Police say 18-year-old was responsible for April Isle of Palms shooting

The police in Isle of Palms, SC, have identified the sole gunman in the shooting at Summerville High School as a senior who sent five people to the hospital in April.

The police arrested Davion Bobby Del’Shawn Singleton, an 18-year-old resident of Charleston, on Friday. Sgt. Matt Storen stated that Singleton is facing charges for owning a stolen car, unlawfully carrying a gun, possessing a firearm during a violent crime, and attempting to commit murder on five separate occasions.

Singleton, the individual responsible for firing the shots, has been identified as the fifth person apprehended, according to Police Chief Kevin Cornett’s statement at a press briefing.

Cornett stated, “Our discovery revealed that Davion Singleton, the person accountable, arrived at this location on that particular day by using a stolen car, and proceeded to fire his weapon, injuring five individuals on the beach.” “He is the individual who carried out the shooting during this occurrence.”

While they were in the process of separating the individuals involved in the commotion, they were startled by the sound of rapid gunfire. According to the authorities, the police were apprehending someone in connection with a physical altercation that had taken place beneath the privately-owned pier at the beach. The charges are related to the incident of shooting that occurred on April 7th around 5:20 p.M.

The gunfire wounded four adolescent boys and a 28-year-old lady.

Cornett stated, “And it would be negligent of me if I did not seize the opportunity to express our desire for this to provide them with a small measure of calm and comprehension, that perhaps this will offer a slight chance to alter their newfound outlook on the serenity of the shoreline.” “I want to ensure that we grasp the fact that this was an occurrence that occurred and has transformed the perception of at least five individuals regarding their time spent at the beach.”

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Cornett maintained that the investigation is not yet complete and there may be further arrests.

He stated, “The five individuals that we possess were all shot by the identical caliber. They were all shot by a single person.” “The investigation is still ongoing, but with regards to the shooting incident, we have identified the person responsible for shooting those five individuals.”

“Some of the victims, Singleton knew, were likely chosen at random, but not all, he chose not to disclose. It was believed that the shooting was connected to gang activity, although he chose not to disclose. They are not completely certain about the motive, but it may have been influenced by groups of people who had disputes on the day of the shooting, he mentioned.”

Singleton had a transparent criminal record and Cornett mentioned that the firearm utilized in the incident was not stolen.

He stated that the incident occurred on the beach, and we were able to positively identify it and recover it as part of our investigation.

Singleton was detained at the Al Cannon Detention Center on the eight counts as of Monday morning.

Matthew Kenwright, the spokesperson for Dorchester School District Two, issued a statement after Singleton’s arrest.

Today, we did not receive information about Mr. Singleton’s supposed participation through media reports. This incident, which occurred off-campus, took place well after the school day ended. In addition, the school district does not acknowledge senior skip day. Dorchester School District Two can verify that Davion Bobby Del’Shawn Singleton successfully completed his education at Summerville High School in 2023.

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