Parent’s Guide: Is ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ OK for your kids?

If you want to see what is in the movie, let me know if you want something for the kids. However, I’m here for a different reason, so if this dino adventure is worth your time, Clyde Dave has already given his two cents on whether this dino adventure is worth it. “Dominion,” the sixth installment of the “Jurassic World” franchise, is now playing in theaters.

To assist you in making an informed decision, I am solely here to provide you with some spoiler-free information about the movie’s content. I will not disclose whether “Dominion” is suitable for you or your child, but it is necessary for me to mention this on every occasion.

With that said, it’s time to hold onto your butts and find out if “Jurassic World: Dominion” is OK for your kids.


“Domination” remains on that line. Sexual content or nudity has never been a focal point, however, there were Ellie and Alan and now Owen and Claire. Certainly, the Jurassic films have always revolved around individuals attempting to avoid becoming a late-night snack for a ravenous dinosaur, and not about romantic tales.

In the same film, I can say that other categories are not applicable. If you want to talk about sexual jokes or situations, I don’t want to film a G-rated movie. We don’t even get the obligatory shirtless shot of the muscle-bound hero. In this film, there is nothing sexual to think about other than a high-cut dress or a couple sharing kisses.


“Dominion” doesn’t avoid. There is likely to be some aggression, so it involves both dinosaurs and humans. We all anticipated that this one would be intense. I mean.

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I can hear the sounds of crunching and plenty of screams, but when you watch that movie, there isn’t really any blood. The entire time, it’s happening, but the screen doesn’t show much carnage. A lot of people are hunted, dismembered, and eaten by these animals in this film.

Perhaps it’s because I haven’t seen other recent films, but I felt like there was more mayhem in this occasion than in others. For example, a random passerby is snatched up and swallowed by a dinosaur nonchalantly, as if humans were regularly eaten by dinosaurs in the past.


In the runtime of almost two and a half hours, the word “F-the” is never heard, but there is a lot of PG-13 fare here. The language in “Dominion,” which is similar to other movies like “Jurassic World,” does contain some profanity.

Most Marvel movies that we hear about are rated PG-13, which is the right rating for the language used in this film. Unlike TV shows streaming or airing on non-cable platforms, this type of film is not commonly known for excessive cursing.


Certain viewers might consider a specific scene to be excessive. Additionally, as already mentioned, “Dominion” contains horrifying and unsettling acts of violence. This film is likely to be frightening for many younger viewers, as it will likely include numerous startling moments and intense suspense, similar to its previous installments.

The gentleman’s limbs are vigorously gnawed by the two prehistoric creatures while the third one targets his cranium. A scene involving a brutal fatality unfolds as two distinct dinosaurs mercilessly rip the man apart, while a third one arrives to complete the gruesome task. Although the depiction avoids revealing any gory details, it does showcase the active engagement of the two dinosaurs as they sink their teeth into the man’s arms, while the third one aims for his head.

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This is not a scary film, but it might give some children bad dreams.


I believe you or your children will likely be fine with this recent installment if you managed the previous ones. “Jurassic World: Dominion” closely resembles the other “Jurassic World” films, aside from a couple of scenes and an increased amount of spontaneous dinosaur feeding that deviates from our usual expectations.

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