PortMiami Reopens Nearly 12 Hours After Boat Collision

Three massive cruise vessels were forbidden from reentering the harbor after their voyages concluded, owing to the closure of the channel, the presence of submerged debris, and a tragic death resulting from a boat collision in the early hours. PortMiami resumed its operations on Sunday, June 25, 2023, around 2:30 p.M., Nearly a dozen hours afterwards.

The disembarkation and following embarkation of approximately 30,000 cruise travelers has commenced, nevertheless, emergency staff were capable of effectively clearing the waterway and guaranteeing the security of the incoming ships.

Today, Norwegian Escape, MSC Seascape, and Carnival Celebration, the trio of cruise ships set to disembark and board passengers, were warmly received back as the cruise port reopened following the safe removal of the submerged boat wreckage from the Government Cut at PortMiami.

The US Coast Guard and port authorities closed the port early in the morning as they awaited updates on clearance. All three cruise ships had just anchored outside the channel, waiting for entry into the port.

The position of the cruise ship docks, Dodge Island, located directly east of Fisher Island Ferry, crashed into the 30-foot vessel during the closure of the harbor at around 3:40 a.M.

The outcomes could be determined by the cause of the collision, the responsible party, and the ongoing investigation. The details of the incident have not been disclosed yet, but it is known that another individual involved in the accident was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition, and unfortunately, one person lost their life.

A barge with crane equipment was brought in to salvage the sunken vessel, while divers conducted inspections to ensure the channel’s safety.

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The Norwegian Escape, weighing 165,000 gross tons, was the initial ship to navigate through the channel and berth, succeeded by the MSC Seascape, weighing 169,400 gross tons, and ultimately, the Carnival Celebration, weighing 183,500 gross tons, upon the reopening of the port.

Three ships, carrying an excess of 15,000 travelers, had already completed docking and entered the Norwegian channel by 3:45 p.M. Both the crew members and thousands of travelers were on board.

For the upcoming voyage, in addition to restocking provisions, the ship will be required to disembark both passengers and crew members who have reached the completion of their employment agreements, upon arrival at each port.

Updating Guests with Information

Throughout the day, guests onboard the ships and those embarking for today’s departures have been kept informed through text messages, emails, and letters distributed at the cruise terminals by all three cruise lines, who have put in considerable effort.

Throughout the day, every individual has endeavored to ensure the comfort of the guests, despite the circumstances being completely out of the cruise lines’ jurisdiction.

Travelers aboard the vessel received varied notifications whenever there was fresh information, and the staff members strived to provide meals, beverages, and options for amusement.

To offset the expenses of today’s lunch and offer suggestions on nearby shopping, dining, or entertainment options, the cruise companies have granted onboard credit ($20 per individual for MSC Seascape and Carnival Celebration, and $25 for Norwegian Escape) to passengers whose cruises will commence several hours later than expected.

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Carnival Cruise Line has arranged complimentary shuttles for its guests to visit Bayside Marketplace, a nearby shopping center offering a wide range of food options. Additionally, a Carnival staff member has been present at Bayside Marketplace throughout the day to provide guests with updates and information.

When reading Carnival’s update one, “we appreciate your understanding and patience, as this is not the expected way for your cruise to start.” After that, each ship is expecting the embarkation process to last for approximately 2-3 hours, as we anticipate debarkation shortly before the next sailings begin.

Traffic and congestion are reduced to make it easier for guests to arrive at the port before 6 p.M. It is kindly requested that guests do not arrive at the port after 9 p.M. The check-in process is expected to begin at 7 p.M. With embarkation starting around 9 p.M., As informed by Norwegian Cruise Line for the late afternoon arrivals.

We will inform you promptly as soon as we have a clear idea of when we will be ready to welcome you on board. Currently, we expect that embarkation will not start until 5:00 p.M. Or later. Similarly, MSC Cruises has advised incoming guests that embarkation is unlikely to begin before 5:00 p.M.

Will the Future Travel Plans Be Affected?

Each ship is scheduled to begin its 7-night sailing tonight, with three departing vessels for Eastern Caribbean voyages. It is possible that the next sailings of each vessel may be changed due to a delayed start, but there is no information yet.

At sea June 26 Monday spend to scheduled are three all call, ports different and itinerary different a has ship each while.

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Each ship can easily make up for the time lost by adjusting the sailing speed to compensate for the overall change in the itinerary, which should not be underestimated in terms of its impact.

Each cruise line will make any changes to the overall sailing schedule based on decisions made regarding adjusted plans, communicated changes to passengers, and planned cruising speeds, port times, and routes.

Cruise Hive’s thoughts are with all affected passengers who will experience a seamless journey on their slightly postponed cruises, and we extend our best wishes to the families of those involved in this morning’s incident.

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