Posts spread baseless claim about Karine Jean-Pierre

The first claim emerged from an anonymous Twitter account, sharing incidents and unrelated old photos without providing any evidence. A spokesperson for the White House further confirmed that these claims are baseless. According to the Department, there is no record of any arrest or such incident in the MPD. The AP has assessed this as false.

In recent days, baseless allegations that Jean-Pierre was implicated in a recent car crash have been widely circulated across various social media platforms, including TikTok and Facebook, starting from a tweet in late March and subsequently spreading to other platforms and blogs. THE VERACITY OF THE CLAIMS.

The thread also showcased a variety of pictures, including images of Jean-Pierre and different photos captured during nighttime featuring a police vehicle and the posterior of a uniformed police officer. The body camera footage of the incident is currently being withheld by the D.C. Police, and another tweet in the thread asserts that Jean-Pierre was speaking unclearly and had trouble maintaining an upright position. The initial tweet, which solely relies on anonymous “sources,” alleges her involvement in a previous collision. This allegation was initially posted on March 26 as part of a series of tweets from an account known for frequently sharing unverified assertions.

On Monday, numerous claims were also posted on blogs and circulated on TikTok. They are refusing to release the body cam footage, claiming that they are unable to stand and allegedly slurring her words. “She wrote,” tweeted one user on Twitter, pointing to the original tweet as evidence. The unverified claims quickly spread online.

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However, there is no proof to support these assertions.

“It’s made up,” Andrew Bates, a spokesperson from the White House, wrote in an email to The Associated Press.

Alaina Gertz, a department spokesperson, conveyed in an email to the AP that the Metropolitan Police Department does not possess any documentation of said arrest or incident.

Gertz wrote, “validate those allegations” to document a place she couldn’t find, she added. “I have no involvement in any arrest of this person within our system.”

Moreover, conducting reverse image searches reveals that the images showcased in the different posts portray past occurrences.

A February 2023 news report reveals an alternative photograph of a police car in Montgomery County, Maryland, concerning a shooting incident. Likewise, a January 2023 news report regarding the fatal apprehension of Tyre Nichols in Memphis showcases an illustration of the rear side of a uniformed police officer. Additionally, a news report recounts an incident from September 2022 where a handcuffed woman was confined in a stationary patrol vehicle that was subsequently struck by a freight train, featuring an image of the police vehicle involved.

Following the reported minor car accident, a photograph of Jean-Pierre taken by the Associated Press in May 2022 was inaccurately implied by the Twitter user who initially made the assertion in a tweet on March 27.


AP’s endeavor to tackle commonly spread misinformation involves collaborating with external companies and organizations to incorporate accurate information into deceptive content that is circulating on the internet. Gain further insights into AP’s fact-checking initiatives. This constitutes a portion of their overall approach.

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