Expenses 14,437
Bank and Credit Card Service Charges 6,507 400
Consulting 59,653 81,018
Contractors 28,000
Depreciation 14,531 1,632
Amortization 46,273
Insurance 9,131 2,065
Meals and Entertainment 10,723
Miscellaneous 20,753 9,583
Office 97,636 2,355
Professional Fees 261,942 2,355
Salaries and Payroll Taxes 1,531,817 39,189
Rent 65,072 30,875
Travel 392,782 20,467
Total Operating Expenses $5,014,946 $265,978
(Net Loss) $(215,465) $(252,878)

The franchisor’s revenue model does not rely on actual customer flow to the end customer, but rather on its franchisees, which is concerning. Additionally, the Equipment Supply and Sales generate more than twice the revenue compared to royalties for the franchisor. In 2021, QC Kinetix incurred a net loss of $215,465, making it a loss-making business for the franchisor.

QC Kinetix franchise

QC Kinetix Customer Reviews

Below are testimonials from various QC Kinetix franchise establishments.

I’m so tired of hearing their ads on the radio about how much they can help. The only thing they help is their pockets (…) $10k for no results when they tell you it’s a better option than surgery. It was the biggest waste of time…

The results were a flop. They don’t even do X-Rays or MRI’s to assess the problem (…) I feel played on my distress and desperation to fix my shoulder problems

There were also numerous favorable feedback from patrons, including at their Coral Gables, Florida branch.

The shoulder I had bore for years has improved since I started treatment (…) The entire crew is excellent and highly knowledgeable

I chose to get Stem-Cell therapy from QC Kinetix. After 3 months of regular sessions, my right shoulder hasn’t hurt anymore. The doctors are very friendly and supportive. This clinic is the best if you need Stem-Cell therapy!

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How Much Do QC Kinetix Franchise Owners Make?

The data presented beneath pertains to 9 QC Kinetix establishments, some of which are owned by affiliated entities and were established either in or before 2020.

2021 QC Kinetix Median Franchise Sales: $1,166,405

Initial investment (midpoint) %Profit margin of median franchise sales Estimated Profits Time to recoup investments
$274,480 12.5% $145,800 4.5 years
157.5% $204,120 3.5 years
22.5% $262,441 3 years

You may not get a 17.5% profit margin on your investment, which could prolong the process of recouping your investment. However, this opportunity falls within the same range as other franchise opportunities. Based on the median sales provided by Kinetix’s QC franchise locations, it will take around 3.5 years to recoup your investment on average, with a 17.5% profit margin.

Many factors influence the success of your Franchised Store, including the caliber of management and service. QC Kinetix stores have achieved a high level of market penetration and brand recognition in your specific market. Other factors that impact sales include the presence of competing stores and the variety of offerings on the menu, as well as the store’s geographic location, size, and franchise expenses.

QC Kinetix franchise

Is the QC Kinetix Franchise Profit Worth the Franchise Cost?

We have reviewed larger industry franchise systems where more transaction data is available, including private company transactions sourced from the SEC filings and U.S. Business brokers’ database acquired from DealStats.

Less than $5 Million in Net

  • The Estimated Selling Price can be calculated by multiplying the Net Sales by
  • The goodwill linked with the QC Kinetix Brand is presently less than that of other franchises, as we believe that this assessment is excessively elevated. The midpoint investment of $274,880 greatly exceeds the selling price of $1,096,420, which is determined by the median multiple of .94 and the average sales in 2021 amounting to $1,166,405 when one decides to sell a QC Kinetix franchise.

    Private equity firms show interest in your business when you possess a greater number of franchises, rather than relying solely on individual owner-operators, due to your increased earning potential.

    Let’s evaluate the various QC Kinetix clinics available for purchase on BizBuySell. It is crucial to reassess the value of a QC Kinetix Franchise by determining the industry multiple of 0.94, as this is a significant factor contributing to the dissatisfaction of numerous customers regarding the service quality they receive.

    QC Kinetix Franchise Resales on BizBuySell

    It is not uncommon for many franchisees who want to sell their business, especially in the first year of operations. Currently, we have an estimated 100+ open centers for sale, with at least 15 of them listed. BizBuySell has 9 listings for Kinetix QC franchise resales, including a few locations.

    QC Kinetix franchise

    Strange numbers…

    In this particular industry, one should anticipate the solicited amount to range from 2 to 5 times the cash flow. If the solicited amount falls below the cash flow, it is advisable to exercise caution. The current offer of $200,000, coupled with a revenue of $1,600,000 and a cash flow of $300,000, may seem like an exceptional opportunity. However, certain financial aspects do not align with the resales, particularly concerning the two established establishments in Wisconsin.

    Established QC Kinetix Medical healthcare franchise

    Green Bay, WI

    QC Kinetix franchise


    Kinetix QC is attempting to break into the market of Alternative Therapy and Physical, while there is controversy surrounding the franchise. However, there are many positive reviews of the franchise by medical doctors, while negative reviews draw into question the effectiveness of their services.

    The majority of their success in sustaining revenue generally comes from royalties derived from franchises. In addition, the franchisor’s business model is based on selling equipment and products to new franchisees, as well as licensing new franchises.

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