Point Mugu Air Show 2023

You can bring collapsible chairs and outdoor chairs to help reduce delays while boarding or exiting Air Show. Please note that there will be heavy traffic on Mugu Point NBVC during Air Show days. You are free to come and go between the opening hours on Sunday and Saturday.

Absolutely, we want you to feel at ease while enjoying the entertainment. Can I bring my furry friend along?

No, only service animals will be allowed. Will there be accessible restrooms nearby for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, there will be amenities provided. Will there be ATM machines accessible?

Indeed, Automated Teller Machines will be positioned in the spectator areas. Where can I procure a Flight Line Chalet on the day of the airshow?

The ticket counter for Flight Line Chalet tickets will be situated near the section where the chalets are lined up. Where can I find the closest medical aid facility?

The first aid station is located in the sectator area near the STEM Pavilion. Can we bring in picnic lunches and drinks?

What time do the Blue Angels perform? There is a large number of food vendors on the flight line, offering a huge assortment of different types of foods at very reasonable prices. However, no outside food or beverages are allowed.

What is the scheduled tentative time for Angels Blue to perform on Saturday and Sunday? Can I come to the base at 2:30 pm or earlier on both days?

Is there any seating available for people with specific requirements? The gates will open at 8am for public access on the weekends of March 18 and 19.

Can I get a schedule of performers and events for the different times during the day? Please ensure that your vehicle prominently displays a handicapped placard, as you will be directed to special parking areas and your special transportation needs will be met. Yes.

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A comprehensive itinerary and order of activities will be accessible on this website shortly. Any food choices?

Are there designated areas for children’s safety? If you need cash while waiting in line for your flight, we have ATMs available. In addition, we have a good variety of food vendors that accept credit cards, offering a range of meals from hotdogs, hamburgers, gyros, pizza, and full meals. Will there be a large number of food vendors on the flight line during the show, and do they accept cash only?

Do we not have a specific area set aside for breastfeeding, but there are areas where newborns are discouraged? We also have wristbands for sale that grant access to a number of jump houses, bungee jumpers, and rock walls. The “Kids Zone” will have displays and activities that will interest children of all ages. The entire flight line and displays are designed to create a kid-safe and family-friendly environment.

You definitely want to consult with your pediatrician prior to bringing your newborn to the Air Show. There is a significant amount of noise associated with the performances of Angel Blue and tactical aircraft jets. The conditions during mid-March can sometimes be relatively mild, depending on the forecast, but they can also be warm. Newborns do not possess the ability to regulate their internal heat very well, so they may not be able to absorb heat efficiently.

There are no limitations on photography. Feel free to bring your camera! As for mothers, what items are recommended to bring along?

Are there any specific details about the entry gate/security? The flight line has been designed to be environmentally friendly and family-oriented. Our security procedures allow for strollers and baby bags. Our staff understands that baby bags may contain formula or water, so all bags will be screened. Additionally, we recommend hearing protection for younger children. While adults typically use foam earplugs, it is best for children under 10 to use ear muffs for hearing protection, especially in loud workplaces or during activities like shooting.

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Is there any medical restrictions? There is one main entrance to the flight area that is equipped with screening upon arrival.

Are the static exhibits dependent on sound medical judgment for the use of pre-existing medications or conditions? In the event of a medical emergency, it is crucial for us to have a very strong presence of medical professionals on the flight. Attending an air show can sometimes involve high temperatures and a lot of walking. The environment at an air show can be particularly challenging, especially if it is warmer than usual. While there are no specific medical restrictions, it is important to be prepared.

Can I bring drugs or marijuana with me? We should soon start planning and developing a good idea, and the static display list is still under consideration.

What can I bring along? Kindly refrain from carrying it when coming to the base. It is strictly prohibited on this federal facility, whereas marijuana, both for medical and recreational purposes, is lawful in California.

The following items are allowed. Before entering the flight line area, all authorized items must be inspected. To expedite the inspection process, spectators are advised to limit the quantity and dimensions of authorized items.

  • Mobile Phones, Tablets And FRS Transceivers (May Be Requested To Power Off / On).
  • Portable Radios and Scanners.
  • Compact Waist Bags and Handbags.
  • Prior to entering the area, owners should show that the compartments’ security checkpoints may be open to required security checks, and they should not load film into camcorders and cameras.
  • Upon entering, your camera bags will be subject to inspection.
  • Portable chairs and outdoor chairs (chairs in bags may be inspected).
  • Parasols And Sunshades (Not Exceeding 40″ Arc Size).
  • Wheelchairs.
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    What is prohibited on the premises?

    Please remember that the following items may be confiscated and are NOT permitted on the flight. In order to keep delays to a minimum and ensure security, all individuals are subject to search and all bags will be inspected as you come through the entry points and board the flight.

  • The foundation to refrain from doing it, please; the installation of medical marijuana is not allowed anywhere. A specific lane at each gate will undergo proper inspection after necessary items made for medical purposes. An exception will be made for medically permitted coolers or ice chests.
  • Big Bags (Bags Bigger Than a Big Purse or Diaper Bag), Duffle Bags, Briefcases.
  • Backpacks.
  • All weapons, including but not limited to firearms (with or without a permit), knives (including pocket knives and multi-tools), and walking sticks (excluding those used for handicaps), deemed dangerous by security forces, will not be returned, and any other confiscated items will not be returned as well.
  • Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Animals as Companions (Excluding Service Animals).
  • Glass Containers.
  • Bicycles, Inline Skates, Inline Blades Or Skateboards.
  • Outside food and drinks are not allowed.
  • Tents, Portable Or Temporary Canopies, Cabanas, Umbrellas (No Larger Than 40″ Arc Size).
  • Kites.
  • Please do not bring these items with you; it is not allowed to use any illegal drugs, including marijuana, for recreational or medical purposes, based on the rules.
  • Drones.
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