Pasaporte hondureño en el Consulado de Boston, MA

You must choose which option best suits your requests. You can manage your Honduran passport in Boston, Massachusetts, preferably in two ways: by phone or online registration, as you need a prior appointment to submit the requirements and other legal demands to the Consulate.

Citas consulares para hondureños en Boston, Massachusetts

The Consulate of Honduras in Boston, Massachusetts, provides an official system for passionate individuals to have speedy dates. They offer a special service to answer any questions regarding the loss or misplacement, renewal, or first-time requirement of a passport for all Hondurans.

The response you are expecting will be sent shortly, via consuladodehondurascharlotte05@gmail.Com, to the General Consulate of Honduras in Boston. Please feel free to email us with any doubts or suggestions regarding the passport application process or any other consular service.

Horario del Consulado para la obtención de pasaportes

The working hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Lugar y dirección de la cita en el Consulado cerca de ti

The government headquarters is located at 90 Everett Ave 3rd floor, Boston, MA.

Ubicación GPS para ir en auto

Can you please give me a call when you have a moment?Output: Could you kindly give me a call when you have a moment?

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¿Cuál es el valor de hacer el pasaporte hondureño en Boston, Massachusetts?

If the passport has a validity of 5 years, the cost may vary, it is priced at 60 US dollars. The value is 75 US dollars if the immigration document is valid for 10 years. Now.

Renovación de pasaportes para hondureños en E.E. U.U.

The organization provides migration services and passport biometric data for the relevant procedure. In order to renew your passport in Honduras, it is necessary to call the Consulate in MA, Boston to receive complete information.

Consulados móviles 2023

¿Sabes qué son los “Consulados sobre ruedas”? Son móviles Consulados que tienen el objetivo de trasladarse a sitios lejanos donde suelen llegar connacionales que viajan con su pasaporte hondureño, con la oportunidad de recibir ayuda presencial de funcionarios encargados de recibir este tipo de casos. ¿Tienes la oportunidad de recibir ayuda del Consulado pero tu domicilio está muy alejado? ¿Conoces las alternativas que tienes para iniciar la gestión del pasaporte hondureño?

When it comes to reporting on mobile sessions, this will be our means of communication with the community, we will disseminate them here, it is essential to be attentive to the information. Come back to this page whenever you want to stay informed about any news that may arise regarding immigration services, as it is the easiest way.

Consulados hondureños en U.S.A. para actualizar el pasaporte

In order to schedule a meeting or renew your passport, we will make every effort to ensure that you do not have to travel long distances. If you reside in other cities within the United States, there is also a Honduran Consulate conveniently located near your area.

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