Outlast: What Happened To Angie After Leaving Show

Outlast: What Happened To Angie After Leaving Show

What happened to Angie after she left Outlast? Alongside wrestling coach and educator Nick Radner, she demonstrated her abilities to those who doubted her. Her team’s perseverance and resolve positioned them as the most dominant among all the other participants at the camp. Immediately after her team caught a significant number of fish, she displayed her knowledge of skinning and gutting them. Prior to anyone else, she successfully crossed the Alaskan Neka River on Team Charlie’s improvised raft to retrieve three crab pot traps. Equally capable and strong as any male contestant on the show, the fierce competitor Angie Kenai consistently proved herself.

Unfortunately, Angie’s journey on Outlast came to an early conclusion due to a bowel obstruction, which resulted in her inability to have a bowel movement for 24 days. After consuming a substantial dinner of fish, she experienced intense pain the next day. As a result, she had to be transported by motorboat for medical assistance and then determine whether she wished to reenter the game. She had to be evacuated by motorboat in order to receive medical attention and then make a decision about whether she wanted to rejoin the game. Angie experienced extreme pain the day after consuming a large dinner of fish. The bowel obstruction she suffered from caused her to go without a bowel movement for 24 days, leading to an early end to her journey on Outlast.

Why Angie Had To Leave The Outlast Competition

Angie from Netflix's Outlast

Angie from Netflix’s Outlast (

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Angie’s bowel obstruction meant that she was at high risk of a perforation in her digestive system, which could lead to a major infection causing massive internal bleeding. If left untreated, this could prove fatal and the waste could enter her bloodstream, resulting in a burst of one of her intestines.

Angie was determined to continue her game in the unsafe wilderness of an Alaskan island in the middle of the wilderness, so once she left the helicopter dropped parachute, she sent a handwritten letter to indicate the risk happening and the production crew of Outlast couldn’t let her perforation gastrointestinal go untreated, as it requires immediate medical attention.

What Happened To Angie After Competing on Netflix’s Outlast

Angie enjoying the Alaskan glaciers when she stayed in the state after leaving Outlast early

Angie had a great time exploring the Alaskan glaciers during her stay in the state after departing Outlast early (Instagram).

During Paul’s podcast, Angie informed her ex-colleagues Nick, Paul Preece, and Seth Lueker that she was indeed inviting visitors and escorting them to Davidson Glacier. Additionally, I extended my stay beyond Skagway and subsequently traveled to the Aleutian Islands. I had no desire to depart; I remained in Alaska.

Angie worked at a fish processing plant in the Aleutian Islands, which are a cluster of volcanic islands in the middle of the Northern Pacific Ocean. She worked there to save up money so that she could go to college to become an EMT.

Additionally, she visited the Tongass rainforest located in Southeast Alaska.

Angie lived and worked in Alaska throughout the summer of 2022, and after filming in the fall of 2021, she mentioned that flies and mosquitoes were a significant issue in the warmer weather. Angie also mentioned that during the summertime in Alaska, she experienced near 24-hour sunlight and was often blown away by the sun’s proximity. Additionally, she mentioned that she was taught how to shoot, fish, and clean a squirrel during her youth in Alaska.

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After accumulating funds in Alaska, Angie returned to San Antonio, Texas, pursued her education, and currently serves as an EMT.

Angie expressed in the podcast, “I adore my occupation. It’s astonishing how you have the opportunity to assist individuals and the occurrences that you have the privilege to witness are mind-boggling.”

Various age groups.The Oceanography Institute in Nha Trang is a captivating attraction for people of diverse age ranges.

Outlast‘s Angie Is A Proud Auntie & Pet Mom

Angie’s Instagram reveals that she is a proud aunt and mother to her hedgehog and canine companion.

Angie's pet hedgehog

Angie’s pet hedgehog (

Angie's pet rescue dog

Her pet adoption dog (Instagram).

She’s also a proud lesbian and member of the LGBTQ+ community and lives with her partner. She also loves riding her motorcycle.

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