Poisoning From Plants Suspected in 2 Boys’ Deaths

The young males were discovered deceased on Thursday at their residence in El Segundo, and authorities are currently examining whether the boys were fatally harmed by consuming the toxic blossoms or foliage of a plant in close proximity to their front garden. The siblings, aged 2 and 3.

Officials stated that autopsies will be conducted in the coming days to ascertain the cause of death for the boys.

The investigators from the sheriff’s office stressed that there is no evidence of foul play and that Alexander and Peter Wiltsey, who were adopted from a Russian orphanage in September, were most likely killed by oleander poisoning, probably from a plant.

Sheriff’s representative David Cervantes stated, “This is an unfortunate event. . . . The guardians are not currently subject to any criminal inquiry. Allow me to clarify:

The family’s home is located near highly toxic plants, including oleander vegetation. The botanist from the Los Angeles County Department of Agriculture, along with homicide detectives from the Sheriff’s Office, spent the afternoon picking through the vegetation.

The investigators were informed by the parents that the boys fell ill on Monday after consuming portions of vegetation.

Turney, the botanist, mentioned that one flower of oleander or half a leaf of oleander could be enough to kill boys of their age. The parents of the boys stated that the plants, which had been taken from them, were examined by Jerry.

Just a couple of houses away, there stands a massive oleander shrub in the yard of a neighboring resident, whereas the Wiltseys’ land is devoid of any oleander growth.

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“There are a handful of different plants which could be lethal if eaten, but the most likely suspect is oleander,” Turney said.

According to detectives, Wiltsey, the mother of the boys, stated that she was unable to recognize the plant. She informed the sheriff’s detectives that on Monday, while Peter, who is 3 years old, and Alexander, who is 2 years old, were playing in the yard, she discovered them with foliage in their mouths.

On Monday evening, both boys commenced vomiting, as reported by Cervantes regarding the mother’s interview with detectives.

The doctor recommended that Wiltsey should keep an eye on the boys, as Cervantes mentioned. It can be assumed that their bodies were going through a cleansing process, which was seen as a good sign. Wiltsey contacted the pediatrician of the boys, as advised.

According to Wiltsey’s account to investigators, the boys appeared to be improving on Tuesday and Wednesday, although they were still experiencing fatigue and queasiness.

According to Cervantes, Tom Wiltsey, who works as an engineer at Hughes Aircraft Co., Went into their room to wake them up and discovered that they were “cold to the touch” at 5:30 a.M. On Thursday.

Emergency medical technicians and detectives were summoned to the two-level residence.

Norine Plett, the spokesperson for the sheriff, stated that currently, a conclusive determination cannot be reached as the preliminary inquiry does not suggest any suspicious activity.

Plett stated, “The cause of death will be determined by the coroner.” “And the cause of death cannot be officially determined until the autopsy is done,” said Plett. Distraught neighbors watched as the investigators from the coroner’s office carried the two small bodies from the house to the coroner’s van, crossing the street at noon. Distraught neighbors watched as the investigators from the coroner’s office carried the two small bodies from the house to the coroner’s van, crossing the street at noon.

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According to neighbors, the Wiltseys have two young biological daughters, but were enthusiastic about adopting children from Russia.

About a year ago, the couple finished the paperwork for the adoption and also constructed an extension to their house, all for the boys.

In September, the Wiltseys traveled to Russia and collected the children, who were not blood-related siblings, from an orphanage.

Neighbor Annette Brozenec expressed, “Their intention was to provide the two boys with a superior life compared to what they could have experienced in their previous location. The boys held affection for everything and everyone in their surroundings. The parents endured numerous challenges in their journey to acquire the boys. The children were undeniably exquisite.”

Brozenec and her partner were extremely inspired after observing the Wiltseys welcome the boys that they also considered the possibility of adopting children from Russia.

She stated, “The guardians were simply an exceptional, devout family, and they genuinely desired to contribute.” “Prior to their adoption, we would frequently view footage of the kids in Russia with them.”

At First Baptist Church in El Segundo, Svendsen, the pastor’s spouse, mentioned that Susan, the remaining members of the congregation, and one another, express their admiration and love for each other.

“They are an amazing family,” Svendsen stated.

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