Photographer Of Last Tupac Shakur Photo Recalls Being On The Scene Of Fatal Shooting

Additionally, a new discovery was also unveiled concerning the final photograph captured of Makaveli the Don.

Jefferson Leonard, a 29-year-old film student at UCLA, had an encounter with the urban legend and iconic rap icon, the late Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight, and the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur, on September 7, 1996. It happened when they were cruising in a black ’96 BMW 750iL on the Las Vegas strip, before the ill-fated fight between Bruce Seldon and Mike Tyson.

During a new interview, Pac revealed that he actually had a bit of history with Jefferson Complex, as they both inhabited the same city.

It is said that Shakur would eventually have fired shots to kill Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, an alleged gang member involved in a brawl at the scene of Death Row Records. Jefferson recalled that the lobby of the MGM Grand was bustling and crowded, with a lot of celebrities coming in.

I figured I probably wouldn’t go over to see him later because of that. I had hung out with some of my coworkers without him. I knew him kind of when I was a student at UCLA film school. Ironically, I saw 2Pac pass us by.

Later that evening, Jefferson would have the opportunity to interact with Pac, for what would be his last photo opportunity.

He said, “Man, what’s up?” I recognized him and then he paused for a second. “What’s up, yo?” I said. I overlooked Suge and 2Pac, and I saw some shiny rims. I also overlooked Ave. I came to a stoplight at Harmon Ave.

He said they were going to the 662 Club tonight, and I asked what they were doing tonight. “Let me quickly grab a picture,” I said. “Hey, that’s cool, alright.” They pulled off and made a right turn after the green light changed, then I got a few cars behind them. I snapped a picture of that and quickly grabbed it, as my camera was in the center console. “I should come over,” I said. “And what are they doing tonight?” I asked.

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Additionally, Jefferson distinctly recalls the unsettling visuals. Center Medical University in Southern Nevada was the location where Shakur fired shots at him and his BMW around 11:15pm, on multiple occasions.

I received a call on my phone from Kitchen Pizza California, instructing me to cancel my order, when suddenly, I heard four loud pops.

You can see it in the reflection when I took a picture. I had a 1996 Chevy Suburban. There was a procession of cars, like two or three, and there was a Lexus driving that the security guard was in. It started following Suge and made a wide U-turn in the middle of the street. Suddenly, I saw a black BMW turn around and take off.

I was just sitting there, looking to see what was going on. I didn’t know that there had been a shooting, but I saw Suge or 2Pac. We went back to Harmon Street and as I was turning into the lane behind the Lexus, I had to stop because a car came. Then I saw Pac for the first time. We went back to the Strip and as we were going through the intersection, I noticed that Suge was limping. Then he came back and I guess he was avoiding someone. I don’t know how he got up there, but I saw Suge go up onto the curb. We got back to the Strip and in that moment, I just caught up to the traffic. We were speeding and maneuvering through the traffic.

Has anyone witnessed someone as traumatized as he was, considering Jefferson’s memories, but many conspiracy theorists have frequently mentioned Knight’s involvement in the shooting due to an unfounded number of reasons.

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They also raised him because, well, that’s what law enforcement is accused of doing occasionally.

“My guy Pac is wounded, Pac is wounded!” Starts shouting Suge exits and. At the passenger side, one of the officers goes around and points his firearm. Then, while I’m sitting there, suddenly, a policeman approaches me, cocks his firearm and instructs me to place my hands on the steering wheel. They took me out of the car and placed me on the ground, while another officer pulled. “What’s happening?” I asked, but they refused to inform me. One individual had a knee on my back.

The very existence of the photo was put at risk, as investigators actually seized Jefferson’s camera as evidence, further adding to the chaos of the aftermath, despite Tupac being transported away from the crime scene.

The initial officer returned, stood me upright, removed the restraints, and declared, “You are released,” he recollected, only for the identical officers to bring him back to the police station several hours later, acknowledging their mistake in setting him free initially. As the ambulance arrived, I witnessed them placing 2Pac on the stretcher, subsequently loading him into the ambulance and departing, while the pandemonium persisted.

We should not have let you leave the scene, and there are detectives present. We need you back there, we are in trouble.

“How did you locate me?” There were countless individuals present, yet they were aware of my whereabouts. However, I pondered, if they possessed all my details, why did I inquire initially.

“We are law enforcement officers,” they informed him.

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Despite turning down paid TV interviews, Kidada Jones, Tupac’s fiancée, verified the picture of him at the bank account, seizing the ideal opportunity. He was mourning over the country’s last living relic of a man’s life because he had the potential of being a celebrity. Jefferson was left with injuries and succumbed to them a few days later, leaving Pac to be somewhat of a celebrity.

Even now, the photograph still isn’t closely associated with his name.

He continued, “I kept it to myself, I didn’t tell the director, they used the picture I took in the video where I worked on Nas’ video.” I took a picture that nobody really knows about, and now I work in the movie industry with film producers and directors.

I know that it’s real, and I’m currently a part of it. It’s interesting to hear about how people’s stories revolve around and what TMZ reports on. It’s not because of conspiracy theorists that I believe Tupac is not dead somewhere in Cuba, but rather because this picture captures his own life being taken. I know it’s real. I took the picture myself. It’s fascinating how people on the internet talk about and discuss the authenticity of it.

Follow Leonard Jefferson on Instagram @picturecarlen.

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